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 June beta news (4)    
HTD of Topaz Beerline releasing a new single . JUN 17 2002 10:08
C= show was a great succes !!! (Ron van Schaik) JUN 19 2002 11:07
The Phantom/FOE Passing Away Unconfirmed. JUN 21 2002 04:17
new No?Mo? .MP3 release - C64 tunes vs. hiphop bootlegs!

[1] : 01. Jun 2002 12:07   
What can we expect in June? There is another C64 party before us (C64 Jam in Switzerland). Next 2 weeks you will spend working on your singles-collection coop demoparts. I also promised to participate, so let’s see if I can keep the promises. Meanwhile between my usual plotting and scheeming of evil nasty and cruel plans of taking over the world (wide web ;-). I will try to add some new decent goodies, so stay tuned and enjoy yourself boys and girls ;-).

[2] : 03. Jun 2002 20:53   
REACTION: That New Music Editor ’Iseq V1.0’

I personally don’t like Iseq. It has a terrible user Interface, and looks very untidy. I also find the composer ever so difficult to handle, just like Shape’s SID Duzz It. :(

REACTION #2: CNCD Dobbelblock Noter

I think this is a very nice short tool, which I am sure many people would find useful, it is even shorter without music when saved and crunched. I like it :)

REACTION#3: Vandalism News #38

Some very interesting articles, and some nice freebies. However, I cannot seem to get Brain**** assembler to work. Can anyone help?


[3] : 04. Jun 2002 01:55   
SDI is complex but if you sit down and learn it, you will then understand it’s power. I’d say it is the best and most powerful tracker on C64. That said, I don’t use any of the trackers :)

[4] : 04. Jun 2002 17:07   
I think I should try and understand the composer, but for now I stick to DMC V5.0

[5] : 05. Jun 2002 02:06   
SYNC for the most part is supreme to DMC5 except hard to make instant vibrato.

[6] : 09. Jun 2002 16:48   
It looks as if the cracking scene seem to be releasing really old games. I noticed that Triad firstreleased two french games, which were written in 1986, 1987. Quite nice releases. I wonder if there are any more really old games, which had not been released?

[7] : 13. Jun 2002 14:21   
Direct, latest CSDB posts link added. Feel free to check whether you didn’t miss some important flame war... ahem, discussion I mean ;-).

[8] : 15. Jun 2002 17:53   
Interesting news about Jailbird leaving all his other groups including Padua - I already noticed that he had changed something on the CSDb. Now what puzzles me the most about the whole thing is, that yes, Jailbird had mentioned before his move that he was not sure how much time he would be having to do stuff for us in the future, but if indeed he has left Padua, I would have appreciated hearing it from him first instead of finding it out on public sites.

[9] : 15. Jun 2002 20:17   
anonym, good that you tell how you feel about jailbird on a public site instead of telling it to him ;)

[10] : 16. Jun 2002 17:39   
Ano: Just continue listing him until you get a personal note.....been doing this for years ;=) lol

[11] : 16. Jun 2002 19:17   
Hollowman: I thought about that - however that’s apparently the forum he chose, and yes, I am PO’ed. Afterall it’s not really that difficult to get a hold of me, is it ;-)

Groepaz: Hmmm, interesting approach. For now I kept him on the inactive list, as he had asked me to do.

[12] : 16. Jun 2002 19:28   
Works for me G, i haven’t heard from some members of Cosine in a couple of years... =-)

[13] : 17. Jun 2002 14:51   
Past Winter?s Snow : lacking worked-out graphics, but text & music is very good. Thumbs up.

[14] : 17. Jun 2002 19:10   
For people who are interested, preview of HTD’s new singel is here: However, I have to move this news to beta-news.

[15] : 17. Jun 2002 19:30   
Sorry, cannot agree about Past Winter’s snow. I did not like any part of the demo. The pictures/photos were nice, there was a story to the demo, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. Give me ’Soiled Legacy’ any time :)

[16] : 18. Jun 2002 10:55   
Yes good text and music, but eventhough the graphics were a bit easy, they were functional and gave a good atmosphere to the demo in my opinion. I only would have rotated the raytraced ball part clockwise since there was a phrase about time in that part (wah ;)

[17] : 18. Jun 2002 11:40   
"I only would have rotated the raytraced ball part clockwise since there was a phrase about time in that part (wah ;)"
Good point ;-)).

[18] : 19. Jun 2002 11:55   
C= show was a great succes !!!

I wish to thank everybody who made the C= meeting at the Trepunt on June 15 such a succes!!! I give you two visitor reactions:

I had a fantastic time at the Commodore Meeting (really like a show) in Maarssen, Netherlands yesterday on June 15. Flying proudly over the Trefpunt building was the Commodore flag (!), and inside were plenty of C= and Amiga set-ups, their owners showing what they could do. Ron van Schaik warmly greeted me and kept me fed. :-) I met Ruud Baltissen, Gideon Zweijtzer, Dirk Klettke, Arndt Overmann, Hans Kessels, "Count Zero", Jens Schoenfeld, and others. We talked about plenty of C= things, including the CommodoreOne. I was saddened that it all had to end at 4 p.m., but I have about 26 minutes of video and lots of photos. A full report later, Robert Bernardo, Fresno Commodore User Group, California, USA

Excellent meet, never seen so many C64... and this ones guys A1200 was superb... he was showing off some demo which had a 060 as recomended CPU... Given me a lot of ideas about what to do with my 4000... or should I go the A1200 route he was showing ahh well decisions decisions... Well done to the organizers... will definitley go back Nick Harlow, 16/32 Systems, Website -

[19] : 20. Jun 2002 18:33   
I would not say that this is a sort of reaction :) It’s more like Beta news

[20] : 20. Jun 2002 23:01   
Beta news, is that news that is tested on a realistic audience, to see if they’re good enough to be released as actual news?

[21] : 21. Jun 2002 00:52   
/me wonders how alpha-news looks like... and are there any releases of newspreviews? like there_may_be_some_party_next_year +++ /triad ?

[22] : 21. Jun 2002 02:38   
;-) Beta news = gossips, not C64 related, and such stuff... In my brain it’s still called News Trashbin.. (no offense) ;-)

[23] : 21. Jun 2002 11:04   
i say it is definitely a reaction on the c= meeting and does absolutely fit under the headline ’reactions’.

[24] : 21. Jun 2002 11:42   
the last reaction 3

[25] : 21. Jun 2002 12:21   
"i say it is definitely a reaction on the c= meeting and does absolutely fit under the headline ?reactions?. "(Hollowman) - the same I’ve discussed with Ron, so no problemo, he was just happy that the meeting was succesful and wanted to tell that to everyone. Anyway, Ron van Schaik deserves big thumbs up for his dedicated work. Word! ;-)

[26] : 21. Jun 2002 13:55   
"Excellent meet, never seen so many C64... " muhahahaha. i suspect none of those "senior citizens" ever attended a real scene party? (actually i suspect none of them even knows what the scene is?). The most interisting part for me was that someone (eg mr. bernardo) would actually care to come the long way from usa and visit such an event.

[27] : 21. Jun 2002 17:32   
Well, if he’s from the US - that’s right. There has only been one scene party in the US ever - the Krak Houz party in California in 1989. These people know what the scene is but they use their GEOS more than anything. They also happen to be the people that kept CMD afloat for so long - because they buy everything (RAMLink, CMD HD, etc)

[28] : 21. Jun 2002 18:51   
Some C64 users are artists and creators, others are practical power users. Whether they are these or those, all of them are hopelessly hooked ;-))))

[29] : 21. Jun 2002 19:00   
I was hesitating with the post about The Phantom when I first spotted it on Driven board so I didn’t post it myself, then Board Rider did, but as it’s still unconfirmed, I’ve decided to put it to Beta News, thanx for understanding.

Today I’ve got an E-mail from Moloch from where he explains that NTSC sceners are currently trying to get more info about The Phantom/FOE. Here it comes:

That news item about the Phantom dying is unconfirmed... we’ve (what remains of the NTSC scene) tried for two weeks now to get a confirmation from a close friend of TP (Wrong Way) but he isn’t responding to email.

The posting on the Driven wall from his "girlfriend" CinnaJess did originated in Chicago, where The Phantom lives. Other than that, we can’t be sure he has passed or not. (Moloch)

[30] : 21. Jun 2002 19:21   
Re: Jailbird

Arnold has contacted me and confirmed the news. We wish him best of luck in his new endavours.


[31] : 24. Jun 2002 19:19   
I’m hopeless :)

[32] : 25. Jun 2002 18:49   
What\’s this I saw on the main news. These are the groups who are taking part with the singles project: C*??ž??C?2P˜A˜??ŽU_!UP?$???™ ;p:?`$??j8T?„a?b˜?.???‡?S“???`?7 ??—?]?#?‚5W“??n?`?bŽ??f?T?‘?n???R?w?5@?’??

[33] : 25. Jun 2002 22:48   
I don’t know, but it seems like TMR had some troubles when editing it ;-)

[34] : 26. Jun 2002 09:33   
Don’t look at me, i just changed one word (well two words, Slash were in the "coming" list when their part is already done =-) [goes to sulk ’cos the portal doesn’t like me...]

[35] : 26. Jun 2002 11:17   
so where is the problem? have you never heard of the mongolian group C*?????C?2P?A???U_!UP?$???? ;p:?`$??j8T??a?b??.???S????`?7 ????]?#??5W???n?`?b???f?T??n???R?w?5@?? ?

[36] : 26. Jun 2002 21:05   

[37] : 26. Jun 2002 21:24   
Heh, heh. A mongolian group? called C*??ž??C?2P˜A˜??ŽU_!UP?$???™ ;p:?`$??j8T?„a?b˜?.???‡?S“???`?7 ??—?]?#?‚5W“??n?`?bŽ??f?T?‘?n???R?w?5@?’? ? That’s a funny one ;o)

[38] : 26. Jun 2002 22:39   
Not as funny as the defence player in the Senegal football team who’s called Daf.

[39] : 27. Jun 2002 01:20   
Explains why he hasn’t made so much music. Must be hard sceneing and playing for national team :)

[40] : 27. Jun 2002 01:45   
Nah, just need an SX64 to make things more portable... =-)

[41] : 27. Jun 2002 04:36   
He needs the weights training?

[42] : 27. Jun 2002 10:13   
If he did, one for each arm will do the trick...!

[43] : 28. Jun 2002 14:34   
and how should he compose? with his nose?

[44] : 29. Jun 2002 11:11   
Use other things too, as long as it works :)

[45] : 29. Jun 2002 23:57   
"and how should he compose? with his nose?" I saw someone play the keyboard with their nose, so anything is possible :) ....A new music selector demo coming later on this year

[46] : 30. Jun 2002 00:45   
Now if anyone’s seen a piano played with a willy, i’ll be impressed. No, i’ll be running in the opposite direction actually! =-)

[47] : 30. Jun 2002 19:00   
Ha ha ;)

[48] : 03. Jul 2002 13:30   
hehe... btw: the MW4 preview really rocks, looks like a great game is coming in 2003

[49] : 03. Jul 2002 22:04   
Yeah fantastic preview. I’ve finished it twice on easy difficulty. I should probly try hard ;-)

[50] : 03. Jul 2002 22:46   
Lasse Rulez! ;)

[51] : 04. Jul 2002 01:06   
There’s actually not much difference between the difficulties. I was in extreme hurry (for Go64) so playtesting was kept to a minimum :)

[52] : 04. Jul 2002 22:14   
Daf should play for PSV. Only dutch guys will understand this :)


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