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 July 2004 Related News(4)    
July 2004 - C64 Related NewsHave a nice July!

New MP3-Player from Commodore! JUL 02 2004 18:00
Dokk images added to site JUL 07 2004 13:49
Interview with Volker Meitz aka Pri JUL 18 2004 18:16
Searching for old contacts! JUL 26 2004 11:46

[1] : 01. Jul 2004 13:00   
happy 1st of july.

[2] : 01. Jul 2004 13:40   
July fool!

[3] : 01. Jul 2004 16:04   
Added Commdore Show to the partyscope.

[4] : 01. Jul 2004 22:53   
Save ArachnoPhobia .. because spiders are humans too!

[5] : 02. Jul 2004 12:05   
w8 a second. isn’t "arachnophobia" the fear of spiders by any chance?

[6] : 02. Jul 2004 14:32   
Eh right .. so save it because people who are afraid of spiders are humans too!

[7] : 02. Jul 2004 18:14   
I knew someone will post somethin’ about evic and mpet... sooner or later *sigh* Now I know exactly what do do with this kind of extremely non C64 news.. but I 100% know that someone will still accuse me of being anti-commodore ;-)

[8] : 02. Jul 2004 18:58   
Roman, as long as you don’t write articles for Arochnophobia, you *are* anti-commodore!

[9] : 02. Jul 2004 21:50   
So what’s the fucking big deal with writing for this damn magazine?

- Cut&paste Formula1 and PS and retro C64 articles from a related site

- Make a chart based on 5 vote-sheets

- Rip the news from

- Get a random log from #c-64

- Do an interview with your neighbour haxxor who had a C64 for two months ten years ago and bought some pirated software

- Reuse most articles from the last issue

- Chat with the editors about boring internal affairs and release it as an article...

- Cry out loud when someone is critisizing your mag and fill another article with your explanations about why your mag actually rules...

The result? A new issue (of Arachnophobia, Rock’n Role or Scene world)... I could do that every second week if I’d like to.

[10] : 02. Jul 2004 22:02   
ArachnoPhobia must die, because magazine readers are humans too

[11] : 03. Jul 2004 00:25   
oh man, this old wanking... just let it go. this starts to bore aswell

[12] : 03. Jul 2004 08:59   
Situation: an ugly girl who’s not awared of her physical disfunctions, tries to draw up a guy’s attention with endless, boring chit-chat and stupid remarks: the guy looks disgusted at first, tries to avoid the chick, but she just keeps coming and coming, speaking to the air, even if noone is listening to her. Everyone is ingoring the girl, but she finds her little backup at the corner of the pub where the other skanks are hiding and encouraging her: "girl, you’re beautiful, you’re the best, go girl, try it again", so she keeps coming back with even more strenght. Nothing happens, but’s she’s like a yo-yo, the guy can’t get her off from his back. After a while he gets accostumed to the girl’s presence, and resigns to her constant show ups... As usually, everything ends in a drunk fuck, the girl gets pregnant and of course she keeps the baby. The guy becomes a lousy father, and cries back his wild glorious teenage days all the time...

[13] : 03. Jul 2004 11:21   
"New MP3-Player from Commodore!" moved to Related News.

[14] : 03. Jul 2004 15:58   
@12 : A story from your Life,Jailbird ? How comes you think it fits here on this place ?

[15] : 03. Jul 2004 16:54   
Well, I think it’s a beautiful tale, with parallels to real (scene) life. I think it should be made into a movie. Only with more shooting.

[16] : 05. Jul 2004 11:44   
I agree with TDJ..what we need is more shooting, guns..ammo....Wildstyle. Go USA! I cant see the use to put out a magazine once a month, the times of daily action is to me over and I rather see huge partyreports, photos and such. No oneliner news please....and yes...fear the spiders...

[17] : 05. Jul 2004 22:07   
Guns are lame, let’s do it the cinemaware style, joust! :D thanks to N0S for this great version, my deepest respect.

[18] : 06. Jul 2004 00:04   
No way dude, guns rock! And you know what rocks even more? Spiders with guns, that’s what! Go Jerusalem!

[19] : 06. Jul 2004 00:04   
(ps: Transmetropolian rules)

[20] : 07. Jul 2004 11:55   
It seems that some people keep on ragging, even if something wants to improve. Always complaining, but giving a helping hand... Keep on being childish. A pitty to find it here at By the way, Jailbird, you mailed me a lot of good hints for the magazine which I try to follow in the future; but your words in this reactionscorner do not help a lot. I suppose that your hints were only empty words instead of helping words! Thanks to all for their support (welcome to the future new editors who will edit from issue 33) and also thanks to remind me that there are still big children in the scene who find ragging easier instead of supporting people in the scene.

[21] : 07. Jul 2004 12:07   
As much as I like the diversity in the diskmag scene, but too much is too much. Honestly, Commander, why don’t you and your spiders join forces with another diskmag (Rock’n’Role, ...) so you might get a half decent mag by combining the best parts of both and dropping all the uninteresting crap?

[22] : 07. Jul 2004 14:14   
Steppe, why "your spiders"? Spiders-crew is another group, I am not involved in this group. I have worked together on ArachnoPhobia with Spiders-crew, but it is still not MY SPIDERS. That is the problem with some of you : you always connect Spiders as a part of Role, but it isn?t! By the way, I personally still considder Rock?n Role not the same as ArachnoPhobia... Strange, all that ragging, almost always against the same. Well, it seems that magazines in the Polish language are even more prefered. Rag as much as you want, as most sceners still show some respect like I respect them, I am glad to be part of the scene. It is easy to give critics when you do not do it yourself. And something else, Steppe, why do you consider the future issues of ArachnoPhobia already bad? Do you already know what changes are going to happen, strange, I didn?t tell yet my full plans to the new future editors of ArachnoPhobia. And if you are talking only about the past, then I pitty you. Things can change. I try to do my best in changing things and being a nice part of the scene. Maybe it is gainst my person (because of the reaction "your spiders" which makes it personally to me), maybe you like me to dissapear out of the scene...? Well, I already lowered my scene activity lately to show my name as less as possible. I have no account anymore at the c64 database of Noname, so I can avoid critics to my person. Who knows, maybe you will be happy when I dissapear completely (I am working on it, I am bored of these old raggers who decrease our scene instead of increasing it even if somepeople are not that good. There will be a day that you only will see me at some parties and nothing more untill some raggers have left the scene. 1992 was the year of the fall down of the scene thanks to negative raggers, which year will be again a fall down? I think soon...).

[23] : 07. Jul 2004 14:30   
Commander, don’t take everything personal. I have nothing against you personally, nor do I wish you to disappear from the scene, why should I?
I was trying to give you some honest, open criticism (yeah, ok, it was frontal and the word "crap" was supposed to provoke some kind of reaction) from a rather neutral, unbiassed reader. If you take everything personal I can’t help it.

[24] : 07. Jul 2004 15:09   
" 1992 was the year of the fall down of the scene thanks to negative raggers". Really? In 92, the scene were still running on high octane fuel. We had a demoscene at its best, games put out frequently by numerous softwarecompanies providing the lots and lots of crackers+groups with releases. The scene fading away because of ppl ragging?! Doubt its the case here. I still claim the scene died after X96 :)

[25] : 07. Jul 2004 16:21   
I guess there quite some cool sceners who left the scene because of others ragging. So, be nice to eachother! ;) And give constructive critism.

"Dokk images added to site" moved to Related News.

[26] : 07. Jul 2004 17:18   
"Rag as much as you want, as most sceners still show some respect like I respect them, I am glad to be part of the scene."

There’s a difference between showing respect, being a sycophant and just not saying anything. Personally, i’m not keen on either Arachnophobia or Rock ’n’ Role so i’m certainly not going to lie and say how wonderful either is - doing that is far more harmful than anything said here so far because it encourages the teams behind the mags to maintain a status quo and nothing improves. No, we can’t judge the future but asking us to is a bit naive; it could just as easily get worse if you’re not listening to what the critics are saying.

If you want some constructive cricism (and i’d say you’ve had far more already than you believe) based on what has gone before then here is my take; Arachnophobia and Rock ’n’ Role put too much of a drain on the finite resources available to ROLE, Spiders Crew and the others helping out and the mags themselves very much weakened by this drain - they spend quite a bit of time either repeating each other or using "filler" material as several people have pointed out. The suggestion of merging the two titles into one (i’d suggest under the Arachnophobia name since it’ll be a joint effort) is a very good one and would result in one mag that’s easier to maintain, doesn’t need pointless filler like IRC logs dumped into it, has more overall votes for the charts and is therefore simply a better prospect than two very weak mags. The AP outfit is also better than the R’n’R one, although it does still need improvement.

As for if i or anyone wants you to leave the scene, that’s your call and even if they do (i have no feelings either way) it shouldn’t affect you. But i’ll say again that i felt your storming away from the CSDb the way you did was nothing short of childish and if you want people to take you seriously, doing the equivalent of screaming "you’re being nasty to me, i’m taking my ball and going home!" isn’t going to achieve that and people will think less of you for it. The people in the CSDb, here, on #c-64 or wherever are these magazines’ audience, the people it is meant to be entertaining, and their feedback is your way as a team of monitoring their response; the number one rule of any media is "give the public what they want" and this much negative feedback proves you’re not to date.

[27] : 07. Jul 2004 19:29   
commander, there was a really good article(in my opinion) in attitude about scenemagazines, and what they could and should be like. now, how did the arachnaphobia staff react, how did they argue about the statements puterman made, what opinions did they have on the subject? lets see: roj starts rambling about respect, stirf doesnt even seem to have read the article, but seconds, "respect is good". and finally the big mature commander, thinks its all too childish to even comment. how strange that people give up on giving constructive criticism. a magazine staff that isnt even interested in having discussion about magazines, but are very keen to talk about respect. respect - a word which is used around here, mainly by youngsters who hang outside the subway, eager to pick fights with anyone. apparently, that is what matters to you. and commander, you have been around for how many years now, and released how many issues, and still you cant get that important respect. to improve your status you could perhaps start by a) releasing a magazine with content, and b) stop crying like a baby whenever a discussion arise. not that this was much of an discussion to begin with, but perhaps people were tired of your way of communicating. "if you’re not nice to me i’ll delete my accounts, quit the scene and run home to mommy". well, good riddance. run and hide, and take your wife’s articles,your random irc logs, and all those interviews with obscure sceners, whose greatest accomplishments always seemed to be that they had been friends with you. people are so pityful, only caring about the past. 30+ issues, and still hardly worth downloading, what a record, the future’s so bright i gotta wear shades. but who knows, perhaps the next issue will be worth reading, and all you had to do was leave the scene and get a whole new staff. hope you feel proud for what you achieved

[28] : 08. Jul 2004 14:05   
Sometimes I just love to lean back, read a bufferding and enjoy the moment....Way to go ?ke!

[29] : 09. Jul 2004 10:44   
Added XzentriX, Classic Computing 2004 and HobbyTronic 2005 to the partyscope.

[30] : 15. Jul 2004 12:30   
Guys, can’t you do something with that ’Some error has happened’ stuff? I get that message and nothing else at least 7 times of 10 tries when trying to load the pages. .. It’s really really really annoying!

[31] : 16. Jul 2004 14:29   
make it a blue screen at least!

[32] : 16. Jul 2004 15:27   
Bug is in the mysql database handling object I use coded about 5 years ago by my bro Havran, I will have to recode this stuff completely, but that would be few days job, and not few minutes task. Gimme some time.(or send some cash ;-))))

[33] : 19. Jul 2004 09:41   
why on earth should that interview with PRI got posted? The link is just a commercial for a paper mag, there is not a word of the interview... *sigh*

[34] : 19. Jul 2004 10:19   
/me agrees. Thought it was me :) "Interview with Volker Meitz aka Pri" moved to Related News.

[35] : 19. Jul 2004 10:35   
Any chance of anyone translating it? It’s one of my favourite musicians.

[36] : 19. Jul 2004 19:37   
oswald you old wanker, there are still a lot of ppl liking pri and as he used to be my groupmate I stumbled over the article in that papermag, the link is just for ppl to see how the mag looks and no more. And as ppl even post their farts in here I couldnt resist posting it. If you dont like that, then just dont read it. creamd: ask oswald for translation, seems that he is willing to do so.

[37] : 20. Jul 2004 00:30   
slator calm down, be objective... PRI’s interview in German would be moved to related news anyway. Thanx for posting, but don’t take the news posting too personal. And also, I don’t think it was funny to turn that 64k pc demo debate into personal flame-talk between you and Oswald. Oswald is not stupid. And I know that neither are you, so how about if we just forgot all this and stick to something more valuable than our ego-maintenance.

[38] : 20. Jul 2004 04:18   
Anybody got news about Turrican 3. I remember it was sheduled for Easter, probably I missed the release...

[39] : 20. Jul 2004 10:03   
creamd: I know that oswald aint stupid, but I am fed up by those ppl who claim that everything is soo easy on pc and stuff like chaos/kb/ryg etc do is pretty easy that everyone could do it... I wrote that it wasnt against oswald in person but in general. Well I am stupid indeed but at least I dont try to hide it ;-D so everybody relax

[40] : 20. Jul 2004 12:09   
Slator, since some time (years ago) I’m 100% certain that you aren’t stupid.

[41] : 20. Jul 2004 15:54   
[38]: Look for the messageboard at for a T3 thread & messages from AEG. The latest one is in German though. In short: last level (world 5) and all music still to be done. Apparently 4 musicians have already tried to do music but no-one has really succeeded if I understood right. Never trust release-schedules :) But I wonder why AEG does not use the current popular c64scene net discussion channels, but rather just a retrosite about Turrican..

[42] : 20. Jul 2004 19:18   
aeg is filed in as missing, he didn’t reply to any email since .. 2-3 months yet.

[43] : 20. Jul 2004 21:39   
Maybe somebody kidnapped him?

[44] : 21. Jul 2004 01:59   
Maybe someone killed him.

[45] : 21. Jul 2004 02:25   
i alread y understiid right i ca use anter keyboard ocom on an let’s prettenee theyd’rrrr not here, whihc rules an so on an

[46] : 21. Jul 2004 04:46   
Maybe Aeg is busy playtesting Turrican 3?

[47] : 21. Jul 2004 08:47   
Based on the message written on July 20th, AEG seems busy designing (thus including playtesting?) the last level. I liked the reply from the other guy over there, mentioning that (good) computer musicians probably are the most difficult to find. Maybe AEG is busy putting together a 4K mini-Turrican for the compo. :)
Anders Carlsson

[48] : 21. Jul 2004 13:56   
actually he was on #c-64 last nite :) and yeah, he’s working on world #5 atm...and still a lot of music is missing.

[49] : 21. Jul 2004 16:14   
i finally found a working adress for him, lets see if it really works. there’s obviously some funky rumors beeing spread that need to be sorted.

[50] : 21. Jul 2004 16:30   
Added The World of Commodore to the partyscope.

[51] : 21. Jul 2004 19:18   
creamd, stupid posts - stupid person? i think slator did the right thing, such ignorant statements shouldnt be left uncommented. and who cares about slators intelligence when he got his looks

[52] : 21. Jul 2004 23:42   
How can it be possible to fit a mega game like Turrican into 4K? I don’t think it is possible :)

[53] : 21. Jul 2004 23:52   
Hollwoman, yep, but Slator continued his oppression ;-) here for completely different reason. IMO, Oswald’s comment here in reactions was ok. Appart of that I agree with defendants or admirers of PC demos and their programmer’s skills (but they could find better place for such things than C64 boards ;-)))

[54] : 21. Jul 2004 23:55   
So if AEG is not kidnapped, who’s the dude I’m having locked up in the basement?

[55] : 22. Jul 2004 03:02   
I’m sure a Turrican-like game could be squeezed into 4k. Generate your levels at runtime, use less sprites, get Steve Judd to do your tune with one of his miniplayers, use Exomizer... no problem :)

[56] : 22. Jul 2004 04:14   
[@54] Probably it’s one of the musicians. Are you trying to hijack the game by kidnapping the musicians? Your basement would be small for all the c64 musicians, so your attempt is futile.

[57] : 22. Jul 2004 07:33   
if its not AEG it must be Bauknecht!

[58] : 22. Jul 2004 16:33   
or Miele :-D

[59] : 23. Jul 2004 12:56   
SLATOR: goddammit!!! With your PRI interview post my only problem was that I could not read the interview, you made me horny, and I got nothing for my money!! :) PRI is one of my faves, so calm down :)

[60] : 23. Jul 2004 16:32   
Nope, it was TMR ..

[61] : 24. Jul 2004 12:55   
Oh yeah go on, blame poor TMR as usual... oh hang on, it was me - sorry. =-)

[62] : 27. Jul 2004 11:55   
"Searching for old contacts!" moved to Related News and author contacted.

[63] : 30. Jul 2004 14:32   
C64 power. Polish news site we link in our partners (buttons at the right panel of this page) has moved to another host. Thanx to MacGyver for info.

[64] : 31. Jul 2004 11:37   
LCP is running on high octane fuel. Another one in the line of successful parties and I pity the ones not beeing there....goldmedals to Autoboy for another kickass event!

[65] : 31. Jul 2004 15:44   
New home site for SEUCK central should have read

[66] : 31. Jul 2004 16:57   
@ 65: Sorted.


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