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 August 2004 Related News (2)    
August 2004 - C64 Related NewsHave a nice August!

Demoscene book now in stores! AUG 12 2004 15:56
full version of yawthrust software?s game "spacetanx" for free !! AUG 22 2004 19:43


[65] : 24. Aug 2004 23:08   
Vip: Oh well, Turricans... One of the reasons why C=64 will never be retro for me - if I load those games, it will never be about nostalgia, it will always be about the world one enters. Well, I used to do Turrican sprints. I remember going through Turrican I below 40 minutes and not losing any life. BTW I don’t think it’s possible to clean the map without any damage in Turrican I at least in level 4-2 - there the time limit is too hard. Anyway, my favourite way of going through Turricans was trying not to lose any life. I remember finishing Turrican I not losing any life with 50+ lives left and Turrican II as well. Also, I’ve always appreciated Manfred’s sense of humor - ever tried to sneak past the final monstrous walkers in T II 4-2 as the rotating star? They play good football. :) And I’ll never ever forget the feeling I had when I saw The Machine in Turrican II for the first time, emerging behind the background, heading for the final confrontation. Dammit, I’m afraid I’ve just written off AEG’s game in advance. :) Anyway, even though Turrican II is technically much better than its predecessor, I’ve always loved Turrican I at least as much, just because of the atmosphere. Both these games belong to the very few where when I saw "Loading The End", the feeling of victory was predominated by sadness of exiting that world. At least I thought so at that time. I was playing Turrican I and II like mad in 1995 and 1996 - and I think in 2000 I still found a new secret room in Turrican II. The effort Manfred put in the games for the few who’d play the game over and over again is just incredible. (It reminds me of the Times of Lore title tune where Martin Galway programmed random guitar solos - just for the few who would listen to the 8-9" tune several times in a row...) I wish we could meet at a party having the Turricans with us and play in the "and do you know about this secret?" manner. :)

[66] : 25. Aug 2004 00:49   
Wotnau: Well, to be honest, the last time I led Bren McGuire to victory was 10 years ago, so my current grap of the game is very rusty, to say the least. You probably have a much clearer sight of things and from what you’ve told me, it could very well be that my perfect runs are only 95% perfect as I might have missed a room here and there. I don’t recall time problems in 4-2 for example, so I could have missed something there. As for the level of detail in Turrican 1 and 2, it is indeed amazing. No focus on storytelling, just lots of action, action, action and imaginative level design with as much features in there as possible. I remember playing the Hurrican preview to death and wasn’t disappointed when I got 15 times the enjoyment in Turrican 1. I must also add that for some reason, I prefer playing Turrican 1 over 2 on the c64. The graphics look slightly more polished and the levels have a better feel to them. But I guess Trenz had to forfeit a few things while trying to cram as much as possible from the Amiga version into Turrican 2. By the way, I highly prefer the Amiga version of Turrican 2 - I need the soundtrack by Huelsbeck as much as a junkie needs his fix =). Katakis was my reason to get a c64 (and yes, I agree that Crush doesn’t have the same feel), Turrican 2 the reason to get an Amiga 500 and Resident Evil the reason to get a Playstation. I’m much more versed in Resident Evil these days, but Turrican still holds a special place in my heart (well, that and the Last Ninja series). Let’s hope that T3 is a worty part of the trilogy for all Turrican afficionados like us ^_^. [by the way, Turrican 3 on Amiga wasn’t that great. Only Huelsbeck saved the day with his score]

[67] : 25. Aug 2004 11:47   
So... you two planning on writing a book or what? =-)

[68] : 25. Aug 2004 14:12   
Changed the Trefpunt C= show post to add links.

[69] : 25. Aug 2004 17:54   
TMR: I am already writing books: (German website). See those Resident Evil 3, Dino Crisis 1 and 2, Resident Evil 0, Devil May Cry 2, Chaos Legion, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Onimusha and (soon) Resident Evil: Outbreak strategy guides? I’m the author =). The Tips & Tricks book has my old Resident Evil 2 guide inside.

[70] : 25. Aug 2004 18:12   
And oo-er, I got the sexy number.

[71] : 25. Aug 2004 20:39   

[72] : 25. Aug 2004 20:44   
...aaaaaaand that wraps up this year’s game section in the reaction board. Thank you for your attention, and until the next one! We will return to the usual c64 scene related program shortly.

[73] : 25. Aug 2004 22:29   
... but not before, just for the sake of clarity, I say that AFAIK Manfred Trenz developed Turrican 1 and 2 on the C=64 and then Factor 5 converted it to Amiga, not vice versa (remember the end-titles: "Turrican II was designed and developed on the C=64"). THAT’s why Turrican III on Amiga sucked such a big time (in fact like vacuum cleaner) - because it had nothing in common with Manfred. :) Anyway, my book will be called "The Turriculate Years - Memoirs of a Turrican addict" :D

[74] : 25. Aug 2004 22:53   
...and not before I respond to Wotnau: I read in an interview in 64’er with Manfred Trenz that he had to make some serious compromises to get in as much from the Amiga version as he could. Because of this, I think the Amiga version was done first. One can also see this from the intro: the Amiga has a cool full-colour version, whereas the c64 version has to make do with single colour hires, a sign that they were converted from Amiga.

[75] : 27. Aug 2004 09:43   
trenz sucks .... just made stupid action games

[76] : 27. Aug 2004 18:24   
Or as they say in css: I’ll get my Trenz coat.
Anders Carlsson

[77] : 28. Aug 2004 15:36   
Well done to Smash Designs. I waited 3 1/2 years to see the full game and at last I’ve got it. Great, colourful atmospheric gameplay. Addictive as well!

[78] : 29. Aug 2004 22:20   
Vice 1.15 just came out. Thought some of you might be interested.

[79] : 31. Aug 2004 13:14   
Just wanted to say it was nice to meet the guys at Evoke. Felt nice being at a computer party once more after four years - too bad it was a PC party. Looking forward to the Padua meeting in Berlin at the coming weekend :)


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