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The C64 Banner Exchange
The C64 Banner Exchange
 December Beta News (9)    
! FREE SID Chip ! with every HardSID Quattro card! DEC 06 2001
EXILE / Anubis joined CIVITAS as 2nd group DEC 07 2001
PC warez scene busts? (more) DEC 12 2001
New swapper for Role! DEC 17 2001 02:15
Jeroen Kimmel Music Collection Comming SOON! DEC 17 2001 15:17
Back in Time Live 3, 21st June, 2002 DEC 11 2001 16:53
SPAM Neotec left the c64 scene DEC 26 2001 15:14
Neotec denies Fake News (Posted by Neotec at TP2001) DEC 27 2001 21:10
THE PARTY releases online (No C64 stuff available yet. ed.) DEC 30 2001 23:48

[1] : 01. Dec 2001 17:21   
I've decided to make actual news more prominent and moved TOP STORY to the place after 3 actual news. It can be moved anywhere now so If something really important is happening it can be put to top again.

[2] : 02. Dec 2001 00:10   
What's the dealine for the JokeTro compo?

[3] : 02. Dec 2001 00:43   
Deadline added.

[4] : 02. Dec 2001 17:45   
Christmass is comming ;-). Have a nice december people ;-).

[5] : 03. Dec 2001 12:07   
Ok, my comments in Emufuxxor post got edited by other editor (ah yeah even the chief editor needs supervision sometimes). Anyway I'll put my 2 cents in here then. People should try to make their product abailable to everyone, not make fuxxors.

[6] : 03. Dec 2001 14:03   
What is emufuxxor and why is it "cool". Posted news should at least have some information what the release is... Names are nothing

[7] : 03. Dec 2001 22:10   
Banners and Buttons section added. (accessible from the right menu. If you have some nice ideas for banners just let me know.

[8] : 04. Dec 2001 00:49   
Hey! That alternative party looks cool!. Overhead projector compo, Realtime musiccompo without samples, Alternative machine democompo, Live performed music compo, Most obscure machine compo ;-))). Just read more in invitation. That party will for sure be a lot of fun! ;-)

[9] : 08. Dec 2001 18:02   
What is the point of the EmuFuxx0r when most of the generation are using Emus anyway?

[10] : 13. Dec 2001 22:36   
Hi! Mac Gyver asked for a link exchange. I have added your site to mine - so dont forget about me! :)

[11] : 14. Dec 2001 09:37   
Rough: ;-) Okay. Yesterday I couldn't connect to net, so I'll add it today. Thanx for info. And hey people it seems this is real hardcore party weekend ;-). There is a Demobit 2001 party in Nitra-Slovakia this weekend. I'm of course visiting it even when it's only *yuck* ;-) PC party as it's the best slovak computer party, and I actually live in Nitra, so no problemo ;-). Have a nice weekend everybody.

[12] : 14. Dec 2001 16:04   
I wonder if Emu Fuxxors were just built for fun :)
Richard (EmuFuxxor Lover) Bayliss

[13] : 16. Dec 2001 19:55   
For those who didn't know, SGSC and HVSC are completely different projects and even aiming at completely diferent types of c64 music. HVSC is a collection of SID - standard emulated c64 music format. CGSC is a collection of three different C64 formats (MUS,STR,WDS). MUS, STR are music data, WDS files contain song lyrics!!! Read more in CGSC FAQ. It's very interesting project. Use Sidplay2 to play the tunes.

[14] : 17. Dec 2001 19:22   
Back to strict moderating mode. Thanx for understanding and keep up the great work everybody.

[15] : 18. Dec 2001 20:53   
I did not use EmuFuxxor for my Xmas game, although I was determined to do so :)

[16] : 18. Dec 2001 21:53   
Richard, hey ;-) Stop those provocations ;-). Anyway thanx for the game and have a nice chrismas without all those crappy Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang Re-Runs ;-)))

[17] : 19. Dec 2001 23:02   
Hm, what's so annyoing about Kurt and Doris (except for the music), creamd?

[18] : 19. Dec 2001 23:58   
Maybe the unexpected gay (and I don't mean happy ;-) ending?

[19] : 23. Dec 2001 03:14   
My question was rhetorical. I know gay and 'dont mean happy' are connected for you. :) Anyhow, pretty unfair for Highend PC users that C64 music is participating vs them on TP11.

[20] : 23. Dec 2001 17:59   
The Party - digitally remastered? Doesn't this say all? :) Welle: Erdball rules! :)

[21] : 26. Dec 2001 19:32   
You have a nice Christmas Day? What prezzies did you get?

[22] : 26. Dec 2001 19:47   
For second time there is a post about somebody leaving the scene "because" (there was also Mr.Alpha's posting, you maybe remember that incident). There were more people leaving the scene, e.g. AEG and SONIC (GBA games producing), or Cadaver (which lost interest when he realised that his next project would be impossible to implement without limitation and which meanwhile returned) but they left giving a good reason. I remember sooner this year there was some guy who decided to leave the scene and invest his powers to politics. All those had a good reason to leave and said it out loud. But is whinning about emulator geeks, irc based groups acting virutally (????), lack of respect from newcomers and similar crap an excuse? Didn't you just found yourself lacking motivation, found yourself inactive for all those years and running out of good excuses of your inactivity? Yes the scene in general (not only c64 scene) sucks these days. We know that already! Please next time use plain&straightforward and what is most important true reasons. Do you need examples? Here they come: "I lost my interest", "I grew up from this hobby", "I've found other interests", "I fell in love with a girl", "I'm married with children", "I found a job which demands all my creative energy", etc. etc. blah blah blah. I really don't like when somebody instead of fighting against "lamenes" uses it as an excuse of his inactivity and lack of motivation. This is not a divorce dudes, you don't need to give the judge all the dirty details just to show how good you are.

[23] : 27. Dec 2001 09:28   
"Is whining about emulator geeks, irc based groups acting virutally (??), lack of respect from newcomers and similar crap an excuse?" - It's not an excuse, it is a reason to leave. It shouldn't be necessary to fight against lameness, lameness shouldn't be there.

[24] : 27. Dec 2001 11:08   
It's an excuse for lazy people and okay if you wan't so it's a *very bad* reason to leave. I take these reasons as a direct insult of scene, a spit into the face. That's why I'm taking it so personally every time. Excuse moi, if you, or anyone else think these reasons are credible and are not just a hiding of the real truth, feel free to provide them in your farewell, you will get the same treatment as Neotec, Mr.Alpha and all the rest who finally departed after years of inactivity leaving just stench behind them. IRC based groups? I don't know such. And what is "not acting at all", and finally departing giving scene a "fart-ewell" in comparison to "acting virtually" (whatever undecipherable meaning these two words has).

[25] : 27. Dec 2001 11:44   
Interesting news about Neotec, especially since this is the first time I hear anything about it. I wonder who posted those news... It should actually say "anonymous" underneath it, since I definately did not post it.

[26] : 27. Dec 2001 11:45   
Btw: If it wasn't for the internet and emulators, the latest Padua productions probably would have never happened. The Padua teamwork heavily relies on the internet.

[27] : 27. Dec 2001 12:05   
Actually I thought you (Anonym/Padua) posted the news! I think the author should have left his handle behind. But maybe he already could foresee that his statement would not be liked, and that's why he preferred to stay in the shadow. It often happens that people who feel criticized criticise back. However I don't understand why you, CreaMD, are so upset - you yourself are making fun of those retro people only active on the net etc. From Neotec's quote (given it is real) I understand he criticizes exactly the same...

[28] : 27. Dec 2001 12:31   
I criticise, make fun, and this way I try to influence the things. Most important I'm staying. If I ever leave the scene, it will be because I will fail to be active, and I will (not proudly, but at least sincerely) admit that fact. That's what I'm asking from those who after years leave the scene and make false excuses, or some final statements like Mr.Alpha or Neotec. As one assembly slogan said: "Coder does it with routine". So if anyone leaves, please give us some sign of real care, instead of insulting the people who still stay in the scene jungle.

[29] : 27. Dec 2001 12:50   
The IP address of original poster is lost as the message was edited meanwhile and I did the system the way that it only stores the identification of the last person who touched the message, so the anonymous poster will stay anonymous ;-). Anonym/Padua, you are right, internet helps, if used wisely, and Padua is a good example of reasonable use of Internet. If not the best. By the way, thanx for Xmas card Thunderblade (it came today ;-).

[30] : 27. Dec 2001 13:33   
Some people don't want to influence things to become like they should, they just expect them (as I understood Neotec) to be like they want. If something differs from your expectations, you can try to change it or to turn away from it. Which possibility to choose, depends on how hard it would be to change and whether it is considered worth it. The third possibility always is to reconcile with how it is and go on nevertheless. Neotec chose to leave. His words shouldn't be taken personal. Instead, everyone should think about how the scene and its activities could be made attractive enough to make people stay. Just my opinion. :) I can understand you CreaMD why you are so upset, because right you are one of those who exactly does this - surely makes the C64 scene more attractive. Maybe Neotec wasn't satisfied with something but surely it wasn't YOUR fault, so there's no need to be angry.

[31] : 27. Dec 2001 18:59   
I wouldn't have anything personal againt Neotec or Mr.Alpha, if there wasn't news containing their "last witty words" posted here. If they don't have anything constructive to say they should rather save their breath (=shut their mouth up) and get out. The word is silver, silence gold.

[32] : 27. Dec 2001 21:22   
Who stays silent, agrees. And that would be wrong - everyone has the right to say his opinion.

[33] : 27. Dec 2001 22:07   
Coder does it with routine. would proudly spread their farewell note, demo, music, graphics whatever production for c64 ;-).

[34] : 27. Dec 2001 22:29   
Since there is a new message by Neotec (or someone who is using his nick?) I'm going to trash it, as I've trashed the first news. Since now all personal farewell notes or group jumpings will be considered betanews. So will be commebacks ;-) (unless they will also be supported by a release ;-).

[35] : 28. Dec 2001 22:41   
DMC V4.0 Music Collection 3 - Coming on 1st January 2001. I bet you'll be excited when I release it huh?

[36] : 28. Dec 2001 23:12   
Yeah! Sure thing Rich. Thanx for Xmas presents btw. that Splidge is a bad ass game. I wonder why do you always make your games so unplayable ;-). And hey, happy new year 2002 to you.

[37] : 29. Dec 2001 12:48   
What do you think about the new Digital Talk? Nice texts, but the logo really sucks, too much green :( But high quality like ever ;) I think there should be some more texts from readers, and at least there sould be a tutorial for music or something like.

[38] : 29. Dec 2001 15:49   
attention: the competition results on and are not exactly the same (see c64 graphics, where the 2nd and the 1st place are exchanged). i assume the correct results were shown at the pricegiving, and these are the ones you can read here on

[39] : 29. Dec 2001 22:04   
Can I get the releases from the Mail Madness party somewhere else? ALWAYS says it's not available (lame)

[40] : 30. Dec 2001 00:26   
@rough: For the Mail Madness Party releases ask Lord Nikon. Greets, Pixman

[41] : 30. Dec 2001 10:38   
@pix - didn't Rough say that Tripod isn't available? :)))

[42] : 31. Dec 2001 17:45   
Happy new year 2002 to you all. See you on the first of January 2002.

[43] : 01. Jan 2002 15:28   
@Thunderblade: Haven't knew that it's hosted on tripod. And now I finally know what Civitas means with "Lameness rulez" :) Well,Happy New Year although.

[44] : 02. Jan 2002 05:45   
Thanks for the new link on the MM releases. Does anybody have full releases of TP? And @lordnikon: What should be seen on a real C64 in your 4K? I ran it on CCS and VICE and it both displayed a DYSP. The new Triad games are re-releases btw if that's in interest for anyone (I dont give a fuck personally)

[45] : 02. Jan 2002 06:00   
TP full releases aren't still available. 4kb is not much for great stunning effects and it's sure hard and demanding to stuff even DYSO routine into it. I've checked the new Triad releases and practically all were just previews and few years old ;-(. Yes all of them were very (!) interesting on technical side, but that was all. I don't know how much today's crackers care about charts, but if there is still some coverage of this are I'm sure the maintainer of the charts will check if those games already weren't released by some other cracker group. For never stuff by Triad check their release of ANISO (but that is just a logical game, nothing special)


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