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 September 2004 Related News (1)    
September 2004 - C64 Related NewsHave a nice September!


[1] : 01. Sep 2004 11:24   
lda #$01

[2] : 01. Sep 2004 13:56   
this is the 25th time i’m trying to check out that turrican article and all i get is a fucking error message!!

[3] : 02. Sep 2004 00:23   
Fucking error? Did you put your thingy in the wrong orifice by any chance?

[4] : 03. Sep 2004 17:27   
Hi Paduadies, see you at our Berlin meeting this weekend :)

[5] : 05. Sep 2004 11:43   
Can anyone of you other guys with editor?s right do me a favour and try to re-publish the body of the article on Turrican 3? After one editing it was removed from published articles and whenever I try to re-publish it, in 50% I get a php error and in the other 50% I get logged out (huh). Thanks a lot, I?m somewhat deadbeat after two hours of trying to fix it with my dial-up connection. @Mac, CreaMD: Yeah, I agree that recoding the whole site would be a great idea. Anyway, try to connect to it with a 56k sometime. :)
Rather Frustrated Wotnau

[6] : 05. Sep 2004 20:14   
Wotnau, maybe the problem is in the too short database storage for the article (64kb). If it is fixable from here I will do it, if not please wait until I get back home.

[7] : 05. Sep 2004 20:19   
Try now Wotnau, I changed it to longtex.

[8] : 05. Sep 2004 21:21   
CreaMDie - trying as I might, the result is all the same. I can not PUBLISH the article, and when I try to EDIT it, the right frame of the page never loads. I’ll try tomorrow from work, or hopefully some of the other editors will have more luck than me.

[9] : 06. Sep 2004 08:35   
CreaMD: I give up - The article keeps on insisting that it either doesn’t exist, or is not published yet. After I accidentally erased one of the latest news (sorry to the poster), I leave it up to someone who knows his way through this engine. :)

[10] : 06. Sep 2004 10:33   
Okay, I am back home on wednesday morning, so be patient :-)

[11] : 06. Sep 2004 10:49   
Okay I found the problem, erased some weird MS xml tags which caused problems while displaying (this is caused when the text is cut and pasted to editor from some MS software). Now the article is readable. Problem also is with the fact that counter was somehow resetted so it starts from 1 again. Wotnau, wait for me until I return home I?ll update the editor so it will not be so fragile.

[12] : 06. Sep 2004 13:16   
MacGyver: Thanks very much!

[13] : 06. Sep 2004 21:08   
Thanks Wotnau for dedicating your victory over Morgul to my wife and me! :)

[14] : 07. Sep 2004 07:29   
a book about the demoscene is considered related news, but a marriage isnt?

[15] : 07. Sep 2004 07:37   
Marriage of a C64 scener is quite on-topic *grin* Wotnau, that macgyver signed message was mine. Maccie has his OPERA browser set up to fill in the fields automatically and I did not notice that thez are filled in. And btw. this kezboard lazout sucky reallz much, I don?t even know where is the apostrophe. *grin* and I?m layz to look for smilezy too. *hrmpfz*

[16] : 07. Sep 2004 10:42   
I’ll just lean back now and wait for those "my first son was just born, I’m going to teach him about cracking soon :))))))))))" to start appearing as well.

[17] : 07. Sep 2004 11:09   
personally i look forward the most to "what a fine first release :)))))" and "protovisions youngest member :))))))"

[18] : 07. Sep 2004 13:31   
@14: well, they’re nor related - they’re married. S’a difference! =-)

[19] : 08. Sep 2004 13:41   
Finally at home ;).

[20] : 11. Sep 2004 18:20   
@hollowman: word, its rather irritating. atleast a book could be considered a release (even if unrelated).

[21] : 13. Sep 2004 10:35   
A book named "How I married a C64 scener in two weeks" ? ;-)
Anders Carlsson

[22] : 13. Sep 2004 11:04   
Btw. I’m going to get marry non-c64 scener, on october 23. this year.

[23] : 13. Sep 2004 12:45   
To the married couple and married-couple-to-be: Wow, congratulations and I wish you all the best! Love wai \^o^/! But, I would like to add that if a scener marriage is on-topic, then a book about the scene should be, too.

[24] : 13. Sep 2004 14:34   
i’m getting married at some point (we’ve been engaged since Christmas!) but no date yet. She’s not a scener, but plays C64 stuff from time to time... =-)

[25] : 13. Sep 2004 14:44 < seems interesting somehow.

[26] : 13. Sep 2004 17:04   
VIP: if it’s a book about C64 scene then it’s ontopic. If it’s a marriage of C64 sceners (or ex-sceners) it’s on-topic, if it was marriage of some PC scene couple it would be offtopic.

[27] : 13. Sep 2004 17:05   
And scene book about PC scene is offtopic on this site. So it went to related news. If I rememeber right.

[28] : 13. Sep 2004 17:11   
As far as I can remember, the book also contains a c64 section, and it’s not a ’PC scene’ book, it’s a ’scene book’. As such, it would merit a spot here. Oh well.

[29] : 13. Sep 2004 18:30   
There was no mention of c64 section in the news spot as far as I remember. If anyone know more about that c64 section and find it valid for reposting, feel free to do it and plese try to briefly describe what is it about. Thanxjo ;-)

[30] : 13. Sep 2004 22:25   
You don’t have anything better to do than discussing if my marriage was off-topic or not? LOL. I have! Bye.

[31] : 14. Sep 2004 10:39   
Just married and nothing better to do than post on web forums? LOL.

[32] : 14. Sep 2004 10:51   
i somehow doubt that a person who meets his future wife at a demoparty has any good things to do at all

[33] : 14. Sep 2004 12:59   
envy ;-)

[34] : 14. Sep 2004 15:01   
Would a marriage of a VIC and a Plus/4 scener appear in main or related news on this C64 portal? C64 + ZX? :-p
Best wishes anyway.
Anders Carlsson

[35] : 14. Sep 2004 16:17   
creamd, no way, i find the thought of marrying any of the Mundt brothers totally revolting!

[36] : 14. Sep 2004 17:28   
[34] Yes, and yes. Second one would have a special pro-commodore political commentary ;-) [35] ;-) I was rather pointing out the fact of meeting a future-wife at demoparty ;-). Not many chances ;-)

[37] : 14. Sep 2004 17:29   
[35] But in fact they started with e-mails...

[38] : 14. Sep 2004 21:33   
[36]: Commentary like "now you can leave off the rubber"? :-o
Anders Carlsson

[39] : 15. Sep 2004 11:00   
"creamd, no way, i find the thought of marrying any of the Mundt brothers totally revolting!" ROTFLMAO buahahahaha you made my day :O)

[40] : 18. Sep 2004 10:31   
Added fYaNICA #11 (a little late ;-) ) and Out of Orderia 2004 (homepage still empty) to the partyscope.

[41] : 19. Sep 2004 21:21   
Added the next Commodore Show to the partyscope.

[42] : 19. Sep 2004 22:11   
Argh. PC remake that requires registration to download. Scour...abrase...scrub...erase....

[43] : 19. Sep 2004 23:47   

[44] : 21. Sep 2004 15:20   
It’s just the original BMX Simulator running in a stripped down version of CCS64 3.0. Absolutely no need to get this.

[45] : 21. Sep 2004 15:22   
Urgh, so that means PHS must be co-conspirating. Well, who wouldn’t for money :)

[46] : 21. Sep 2004 15:59   
Exactly what I thought. :-)

[47] : 21. Sep 2004 18:41   
small plug: - a reconstructed recording of what i played in the wmf/berlin last year. i’m not quite a pro at recording stuff on pc, so excuse the flaws that appear within the set. warning: the whole thing is ~30mb. the files will get released later on, maybe in a musickdisk, maybe not. (there’s no reason to have that one in the news section, as it doesn’t meet the rules anyway)

[48] : 22. Sep 2004 10:19   
Anyway, haven’t the Codies been one of the most restrictive and denying non-profit redistribution of their old titles? If they bundle BMX Simulator with an emulator, even for a short time download, maybe it is a sign they will re-evaluate their standings and at least through their own web site give away or sell legal image downloads of their C64/Speccy/CPC/Amiga games.
Anders Carlsson

[49] : 22. Sep 2004 10:22   
[48]: Actually, the news about their 15 year anniversary and a free download even reached into one of the major Swedish tabloids (Aftonbladet through IDG), so from an average people’s point of view it seemed quite thrilling.
Anders Carlsson

[50] : 25. Sep 2004 12:13   
Sorry about this. I forgot to preview the news. Here’s the link for those games.

[51] : 25. Sep 2004 12:14   
Just copy & paste

[52] : 25. Sep 2004 12:28   
@ 50 / 51: Sorted.

[53] : 25. Sep 2004 13:48   
Just got e-mail.. went here to check it.. and.. Maccie was quicker ;-) Thnx.

[54] : 25. Sep 2004 14:28   
Some more ppl should mention I’m also an admin here maybe :)

[55] : 25. Sep 2004 16:11   
MacWho? ;)


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