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 The X-2001 party report    
The X-2001 party reportFinally, CreaMD is back with another of his neverending attempts to completely blame himself internationally. Except of his well known X-2001 party incident this exclusive party report brings you the most comprehensive (=totally boring) info on the event written by this (wannabe) eccentric dude himself. Good news is that it's at least accompained by one or two interesting photos. Enjoy.

[1] : 17. Jan 2002 08:37   
It's both Marco and me being responsible for the concept of timewaster. No misunderstandings please!

[2] : 17. Jan 2002 10:11   
Just a small, but very important correction (atleast for me): there are NO chunk-mode effects at all in Insomnia, all effects are multicolor 2x1 or 2x2 resolution. It might have looked chunkier duo to the lousy projector.. ;) Anyway, demo will be released soon!

[3] : 17. Jan 2002 14:30   
Sander, deepest apologise. I will correct it in the evening. Raven you are constantly surprising me!. I look forward for the release.

[4] : 17. Jan 2002 15:03   
to the last photo: Seba/Plush and his girlfriend (Magda?) (Photo by Sinister) NOT magda! Antje! ;)

[5] : 17. Jan 2002 15:41   
Thanx a lot, Tecmo, the name corrected. Apologies to Antje. Also corrected the text about the Timewaster.

[6] : 17. Jan 2002 15:50   
CreaMD, has anyone ever called you Narcis? :) Anyway, nice accompanying photos (still I think that Birdie is the winner).

[7] : 17. Jan 2002 16:23   
That would be a pretty ugly narcis... ;-)

[8] : 17. Jan 2002 19:39   
Thanx to Ninja for more correctures.

[9] : 18. Jan 2002 22:12   
Nice report. However Trilight was not only coded by Lubber, but also by Aggressor and me. And the whole concept was a joined group effort.

[10] : 19. Jan 2002 14:31   
Yeah, that demo was really entertaining. Thanx, Padua dudes.

[11] : 19. Jan 2002 20:25   
A (more) correct translation of the text on the VOETBAL 'compopic' would be : 'but we ARE going to the world championship' :)

[12] : 20. Jan 2002 00:20   

[13] : 20. Jan 2002 16:40   
Nice report, I enjoyed reading it.

[14] : 21. Jan 2002 09:48   
Thanx Chotaire. Also don't forget to check Franky's report in Arachnophobia #23 dudes ;-). Especially the story behind the "voetbal" ;-).

[15] : 21. Jan 2002 14:24   
Hehe, WE are going to the WorldCup :) Anyhow, nice partyreport, I've enjoyed reading it!


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