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Shining8 - The Movie MAY 07 2002 22:15
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New member for Role! MAY 25 2002 19:57


[81] : 26. Aug 2002 12:21   
Ah, I have stopped reading or just fastly run over the VN demo reviews since Joe (or Ed, whatever) is editing them. Too "elitish" and "arty-farty" for my taste. I prefer the TDJ kind of reviews: smart, strong but fair.
Yes I know they’re putting lot of effort by writing them, I appreciate it, but don’t like the way they do it. It’s only my humble opinion.

[82] : 26. Aug 2002 17:00   
I agree 100% with Jailbird’s description of the VN demo reviews ("elitish" & "arty-farty"). Kind of like the music analyses at :) But I’d dismiss this "a dim, coldly calculated..." thing more like an attempt to say something than a serious offense.

[83] : 26. Aug 2002 17:02   
Elitish? Artsy-fartsy? No way. This is simply the most irresponsibile and incompetent review I’ve ever read. It’s not even controversial it’s a shamelesly vain lie! Snobbish bumptious self-opinionated pretentious terminological inexactitude. You vainglorius prigs! ;-)

[84] : 26. Aug 2002 20:08   
This is crazy. Getting out of hand ;o)))))))))))

[85] : 27. Aug 2002 05:18   
This explains why reviews are so problematic because taste differs too much. Sort of odd, we all seem to want more reviews in diskmags but at what cost?

[86] : 27. Aug 2002 10:19   
I don’t see it as a problem of taste, but a problem of soundness of one’s implications. I don?t like pretentious opinions which are based on untrue presumptions. And if Joe (or whoever it was) thinks he is at least slightly right he is blind and incompetent. DOT

[87] : 27. Aug 2002 19:35   
I don’t mind groups cracking or first releasing my games, but I’m starting to find it quite annoying where those crackers/suppliers get the names wrong on the scrolltext. They write down (name of game)(C)2002 TMD and Civitas. For heaven’s sake guys, It’s not TMD, it is TND. In future please use (game name)(C)2002 by TND or maybe (C)2002 Richard Bayliss. I would respect that.
Richard (re-posted by CreaMD)

[88] : 28. Aug 2002 10:21   
Amazing disk-cover from Junkie! Pity that d64s can’t be covered ;)

[89] : 28. Aug 2002 13:10   
This should go to the beta-news, and to the news section of most of the mags I guess:
Due to the opposite of the reason (beeing local with my groupmates) why I joined Breeze, after I moved back from Budapest to Yugoslavia, I decided to quit the group. My new crew is (which will probably shock most of the c64 sceners :), Booze Design.
Nevertheless, I’d like to announce that my very last compo-picture will be released at North Party 7. As I don’t feel like there is a sensible reason of competing with demos. I am absolutely not interested to release more works on parties as long scrolling pictures are allowed to participate at compos, and as long fair competition isn’t brought back to these events. I deeply pity those graphicians whose only hope to getting respected on the scene is to keep trying to win compos with scrolling several screens of ugly, copied, far far unoriginal compositions. And I am really sad for those graphicians who will keep trying to win against *effects* on *picture compos*.
With all my respect for all the energy and those long hours put into huge pictures, that’s just not a fair way of competing.

[90] : 28. Aug 2002 18:15   
i am most sad for those who vote for such crap :)

[91] : 28. Aug 2002 18:26   
...and the party organizers who don’t disqualify the crap in question, or move it to the demo compo.

[92] : 28. Aug 2002 18:36   
Fixed the 2nd URL on the PHAT2-newsitem.

[93] : 30. Aug 2002 01:13   
I can only agree with Jailbird there. I’m not going to delve into the ’scrolling picture’ matter here, as enough has been said already. Just my agreement to the statement that a picture has to remain static withing the confines of the screen. If you can get 1024*768 resolution on the c64 and show your picture in that format, power to you as you will bomb us all in the gfx compo. If you need to scroll, using an attractive sine table, from one region of the picture to another in order to show your 1024*768 picture and/or add water effects because it has to rain in there for the full effect, stuff it in a demo and amaze the world. But don’t use it in a gfx compo, please. Thank you. As for Jailbird joining Booze Design, best of luck there mate, and I hope mr. HydroChLorid can keep up providing parts for your stream of great artwork. Too bad you won’t be doing compos anymore. Maybe you’ll change your mind in the future, once skkroOlling pictures will be placed where they belong.

[94] : 30. Aug 2002 03:46   
What he said... and i’ve just realised what HCL and JB working together means. Cool! =-)

[95] : 31. Aug 2002 01:36   
I agree with Jailbird and Vip, that’s why we didn’t put any original sound (add to gfx to give it more chance to win) during the gfx compo at the Role Party 2002! Also next Role Party we won’t accept scrolling gfx and/or gfx who are almost a demo instead of a normal gfx. Also added msx to gfx won’t have a chance because you won’t hear the sound of the c64 while showing the gfx compo at the Role Party. Simply a rule to keep things fair!


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