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 August collection of B stuff (5)    
New Mags on AUG 11 2002 09:51 is down... AUG 01 2002 03:28
Mr.Death has joined Creators AUG 27 2002 17:12
Joachim Ljunggren aka The Sarge webpage here! AUG 30 2002 10:16
Cactus joined Oxyron AUG 30 2002 19:22

[1] : 09. Aug 2002 03:09   
Previous reactions are in previous month beta-news article. ;-) Have a beautiful august. I’m sure you had a good time already. And keep on partying! ;-)))

[2] : 09. Aug 2002 03:16   
Message for editors. If you make changes and updates to news, please provide date of update if possible. Also announce it here in reactions, so people know that some older news has changed (if they read this part of the page.. that is ;-)).

[3] : 09. Aug 2002 20:48   
+++ InCoMiNg MeSsAgE +++

Something cool is going to happen in September 2002, courtesey with me. I can tell you that it will be music related. Could it be ’EURO BEATS #3’? Erm, no. It will be a music selector but with a different name.

I hope you look forward to it :)


[4] : 11. Aug 2002 14:47   
OMG! MummyJammers are back! Who told them about this site? You bastard!!! ;-)))) Anyway beautiful profesionally coded fake demo full of beautiful hand pixelled wired gfx, everybody gotta love this demo, I’m pretty sure ;-)

[5] : 11. Aug 2002 17:26   
ha - ha... errm, no, i don’t think so... the only thing i just can’t understand why is someone wasting his time for making such a piece of junk? or watching it, nevertheless... however, to be honest, this was way refreshing, better than a 6-spoon-coffee. especially the last picture, something that most of the scene-girls will appreciate ;) horror on c64. 8] btw, i really can’t made up my mind if the pictures are converted or not, so we want your workstages, please! ;)))

[6] : 11. Aug 2002 20:00   
Is MummyJammers a fake group? who just waste their time creating rubbish? How about something more exciting from me. A small demo called Flag Demo. Something, which I programmed yesterday :)

[7] : 11. Aug 2002 21:06   
richard, you think a dot flag is more exciting than glenn medieros?;) and what have you other guys got against the mummy jammers? dont you like trackmos?

[8] : 11. Aug 2002 21:58   
I did not see the demo until after I released the demo.

The mummy-jammers demo must be a harmless joke. Especially the end bit :)


[9] : 11. Aug 2002 22:02   
Jailbird.. "beautiful handpixelled wired gfx" (sic) ;-))) And "everybody gotta love this demo" (sic)... ;-) Thus, this is one of the best fakedemos I?ve ever seen. So it?s a good demo in it?s own cathegory. ;-)) Hollowman, yeah it?s a lovely trackmo, I would say that it?s an unofficial sequel to unoficial sequel of Manhood2... ;-))

[10] : 11. Aug 2002 22:38   
I think floating dots are more exciting than looking at a large hairy butt, at the end of the Mummy-Jammers demo (...laughing in the background...) :)

[11] : 11. Aug 2002 23:41   
The fastloader code in Mummyjammers demo was beautiful, at least :) Can’t say anything about the rest...

[12] : 11. Aug 2002 23:52   
Lasse, I think I’ve got your point. ;-))

[13] : 12. Aug 2002 00:14   
I’d still appreciate fake-demos with style, e. g. Q-Pha’s "Just Farting" or "Episode" ( This demo is plain disgusting. Not even funny.

[14] : 12. Aug 2002 00:16 even. :)

[15] : 12. Aug 2002 02:19   
True true ;-)). Btw., redesigned Demo Dungeon really rocks!! Thumbs up Steppe.

[16] : 12. Aug 2002 03:10   
Anyone got a homepage for Mummyjammers - i want to add ’em to Pouet but don’t like using an incoming directory ’cos the file’ll get moved... Oh Richard, you’ve got two thumbs down so far over there...!

[17] : 12. Aug 2002 05:01   
Richard. Nice music.. not your best, but it’s definitely the most interesting part of the demo! As far as the rest of the demo is concerned, that description of how you have coded the demo was quite stunning (I mean.. booring ;-). Anyway, thanx for greetings. What was my biggest and very positive surprise, was the fact that the logo was done by RRR it’s great to see RRR back in pixelling job. Or is it some older production? Thanx anyway.

[18] : 12. Aug 2002 10:01   
I have to say that Richard’s demo was better than Fatman’s fake demo, though.

[19] : 12. Aug 2002 11:48   
Fatmans demo is not a Fake demo. Some people make low-quality demos because that’s all they can do at that time, or their angle of view on quality differs from our. Look US people don’t like EU movies. And we don’t like their demos ;-)). Some people do low quality demos intentionaly. Making a low-quality demo intentionaly is a fake. The best thing is to ignore such production, most of time only the author laughs, the rest of the people are ... mhm... panic-striken in the best case ;-))).

[20] : 12. Aug 2002 11:57   
I liked US demos by Tran on the pc very very much .. apart from that, not much no.

[21] : 12. Aug 2002 12:03   
It is nice seing ppl releasing some stuff, but claiming to rule sucks big time :D richard your demo was nice 1986 standard, please stick to composing :D

[22] : 12. Aug 2002 12:43   
Please post under your nick (or real name), we are all grown-up ppl here. Don?t shoot from cover please.

[23] : 12. Aug 2002 15:19   
Hmm, did I miss something in the last 15 years on the scene? Where does it state a demo must fit a certain quality?

[24] : 12. Aug 2002 16:01   
Personally i liked the stuff Carcass did on the C64 - but i would, wouldn’t i...? =-)

[25] : 12. Aug 2002 19:47   
I’m not too worried about what demo people thought was the best. That TND logo, which RRR did was quite recent. Not old. :)

I wanna join MummyJammers (... yet again laughing in the background ...)


[26] : 12. Aug 2002 20:45   
CreamD: "And we don’t like their demos"? Speak for yourself. Not that I’m a big fan of TheFatman’s latest demo but some of his other demos are really cool, and the same goes for other NTSC demos I’ve seen.

[27] : 12. Aug 2002 21:16   
Mermaid, same here. I love their demos! Especially the Style stuff was great and from (hm) recent.. the last works of Waveform. And yeah Fatman’s demos with Collhand’s pics were coool ;-))

[28] : 12. Aug 2002 21:27   
Mini Game Compo: Are we allowed to use utilities, such as sprite editors, etc. for a mini game? I might fancy a go taking part in the compo :)

[29] : 12. Aug 2002 21:32   
Yes, I think anything is allowed in the *making* of the program. What matters is that the program itself is 1kb or under. Though I guess 1kb is quite tight for much sprites. I might try a primitive Legend of Kage "tribute" but it isn’t certain..

[30] : 12. Aug 2002 21:53   
mermaid, speak for yourself. ntsc demos suck

[31] : 13. Aug 2002 18:19   
hollowman, you should only speak for yourself. How much do you suck?
Burning Horizon

[32] : 13. Aug 2002 18:26   
burning horizon, quite a lot dear. how about you?

[33] : 13. Aug 2002 18:55   
Yes, any tools can be used, as Lasse says it’s all about the final size. But since sprites take up a lot of space, you’ll probably need some fancy scheme to pack and unpack the sprites. Be creative.

[34] : 13. Aug 2002 19:09   
Hollowman, no.. but thanks for the offer, I’m flattered.
Burning Horizon

[35] : 13. Aug 2002 19:14   
I’m aware that minigames entries should not be compressed with compression tools - right?

Are’nt fake demos funny?


[36] : 13. Aug 2002 19:23   
Richard: normal packers and crunchers won’t help. Fake demos are pretty boring most of the time.

[37] : 13. Aug 2002 20:58   
-Mummy Jammers- How about a scene magazine doing an exclusive interview of ’Mummy-Jammers’. I bet that’d be interesting :)

[38] : 13. Aug 2002 22:36   
an interview already has been done...for the diskmag Attitude #4, soon coming (probably in September/October)

[39] : 14. Aug 2002 08:12   
NTSC demos? For the very limited group of people? What for? Salutes to the ones still bothering :=)

[40] : 14. Aug 2002 20:18   
Who will get first release of ’MW4 Preview V2?’ How many more previews?
The Last Ninja/Hokuto Force

[41] : 14. Aug 2002 20:20   
None, I think. The sole purpose of this preview was to introduce the total sweetness of CovertScript to the world, as the level is almost exactly the same :) And remember that the very first preview was leaked :)

[42] : 14. Aug 2002 20:24   
Btw. for those who remember, MW4 previews follow exactly the pattern of MW3 previews: first experimentation at 50Hz, then happens loss of faith (& rastertime) and 25Hz preview is released, then algorithms are bettered, second preview and full game will be done at 50Hz :)

[43] : 15. Aug 2002 16:49   
The Phantom/FOE is now apparently alive, check the Driven Wall for details. Moloch has posting some interesting information on the topic there.

[44] : 15. Aug 2002 22:23 seems like the patriot demo is getting a lot of good response

[45] : 16. Aug 2002 00:52   
Oh my, will the children left in the scene ever learn? I guess not... back to the diapers and your mothers teets...

[46] : 16. Aug 2002 02:16   
Patriotism sure is childish, but not really childish enough to require diapers. Unless you still had to wear diapers when you were 5 years old.

[47] : 16. Aug 2002 11:45   
Patriot demo, with good reviews! A must see demo!

[48] : 16. Aug 2002 17:03   
Puterman, patriotism is not childish, it only bad for those who can’t handle it - that I can understand. History has shown those who can not handle it, maybe history is where your anger should be then - not on America and Americans.
Burning Horizon

[49] : 16. Aug 2002 19:46   
rOuGh joined Civitas to do some cracking of oldies? Hmm, looks like I’ll be more active for Civitas, coding Cracktros as well as composing music.

[50] : 16. Aug 2002 22:23   
If patriotism goes hand in hand with ingnorance and cockyness, then this is a problem. Otherwise not as much.

[51] : 17. Aug 2002 10:16   
Patriotism/nationalism (there’s really no need to make a distinction) may not always be a problem, but it doesn’t have any positive consequences either. If someone could please tell me why I should support my country rather than any other one, please enlighten me. And don’t say "egocentrism", because I don’t think that’s a very positive driving force.

[52] : 17. Aug 2002 11:36   
I see it like this: Represent your country well. Respect people from other countries. And most of all be patriot by deeds, not by words. Let your creative and positive work speak for yourself.

Two, maybe not very well chosen examples: If you can help people from other country, do it, because this also one of the ways how you represent your countries. ...and, when your country wins World Championship in Hockey, be proud of it, but don’t spam everyone with this information.. ;-)))))))))))

[53] : 18. Aug 2002 11:35   
Fixed the links for the HVSC and Attitude pieces in the news...

[54] : 18. Aug 2002 19:54   
Sit in my underwear, drinking Pepsi, what a _great_ idea!

[55] : 18. Aug 2002 21:49   
You’ve selected finest sponsors. Especially Pepsi rulez da world! ;))))

[56] : 19. Aug 2002 02:50   
I’m guessing Fanta won’t be part of it.

[57] : 19. Aug 2002 10:18   
How nice, patriot pepsi and American :==)

[58] : 20. Aug 2002 11:34   
Added the new party-feature "Auction of C64-items" to the VISION-advertisement (on the spotlight as I write this).

[59] : 22. Aug 2002 17:49   
Post your comments to the BD release here:

[60] : 22. Aug 2002 20:25   
You might also want to add this party to your list: .

[61] : 22. Aug 2002 23:35   
Phat 2002 added to partyscope - thanks, Frank!

[62] : 23. Aug 2002 00:42   
And what about a comment and some thumbs up on Pouet?

[63] : 24. Aug 2002 12:54   
Bleh... still too early in the day for me to be awake, but patched the Exotica post so that there are links now (corrected one mis-typed domain name). Going back to bed... =-)

[64] : 24. Aug 2002 13:28   
Thanx pal ;-)

[65] : 24. Aug 2002 17:13   
Y’welcome [snore =-]

[66] : 25. Aug 2002 01:49   
Thanx to everyobody who voted for a the best C64 homepage in World Charts #14 Pity that this multiplattform charts-magazine need a powerful PC machine to run. How about a TXT version? ;-)

[67] : 25. Aug 2002 07:59   
There is mention in that issue of a "C64 version". We’ll see if that ever makes it out...

[68] : 25. Aug 2002 09:41   
Roman, why don’t you make some screenshots of the c64 section and upload somewhere, nothing else could be interested for us anyway ;)

[69] : 25. Aug 2002 12:45   
Jailbird, interesting idea ;-) But I would rather wait for c64 version. ;-))

[70] : 25. Aug 2002 13:22   
Ah, I’ve been told that they want to finish their demo first. I can’t wait till then just to see a few c64 charts, damn it :) My lousy PI/100 can’t handle the bastard. *sniff*
Jailbird the Cowboy - Catch my "lasso", Pix ;)

[71] : 25. Aug 2002 14:00   
IIeeeeeeeek. Perverted! You need a powerfull pc to see c64-charts?

[72] : 25. Aug 2002 14:24   
No, if CreamD makes some screenshots ;)
Jailbird the Cowboy

[73] : 25. Aug 2002 17:44   
Come on, CreamD, give us the charts!

[74] : 25. Aug 2002 20:53   
Screenshots of C64 charts of World Charts #14 here.

[75] : 25. Aug 2002 22:45   
Yeti, Rob Hubbard, Tristar & Red Sector? :) Seems like some votes were collected on one of Radwar’s Granpa-reunion party. ;) And some on the pr0n-oscar pricegiving, according to best demo no.10 ;)))

[76] : 25. Aug 2002 23:02   
Posted first info on what was going on at VISION 2002, first posted at 22:09, last modified at 23:00.

[77] : 25. Aug 2002 23:14   
Screenshot removed.. wait for c64 version ;-)

[78] : 26. Aug 2002 00:28   
Okay.. I have to say something about the thing which really bugs me now. It’s a sentence taken from review of Singles Collection. Here we go: "a dim, coldly calculated concept made for the due of things. Sadly enough all too recent as demands for not letting the stream dry up completely".

Dear critic.. Please don’t tell us that you know what we feel when we compose, draw and code. Are you really so desperately incompetent that you really believe that people like TMR, Hollowman and others who participated in the project produce things because they desperately want the stream (another stupid catch word from that cathegory where retro & oldskool belongs) to continue?? Oh man, wake up.. nobody needs to do anything. If those people didn’t enjoy what they did, they would never do anything. Please don’t tell us that creative people do things because they want to keep c64 alive. I don’t think anybody who participated on production of the collection did that with this purpose, only you are so incompetent that you dare to present daemagogy as fact. My god, dude those words you said are naiver than any retro bafflegab I’ve ever read on forums or comp.sys.cbm. And this from person who is actively participating in the C64 scene. Please go spread your incompetent and daemagogical definition of scene productivity somewhere else than in the most prestigious magazine ever produced.

Ah.. by the way.. according to your definition Vandalism News is a cold calcualtion too.. just to keep scene alive? Yeah?. If you believe in your own words, you already consider scene dead. Scene(rs) doesn’t think and analyse things just for the sake of thinking and analysing things like you do.. Sorry but scene(r) is not so simple like you try to present to us. If there is just one person who understands the scene(rs), please stand up and say. Yeah, that’s me. .... silence... have a nice dream dude.

[79] : 26. Aug 2002 11:03   
Damn CreamD, you shouldn’t get this too personally. Btw, give me the reviewer’s name&address, I’d like to rip out his bowels and hang the bastard onto the first tree! ;)) Ok seriously, is it a secret where have you found this review?
Jailbird the Cowboy.

[80] : 26. Aug 2002 11:37   
Vandalism News #39 in review of Singles Collection. Someone finds value in listening to his own correctly constructed sentences instead of thinking about their real value and impact.

[81] : 26. Aug 2002 12:21   
Ah, I have stopped reading or just fastly run over the VN demo reviews since Joe (or Ed, whatever) is editing them. Too "elitish" and "arty-farty" for my taste. I prefer the TDJ kind of reviews: smart, strong but fair.
Yes I know they’re putting lot of effort by writing them, I appreciate it, but don’t like the way they do it. It’s only my humble opinion.

[82] : 26. Aug 2002 17:00   
I agree 100% with Jailbird’s description of the VN demo reviews ("elitish" & "arty-farty"). Kind of like the music analyses at :) But I’d dismiss this "a dim, coldly calculated..." thing more like an attempt to say something than a serious offense.

[83] : 26. Aug 2002 17:02   
Elitish? Artsy-fartsy? No way. This is simply the most irresponsibile and incompetent review I’ve ever read. It’s not even controversial it’s a shamelesly vain lie! Snobbish bumptious self-opinionated pretentious terminological inexactitude. You vainglorius prigs! ;-)

[84] : 26. Aug 2002 20:08   
This is crazy. Getting out of hand ;o)))))))))))

[85] : 27. Aug 2002 05:18   
This explains why reviews are so problematic because taste differs too much. Sort of odd, we all seem to want more reviews in diskmags but at what cost?

[86] : 27. Aug 2002 10:19   
I don’t see it as a problem of taste, but a problem of soundness of one’s implications. I don?t like pretentious opinions which are based on untrue presumptions. And if Joe (or whoever it was) thinks he is at least slightly right he is blind and incompetent. DOT

[87] : 27. Aug 2002 19:35   
I don’t mind groups cracking or first releasing my games, but I’m starting to find it quite annoying where those crackers/suppliers get the names wrong on the scrolltext. They write down (name of game)(C)2002 TMD and Civitas. For heaven’s sake guys, It’s not TMD, it is TND. In future please use (game name)(C)2002 by TND or maybe (C)2002 Richard Bayliss. I would respect that.
Richard (re-posted by CreaMD)

[88] : 28. Aug 2002 10:21   
Amazing disk-cover from Junkie! Pity that d64s can’t be covered ;)

[89] : 28. Aug 2002 13:10   
This should go to the beta-news, and to the news section of most of the mags I guess:
Due to the opposite of the reason (beeing local with my groupmates) why I joined Breeze, after I moved back from Budapest to Yugoslavia, I decided to quit the group. My new crew is (which will probably shock most of the c64 sceners :), Booze Design.
Nevertheless, I’d like to announce that my very last compo-picture will be released at North Party 7. As I don’t feel like there is a sensible reason of competing with demos. I am absolutely not interested to release more works on parties as long scrolling pictures are allowed to participate at compos, and as long fair competition isn’t brought back to these events. I deeply pity those graphicians whose only hope to getting respected on the scene is to keep trying to win compos with scrolling several screens of ugly, copied, far far unoriginal compositions. And I am really sad for those graphicians who will keep trying to win against *effects* on *picture compos*.
With all my respect for all the energy and those long hours put into huge pictures, that’s just not a fair way of competing.

[90] : 28. Aug 2002 18:15   
i am most sad for those who vote for such crap :)

[91] : 28. Aug 2002 18:26   
...and the party organizers who don’t disqualify the crap in question, or move it to the demo compo.

[92] : 28. Aug 2002 18:36   
Fixed the 2nd URL on the PHAT2-newsitem.

[93] : 30. Aug 2002 01:13   
I can only agree with Jailbird there. I’m not going to delve into the ’scrolling picture’ matter here, as enough has been said already. Just my agreement to the statement that a picture has to remain static withing the confines of the screen. If you can get 1024*768 resolution on the c64 and show your picture in that format, power to you as you will bomb us all in the gfx compo. If you need to scroll, using an attractive sine table, from one region of the picture to another in order to show your 1024*768 picture and/or add water effects because it has to rain in there for the full effect, stuff it in a demo and amaze the world. But don’t use it in a gfx compo, please. Thank you. As for Jailbird joining Booze Design, best of luck there mate, and I hope mr. HydroChLorid can keep up providing parts for your stream of great artwork. Too bad you won’t be doing compos anymore. Maybe you’ll change your mind in the future, once skkroOlling pictures will be placed where they belong.

[94] : 30. Aug 2002 03:46   
What he said... and i’ve just realised what HCL and JB working together means. Cool! =-)

[95] : 31. Aug 2002 01:36   
I agree with Jailbird and Vip, that’s why we didn’t put any original sound (add to gfx to give it more chance to win) during the gfx compo at the Role Party 2002! Also next Role Party we won’t accept scrolling gfx and/or gfx who are almost a demo instead of a normal gfx. Also added msx to gfx won’t have a chance because you won’t hear the sound of the c64 while showing the gfx compo at the Role Party. Simply a rule to keep things fair!


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