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 March 2005 Related News (1)    
March 2005 Related News (0)

Individual Computers to attend AmiTron 2005 MAR 04 2005 23:35

[1] : 02. Mar 2005 21:10   
First? First! Fiiiiirst! :D Oh yeah, I mean it’s the first....err ok, I am late... it’s the second of March, hmm.

[2] : 04. Mar 2005 14:07   
photos from floppy, anyone?

[3] : 04. Mar 2005 14:43   
Added the LUCKY Commodore Spring Expo 2005 to the partyscope.

[4] : 06. Mar 2005 10:37   
"Individual Computers to attend AmiTron 2005" moved to Related News.

[5] : 07. Mar 2005 23:01   
i have photos of floppy, but will have to wait for a couple days

[6] : 10. Mar 2005 17:02   
Get yourself an rr+rr net and start celebrating the 21st century disctransfer... thanx to his evil blacklord graham the 1st...

[7] : 11. Mar 2005 09:23   
My MMC64 arrived yesterday, yiiiieha! Now all I need is a SD card... :-/

[8] : 11. Mar 2005 10:57   
Steppe, keep me informed, I want one too but need to be sure it works for transferring stuff.

[9] : 12. Mar 2005 09:19   
Please change the year in PARTYSCOPE: Breakpoint 2004 25/3

[10] : 12. Mar 2005 11:06   
@ 9: Thanks for the hint! Sorted.

[11] : 12. Mar 2005 14:18   
First feedback on the MMC64 (this is first hand info by the developer Oliver Achten): For the moment stick to SanDisk or Carat SD cards to be sure it works. Fujifilm and Kingston are reported not to work at this stage. The card compatibility can and will be fixed gradually by BIOS updates, which is great!

Transferring d64 images works but is really really slow at the moment (9.5 minutes with CBM kernal, 7 minutes with Jiffy DOS for one diskside). This will also be improved in future BIOS updates.

Using the card as a SID jukebox is simply THE SHIT! The compatibility with HVSC is amazing, I’ve only briefly tested it on possibly troublesome tunes and haven’t found one that didn’t work. RSID and multispeed SIDs are of course supported and with the vast majority of the tunes you don’t even need to reset your C64 to get back to the menu.

So, from my first brief look at the card I can definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to use it as a singlefile container for all his favourite games or as a SID jukebox. Once the BIOS update with the fast transferring routines is out I can even recommend it to you, TDJ. ;-)

[12] : 12. Mar 2005 14:22   
Did I mention that there’s a plugin system for the MMC64? Anyone can develop software for it (programming info will be made public), so if you’re not content with the transferring speed or the SID player, code your own routines and put them into the /SYSTEM64 directory on your SD card. :-)

[13] : 12. Mar 2005 14:42   
And while we’re at it, another interesting bit of info, pasted from the manual: We’re happy to announce that Christoph ’Doc Bacardi’ Thelen will implement MMC64 routines in his ’Dreamload’, and that the scene group Remember will be using that adapted version of Dreamload for their next releases.

[14] : 13. Mar 2005 13:28   
Btw, why has Mermaid left the scene? And without "funny" remarks if possible... *sigh*

[15] : 13. Mar 2005 16:54   
Rumors are goin around that it has something to do with multiple indentities...

[16] : 13. Mar 2005 18:14   
Steppe, thanks for the info. I’ll wait buying one until the speed transfer problems are solved though .. don’t want to make the same mistake as I did with the RR+Silver Surfer combo which I’m still not using 3+ years after I bought them :)

[17] : 13. Mar 2005 18:15   
@14: Mermaid left the scene because it still contains way too many little boys who have no clue how to behave.

[18] : 14. Mar 2005 08:48   
Hrmpfz... that’s not a kind of monday news I would like to receive.. ;-(

[19] : 14. Mar 2005 10:15   
CreamD: don’t worry, TDJ will use those hardware once in a while...

[20] : 14. Mar 2005 10:42   
Rumour has it that some evil blacklord is currently working on a much faster transferring software for the MMC64. And the soon to be released BIOS updates will greatly improve the SD card compatibility: My NoName brand cheapass card works now, and Kingston cards are also reported to work...

[21] : 14. Mar 2005 12:52   
the scene was built by little boys who have no clue how to behave

[22] : 14. Mar 2005 14:12   
built my ass. *started*, perhaps...

[23] : 14. Mar 2005 15:36   
they built your ass too? wicked..

[24] : 14. Mar 2005 16:59   
So little boys who have no clue how to behave built Jesus’ ass? I have a feeling that this new theological theory might be a bit controversial.

[25] : 14. Mar 2005 19:23   
Behave, boys! Or I’ll leave the earth.

[26] : 15. Mar 2005 00:21   
...and/or I’ll go berserk and delete some posts.

[27] : 15. Mar 2005 11:49   
Instead of going beserk and moving some website updates to "related news"?

[28] : 15. Mar 2005 14:27   
if ($CreaMD != "Updating")
{ $Sceners = "Bored" }else
{ $Sceners = "Happy" };

if ($Sceners == "Bored")
{ Spam_C64_Sk($stupidposts); } else
{ Spam_C64_Sk($notsostupidposts); }

[29] : 15. Mar 2005 14:33   
save us Jebus!

[30] : 15. Mar 2005 14:41   
sod off, I’m a fucking superstar!

[31] : 15. Mar 2005 14:44   
and as Webber wrote so: the man, crucified, with an ass built by boys who can not behave... amen!

[32] : 15. Mar 2005 15:09   
a fucking superstar? i guess christianity will go downhill now that their posterboy, the only person who hasnt sinned has joined the porn industry

[33] : 15. Mar 2005 15:58   
oh, and may I introduce to you "the lovely american slang", hollowman?

[34] : 15. Mar 2005 16:25   
only if it doesnt lead to the introduction to the lovely american schlong

[35] : 16. Mar 2005 09:57   
actually that’s quite funny

[36] : 16. Mar 2005 21:27   
I don’t get that MMC postings.. is that a "competition"?

[37] : 17. Mar 2005 00:30   
Well, I was just euphoric and thought I’d drop a quick review. At least TDJ expressed interest, so I thought it’s not all in vain. :-)

[38] : 17. Mar 2005 08:36   
[37] I mean that "do it yourself" vs the previous post?

[39] : 17. Mar 2005 09:42   
i think most people would prefer buying an mmc64 rather than building their own device and replacing the kernal. especially when the page is in german

[40] : 17. Mar 2005 10:22   
I thought the same when I read this. But funny anyhow that two people worked independently on the same thing in different implementations.

[41] : 17. Mar 2005 10:34   
[39] I think so too, (about the most of the visitors of this page, at least). Except of (maybe) members of CBM hackers mailing list who would probably build something on their own. [40] I was also surprised. ;-)

[42] : 18. Mar 2005 15:10   
Added Maximum Overdose 6 to the partyscope.

Off to pack my stuff for Forever party :)

[43] : 20. Mar 2005 19:13   
CreaMD: could you please public the official Forever Hex results here and upload the party wares somewhere? Thanks in advance!

[44] : 21. Mar 2005 00:41   
@ 43: He’ll probably do so soon ;)

[45] : 21. Mar 2005 02:21   
Done. Gotta sleep.

[46] : 21. Mar 2005 07:57   
Thank you, CreaMD. And thank YOU & rest for this great party. Greetings to all party visitors! See you again in 2007, I hope?

[47] : 21. Mar 2005 09:00   

[48] : 21. Mar 2005 09:42   
Yes, 2006. Sorry for the mistake... :]

[49] : 21. Mar 2005 10:19   
Uff.. no problem. ;-)

[50] : 21. Mar 2005 11:39   
Very fine oldskulish tune by Gee Aitch

[51] : 21. Mar 2005 11:51   
rndl, congrats to the 3rd place.

[52] : 22. Mar 2005 06:46   
Richard Bayliss #5? Drax #9? WTF
Concerned Citizen

[53] : 22. Mar 2005 09:50   
[52] Concerning music, Rich did few great songs in his life so I wouldn’t mind if he had beaten any famous musicians (with more complex and less repetitive song than the one he released at F6, of course). Concerning style... tastes differ. There were 3 scenes voting in the music compo. If you consider that 2/3 of the audience was from Atari and Speccy scenes you couldn’t expect different results. If you want to amaze such diverse audience, more straightforward approach is needed.

[54] : 22. Mar 2005 09:52   
Concerned Citizen: Brilliant example of why the Forever music compo is anonymous - ’cause too many people vote for names instead of productions. Anyway, even though I’ve never really liked Drax’s style, his tune was a big disappointment for me. While I do like Richard Bayliss - and his tune was a big disappointment, too. Oh well... :)

[55] : 22. Mar 2005 19:14   
After having heard the entries, I must say that I’m greatly surprised as to how the results of the sid compo at F6 came out. The only composer from the list that I know is Drax, and even though I disregard him I still find the results greatly disagreable.

[56] : 22. Mar 2005 20:27   
[55] "The only composer from the list that I know is Drax"... - maybe you should check C64 releases more often than once in a 15 years. At least half of the participating musicians are active in this sector of the galaxy for quite a long time already and some if not all of them posess quite a persuasive HVSC directory, not to speak about their undisputable musical qualities proven multiple times.

[57] : 23. Mar 2005 08:17   
Driven isn’t only Elwix... it wasn’t just Elwix from the beginning and it isn’t just Elwix now.

[58] : 23. Mar 2005 09:10   
;-) Sorry

[59] : 23. Mar 2005 10:52   
[56] Maybe "know" as in "is real-life friend with"? :)
Anders Carlsson

[60] : 23. Mar 2005 16:38   
Actually it’s both, Anders :).. It’s in fact BEEN just around 15 years (12 to be precise), so you’re not far of base there, CreaMD. My point was that even if I disregarded the one composer I know, I’d still find the results far from how I personally would rank the tunes. Not that I find them unfair, just stating that I disagree with the rankings. Anyway, it’s just a compo.

[61] : 23. Mar 2005 16:58   
CreaMD: There seems to be a problem with the link to Aragorn’s photos (1-file). "The WEB site can not be found."

[62] : 23. Mar 2005 19:27   
[60] Yeah, right. As I said somewhere else, tastes differ. The rank would look completely different if these tunes competed in Poland at North Party.. in Hungary at Flag (if it stil exists).. on X party in holland or on Floppy in Sweden. Not to mention new exciting executable music compo at Breakpoint (for oldschool 8 to 32 bit machines ;-).

[63] : 23. Mar 2005 20:50   
Taste differs - oppions differ.. That’s why we vote.

[64] : 23. Mar 2005 20:53   
That’s "opinions" in english.. Jezz :)

[65] : 24. Mar 2005 01:33   
If you bite an opinion.. sorry, onion, you are less subject to distinguish different tastes afterwards.

Speaking about compos, it seems the voting for this year’s Tiny Sid will be an easy one, as there so far is one entry in each category with ~2 weeks to go. I wonder what is next year’s special.. maybe MonsterSID compo if the C1* has been released by then.

*) Does any other SID device like QuadraSID etc support something like the 16 channel stereo MonsterSID specs?

Anders Carlsson

[66] : 24. Mar 2005 09:01   
Interesting compo that Tiny Sid compo.. Too bad there’s only one entry in each category.

[67] : 24. Mar 2005 11:59   
If someone published a tiny, somewhat flexible and hackable player for aspiring coder-musicians to work with, I’m sure there would be more entries, but part of the charm (?) is that you’re supposed to put together the player yourself if you can’t find one publically avalable already. A no-frills player is not a problem, but I get lost when starting to think about efficient arpeggio, vibrato, repeat structure (although I have an interesting idea in my mind), instruments and so on. I bow my lamer head to those who previously and now have succeeded in making something musically interesting within 512 bytes (or 256 bytes even, but then it tends to be limited to the kind of mantra we played with the concert band yesterday - a looping sequence of six notes of which five are equal and one is a quarter down).
Anders Carlsson

[68] : 24. Mar 2005 12:31   
[67] I think that with so low space, the player had to be built around the music you want to play, otherwise you don’t have enought space. This is probably the difficult challenge of this compo.

[69] : 25. Mar 2005 09:03   
Well, yesterday I did work on something for the tiny compo. The music is still shit, but I acutally made a player that works withing the 512 bytes restrains with a little something looping and such. I would however feel more comfortable doing something withing 1024 bytes, as that would leave more for the music and not be so focused on the programming part of it. At least the music would be longer than 30 seconds and more varied too.

[70] : 25. Mar 2005 13:34   
[69] Ah.. so you really are *that* Laxity. Nice to meet you.

[71] : 25. Mar 2005 19:37   
@Laxity: I think it\’s lame that you named yourself after a cracking group ;-)

[72] : 25. Mar 2005 20:41   
Hello everyone, live greets from Breakpoint2005. Sad, Lhs and Visac are on da keyz. We arrived today at five and party is great. We met here Exile, Franky, Bert, Brainstorm, Soci, Poison, Leon Szenzacios :-), Unlock, Bugjam...great party. Special greets to PCH who is out of money (1000euro/month is not enough for him). We are still Teplaky Rulez - Wotnau we love you.
Sad, Lhs, Visac

[73] : 25. Mar 2005 20:58   
[71] ;-) [72] Have a great party then, guys.

[74] : 26. Mar 2005 13:42   
Yeah, Tdj.. I know - but they were just SO cool back in 1987 (!), that I simply had to nick that name for myself ;) Nice to meet you too CreaMD. Nice place you have here.

[75] : 26. Mar 2005 21:01   
Neat Intros at BP! I look forward for the democompo.

[76] : 27. Mar 2005 17:58   

[77] : 27. Mar 2005 18:34   
K2 quite a raw stuff, too long parts, but still a surprising production ;-). Replay party invitation was cute. That small blocky part was quite ugly, and as far as "szenz?ci?s" production is concerned. Surprisingly interesting SAD’s composition, although still featuring those strange SAD’s brassband trumpette sounds and brassband kicker.

[78] : 27. Mar 2005 18:35   
[77] ah anyway... congrats for another party production rsc and pda guys ;-)

[79] : 28. Mar 2005 12:59   
LHS, Sad, Visac: Y’know, I could never disappoint my loyal fans. What a pity that none of you is my type, then I’d love you, too. But if you wanna meet my teplaky on a very special occasion, you shouldn’t miss the next Forever. There you’ll see something to remember. Anyway, enjoy the breakball party and get home safely.

[80] : 29. Mar 2005 11:32   
Are Breakpoint 2005 results available?

[81] : 29. Mar 2005 16:50   
@ 80: Not yet. For pre-results check CSDb.

[82] : 29. Mar 2005 16:58   
for the partyscope: deadline2007, 15-17 April,

[83] : 29. Mar 2005 17:44   
@ 82: Added.

[84] : 29. Mar 2005 18:10   
Thanx guys.

[85] : 30. Mar 2005 22:01   
My 256 bytes tune for Tiny Sid Compo is near to come. I want to test into the C64 for eventually adjusting the sound (I have other 10 bytes to use in case) before release it.

[86] : 30. Mar 2005 23:31   
Aah.. yeah thanx for noticing me ;-)


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