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09/02 - 11/02 Fjälldata 2024 (Demo Party)
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10/02 - 10/02 Commodore-Treffen Graz $40 (Meeting)
16/02 - 18/02 MountainBytes 2024 (Demo Party)
17/02 - 17/02 HCC Meeting February 2024 (Meeting, 8 bit Party)
17/02 - 18/02 Excess + TREX Meeting Steinhagen 2024 (Internal Meeting)
24/02 - 24/02 Vintage Computing Carinthia $26 (Meeting)


 April 2004 Related News (13)    
April 2004 - C64 Related NewsHave a nice April!

Lemon64 shuttin? down! APR 01 2004 02:20
Also shutting down... APR 01 2004 02:52
Some HACK !!! APR 01 2004 19:13
"!ll C0mmun!ca7!0n" Website got now more Webspace for ExCeSs releases... APR 03 2004 15:57
Metalvotze wins the Breakpoint 2004 PC Demo Compo APR 12 2004 22:31
Andreas from C64hq on SLAY Radio APR 07 2004 09:58
BP04 pre-results APR 12 2004 15:11
360'ARM APR 13 2004 22:09
DEEV'S Workstages APR 13 2004 22:09
New number 1 in The Alltime C64 Games Top 50APR 18 2004 22:09
Uphold the law BBS back onlineAPR 18 2004 22:09
Czech commodore renamed...APR 22 2004
The Congo Shell Extension for Windows steals the PSID filetypeAPR 27 2004


[78] : 29. Apr 2004 15:20   
muhahahaha, at least it has some ergonomy :)

[79] : 29. Apr 2004 15:28   
Too good for me that I didn’t dare posting this as news and taking the infamy :-D

[80] : 29. Apr 2004 16:55   
dr.Hirodo.. ;-) you could post it and stay poritically correct and compatible with our elite haxor radical undreground opinions. You could e.g. use the title.. Tulip and Ironstone woke up after months... Subject: Tulip and ironstone finally revealed their "great" plan to produce c64 in joystick. I just ask why this thing lasted so long to come up with. I don’t want to publish any predictions, but I’m 100% sure this thing will end like web-it. Signed the fanatic scene fundamentalist - put your name here ;-)

[81] : 29. Apr 2004 21:16   
According to some c.s.cbm posts, this device could very well be a hardware compatible C64, at least part of it. Rumour says it is derivated from a well-known Commodore related reprogrammable project that yet hasn’t seen the mass production phase. We’ll have to wait and see if this is true, and to what extent Ironstone will be able to offer game upgrades to the device.
Anders Carlsson

[82] : 29. Apr 2004 21:52   
(The Tulip/Ironstone Thing)-> LOL EXTREME I really hope they have a stand on E3, probably next to the Phantom stand. Seriously though, the idea sounds as powerful as the C64GS. I like it. But I would like it even more if it were a portable system with a little bit of RAM and a transfer cable so that you can choose the games (or demos) you’d like to play on a quality color lcd display. Sort of like an iPod for .d64 files. Of course, this would require a PC as a prerequisite, but you could still place 30 games, say, on the RAM by default so that even the PC-less have some w4r32 to get started with. Still, I’m a good sport and anything c64 related gets my stamp of approval. Go, Tulip/Ironstone! Best of luck! w00t w000000t!

[83] : 29. Apr 2004 22:02   
Bwahahah. Nice try Tulip, but you can do better than that!

[84] : 30. Apr 2004 10:47   
What, in your opinion, should Tulip have done?

[85] : 30. Apr 2004 12:44   
In my opinion (except of all those great revealed (they said they prepare a big great c64 portal if I remember right) and unrevealed plans) they should officially declare support fo selected C64 game and hardware developers. Grant them distribution of their stuff with official C64 logo. This wouldn’t cost them a penny and make their image in community look much better. If this non-expenisve image improvement plan will work I would slovly start with new commercial releases around the C64 brand. With image of company which supports commodore 64 (I mean retro, not demoscene in this case ;-) comunity it will be easier for them to sell even average C= branded card. Now they are just company which tries to squeeze some money from Commodore 64 fans. ;-)

[86] : 30. Apr 2004 12:46   
"grant them distribution" - I mean.. allow them to distribute stuff with official C= logo attached.

[87] : 30. Apr 2004 12:47   
IMO the mark must be spreaded and all over the world by all means, not to be owned and locked in a locker..

[88] : 30. Apr 2004 12:48   
Especially now when it’s credit is so low..

[89] : 30. Apr 2004 19:53   
Why does the site so often tells me: "Some error has happened..."? Is it downgraded to TRaSh 80 or something? I am sure the problem isn’t on my side, since I tryied 3 different browsers already (2 on the Amiga and 1 On the PeCe) throught LAN and Dial up always with same result.

[90] : 30. Apr 2004 23:04   
I usually get this error when I do a lot of downloads and my dial-up connection is crawling

[91] : 30. Apr 2004 23:23   
It’s probably PHP’s timeout message on server-response. I get it at least 5 times out of 10. Quite annoying, to be frank.

[92] : 02. May 2004 23:35   
[85-88]: Doesn’t Tulip grant rights to use the logo (commercially) after applying to them, or do they charge money from anyone wanting to use it? The reason they put hard words in the press release was because a number of (in particular German, IIUC) unidentifyable companies have begun selling all kinds of crap using a C=commodore logotype during the years noone seemed to actively care. Maybe they could have put it in a more enthusiastic tone, as those who don’t care about trademark infringement will not react until the lawsuit arrives and those working with items really related to the Commodore history will only get hostile.
Anders Carlsson


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