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 MAY 2005 Related News (15)    
MAY 2005 Related News (2)
C64hq three years old today MAY 01 2005 16:57
New C64/C128 discussion forum in Swedish MAY 01 2005 19:53
Spring LODA Meeting - photos and movies MAY 02 2005 14:10
New C-64 Magazine out! MAY 01 2005 22:47
jailbird?s new site MAY 05 2005 15:57
Offtopic: 2ge/React launching E-mail protector site MAY 06 2005 14:49
1979 Computer Graphics Primer book online MAY 15 2005 07:49
Retro "Top Sites List" MAY 21 2005 09:36
KRZYZ:KROSS new official website MAY 23 2005 14:59
Official C64 Win32 Emulator - WinCommodore64 MAY 23 2005 13:11
Adventureland and others return. MAY 23 2005 16:16
New Chotaire homepage officially launched! MAY 24 2005 05:46
New German C64 Page MAY 30 2005 07:20
Conflict 2005 "meeting" MAY 31 2005 07:57

[1] : 01. May 2005 03:57   
Fixed the TinySID compo post to add a download link (ooh, deja vu! =-)

[2] : 01. May 2005 07:32   
Well, at least it wasn’t me fault again.

[3] : 01. May 2005 12:35   
Fixed the link... oh hang on, no i didn’t. =-)

[4] : 01. May 2005 13:47   
I know I know.. that routine is lame.. MacGyver bugged me about it since ages and I still didn’t find energy and will to correct it.

[5] : 01. May 2005 17:48   
Very impressive number of entries in that tinysid compo... Cool that it worked out really well :)

[6] : 02. May 2005 00:50   
And again. New magazine. Great! Monthly. Great! Release announcement in english, so given that this is the first issue, and we have no reason to believe otherwise, what language would you assume the mag was in? I don’t even get why people put release announcements in a different language to the content, but if you are, don’t you think it would be wise to make note of that fact? :)

[7] : 02. May 2005 06:35   
those wacky germans love to taunt us with their brilliance :)
a fade in hell

[8] : 02. May 2005 08:56   
71: the news item says it`s in german. why don`t you just go to where you live in ?
a german in heaven

[9] : 02. May 2005 11:11   
Actually the ones who can read definately have an advantage!
Jan Delay

[10] : 06. May 2005 11:15   
attn/news/ jailbird is a declared ex-c64 scener now?

[11] : 06. May 2005 12:08   
...surprised too maybe he dafunk forgot to wrote "S" before the prefix..

[12] : 06. May 2005 15:52   
no, they are called ex-sceners because they are still on the c64 scene.
dr. logic

[13] : 06. May 2005 22:35   
Please move Offtopic to Beta news
Rich the pisshead

[14] : 07. May 2005 13:38   
Moved couple of C64 related news to c64 related news.

[15] : 07. May 2005 14:46   
11: or perhaps its because jailbird has quit the c64 scene

[16] : 07. May 2005 18:54   
Jailbard can’t have quit the scene, there was no ’goodbye’ thread at csdb.

[17] : 09. May 2005 19:27   
@16: Does somebody get a nice t-shirt if he left scene or something? Or a golden Rolex watch? Ah no, let me guess yet again: A golden 5.25" DD disk? :D

[18] : 09. May 2005 20:34   
@17: it depends on what he meant for the scene. Me, I would get poop-on-a-stick.

[19] : 10. May 2005 09:36   
Shut the fuck up or I’ll come back! And you’ll all get a huge dick with "I came on your back" tattoed on it.

Otherwise, why do you make such a big deal out of it? Ok, Tdj was always in love with me, but Nafcom, gosh, I don’t even know you...

[20] : 10. May 2005 14:53   
I Jailbird, it’s true, it’s true!

[21] : 10. May 2005 16:33   
Well, i wouldn’t have said i was in love with Jailbird but i was up for a snog... =-)

[22] : 10. May 2005 19:00   
@17: I would get toilet paper? @19: Sometimes I even don’t know myself =)

[23] : 10. May 2005 19:01   
eh, I meant @18, not 17

[24] : 11. May 2005 09:06   
Poop on a stick? Great stuff!

[25] : 11. May 2005 11:45   
There will be plenty of it on my comeback-party tomorrow (off to start a comeback-tread on CSDb).

[26] : 11. May 2005 23:02   
am I invited as well? @ 25? :)

[27] : 12. May 2005 02:04   
Someone from my home town claimed that one of the past visions presented by our fellow elected politicians was to build a bar on top of the sewerage central. The bar was supposed to have a glass floor, so you could look down at the wonders. Dunno if it is true, but if so it would be a great place to host comeback parties.
Anders Carlsson

[28] : 17. May 2005 14:27   
I tickle my peepee with a feather!!1!

[29] : 17. May 2005 16:20   
Yeah, and i wish you’d turn the damned webcam off whilst you do it!

[30] : 18. May 2005 15:08   
[10]-[29]: lol :).

[31] : 20. May 2005 12:10   
What happened to CSDB?

[32] : 20. May 2005 12:27   
You get 404 too? I got it a few days ago then it worked now not working.

[33] : 21. May 2005 03:17   
Really not sure what happened to CSDb, maybe my feather majik hurt the server?

[34] : 21. May 2005 10:21   
Moved: 1979 Computer Graphics Primer book online to related news. Retro "Top Sites List" - to related news. is not a retro site.

[35] : 21. May 2005 12:24   
@34: according to the latest downloads, it is.

[36] : 21. May 2005 13:05   
Is fixy Digital Talk posty addy linky thingy.

[37] : 23. May 2005 13:34   
Ouch, that WinCommodore64 emulator is really horror... Slow, awful sound, and you immediately puke at the compatibility (quickly tried it on Deus Ex Machina / Crest). Rofl...

[38] : 23. May 2005 13:36   
I wonder why they didn’t license a VICE or CCS64 ;-(

[39] : 23. May 2005 15:46   
@38: maybe it would work flawlessly and that would be strange for a homebrew softwarecompany...

[40] : 23. May 2005 17:46   
Question: why gets the cevi-aktuell replaced into "c-64 related news" while the last lotek announcement can be read regularly (in march)? Can someone explain that to me as a "wacky german" ? Thanks.

[41] : 23. May 2005 18:40   
Some people call this arbitrariness
Jan Delay

[42] : 23. May 2005 21:19   
@37: read theseexpert opinions, and apologise for your ignorance immediately!
the real expert

[43] : 23. May 2005 21:45   
@finchy: because you made the mistake to spend your time and energy to the C64. learn from it and move on! Look at CSDb! It is gone because their authors did not want to provide a platform to infant lamers any more!

[44] : 23. May 2005 22:29   
[40] I did it.

[45] : 23. May 2005 23:45   
Well, i’m fairly sure it wasn’t me but i wouldn’t like to quote myself on that... [puzzled look?]

[46] : 24. May 2005 14:01   
@CreaMD: So why has it been moved? May I assume that when I post issue #2, this news will get moved, too?

[47] : 24. May 2005 15:45   
[46] After up-to-24 hours. Releases and links in main news should be accessible for english-speaking visitors. Lotek was probably news added by by MacGyver an he as an co-admin of could have some independency...

[48] : 24. May 2005 16:10   
[42] Seems like these expert opinions are related to Pocket C64 which is IMO quite cool emulator for hand-held computer. supports Clickgamer’s Pocket C64 and exchanges links with because I think every potential new/old/retro user of C64 should know that there is still activity in the C64 scene.

As far as Official C64 emulator is concerned, I hope owners of rights will leave the choice on people. Their tactics of releasing 1 news once in about half year is quite interesting. I wonder if there will be PAL DTV under our PAL christmas trees ;-)). (if there already isn’t one released, but I would probably learn about it from somewhere)

[49] : 24. May 2005 16:22   
I don’t get the point, but I guess complainig doesn’t help. Nevertheless i’ll try ;) Lotek64 is a german pdf mag which (mostly) focuses on C-64. And so is the cevi-aktuell. I’m not accusing Lotek here, don’t think so. But what the heck has this to do with independency? There are several ppl posting THEIR news here. So what? I thought that would be the idea of an open news forum? Even polish forums get announced officially and don’t get removed, so why the freaking heck are we? English speaking visitors can go for it, but won’t be able to read it - that’s why I wrote "in german language only" - as many other diskmags do and never get moved to "related news"?! Phew, guess I’m just stupid or narrow minded - but just imagine you explain it to a little kid ...

[50] : 24. May 2005 16:44   
Try reading what CreaMD wrote - the *admin* who left it in the main news was independent. There were three of us, now there are two and we don’t always have time to keep up - it *should* have been moved but wasn’t, and will be in the future.

[51] : 24. May 2005 16:49   
Thinking of which... if nobody objects, i’m moving that official emulator link and the Retro Soft PR post to beta news end of today for similar reasons.

[52] : 24. May 2005 17:21   
You mean you want to exclude news that are only relevant for one specific country or group of people? Then you also have to exclude, say, a news-posting regarding a C128-related software. Or a posting regarding a party that is too far away from the reader. Too far away? Everyone could go any distance you say? Anyone can learn any language, so what!
The Nonsense PR duffy

[53] : 24. May 2005 17:59   
The point is, to make main news section supporting active C64 scene in the following value-ranked order. New software, New demos, New games Competitions, Parties, 8-bit scene. The rest of the news is evaluated according to it?s importance for active C64 sceners. Active and/or creative C64 sceners (according to our own internal definition) are those who use C64 to run or produce new software, or hardware for C64. Thus www pages, mpeg movies, PC executable game remakes, mp3 remixes and similar stuff usually gets into the related news. Still 12-24 hours in the news usually gets you quite important ammount of traffic, so I think it?s worth to add your news even when it get?s moved to related news after some time. Btw. sometimes MacGyver had to add some release news at Now it is on me and T.M.R. But anyone can do this instead of complaining about having many "non-release" news. If you want more news about latest C64 releases here, don?t hesitate and post them, please.

[54] : 24. May 2005 18:03   
[51] That’s exactly what I mean by independency.. ;-)

[55] : 24. May 2005 18:19   
The ?rok party page is fixed now, so it can autodetect the browser language. (just in case it was too hard to find the English link in the top right corner? ;) )

[56] : 24. May 2005 18:48   
@ finchy: It was moved to Related News because ALIH is not able to read (especially not the clear hint Cevi aktuell is in German), instead he yelled here. Actually I also wonder why some links to event related stuff were moved to Related News.

And as for the "Latest Downloads": I took care of this almost alone - WHEN I found the time and motivation. Now I left as it was time to move on. Thanks to the haters.

[57] : 24. May 2005 19:53   

[58] : 24. May 2005 21:52   
Not that you’ll enjoy that WC64 (Toilet64) emulator, but here goes a patch which will disable the nasty 5 minutes limit. (Try to) Enjoy! Btw, I’ll remove it from the server soonish. Oh, and backup the exe before patching, just in case...

[59] : 24. May 2005 22:13   
@57 ...The Unforgiven?... Grow up!

[60] : 24. May 2005 22:18   
What I dont get is, why is the KRZYZ:KROSS stuff put into related news as they do something with the c64 at least and not like e.g. this mega-cool retro-trader shop doesnt even have a single c64 related thing on the homepage but still takes like 50% of the news space? Maybe there is something in the "50 Professional Web Site Templates" offer? strange stuff is happening lately... and why are there even cracks for that WC (hence the name)emulator in here? It seems that several people didnt take their daily dose of anodynes... (a totally clueless slator...)

[61] : 24. May 2005 22:53   
[60] There is that 1-24 hours tolerance factor we give to the related news.

[62] : 24. May 2005 23:48   
Stay cool,CreaMD. I like the site as it is!

[63] : 25. May 2005 02:01   
Moved: Official C64 Win32 Emulator - WinCommodore64 MAY 23 2005 13:11 | Adventureland and others return. MAY 23 2005 16:16 | New Chotaire homepage officially launched! MAY 24 2005 05:46 ||| to related news.

[64] : 26. May 2005 12:08   
big ups to bayliss for an anti jamster thingy, can’t these malakas! looks much nicer running red hat 9 :)

[65] : 26. May 2005 12:28   
is it just me, or is this feedback page 23-27% of what it was earlier? Seems some comments have vanished...

[66] : 26. May 2005 16:42   
Comment about Mermaid censored.

[67] : 26. May 2005 18:56   
Yeah, four or five comments have been deleted.

[68] : 27. May 2005 03:35   
Wasn’t the comment about Mermaid just a comment about comments about Mermaid being deleted? That’s a bit wacky isn’t it? I can understand removing comments about one of the admins of this site tho, that’s just the kind of censorship we’ve come to expect from you guys ;)

[69] : 27. May 2005 04:45   
Maybe you don’t get it, but I hope Hollowman got the joke even when it isn’t extremely funny. I?ll be sincere to you Slartibartfast. 1. This page was running smoothly thanx to people like Mac and especially you are not entitled to give your shortsighted judgements here. 2. Since some recent controversy caused by you. First with Wanderer (believe it or not, I first thought that your claims were valid) and then later one. I gradually found your behaviour irritating. I don?t like you. Now when you know it, please consider not posting your offtopic reactions here again, ever. I?m not interested in your babbling. Thank you. Bye.

[70] : 27. May 2005 04:48   
Nice to meet you too.

[71] : 27. May 2005 08:34   

[72] : 27. May 2005 08:46   
Oooh! I get it! I get jokes..

[73] : 27. May 2005 09:42   
[72] Btw. when was it when I erased comments about Mermaid? I don?t remember. I only recall moving some of members update news to related news, and her, being upset about it.

[74] : 27. May 2005 16:21   
this page was running nicely because i kept my big mouth shut and didnt post on here.. :)

[75] : 28. May 2005 08:02   
Yeah, aren’t you sposed to be the annoying one?

[76] : 28. May 2005 09:57   
/me pets Fade on the head, good lil doggy!

[77] : 28. May 2005 20:19   
@73, Wed Mar 16 16:30:00 2005 [17:22] funny,if u post something about "mermaid" on reactions it gets deleted quickly,hail the censorship

[78] : 28. May 2005 20:35   
[77] ;-)

[79] : 29. May 2005 03:43   
I’m sitting here drunk and listening to "The Alibi" by Laxity. Seriously, will there ever be a better tune than this? The melody against those harmonys are a killer. Really breaks my heart.. Laxity, if you are reading this: From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!

[80] : 29. May 2005 07:27   
No drinking and posting, please just slit your wrists and get it over with.

[81] : 29. May 2005 16:12   
I visited my local toy store yesterday to have a look at the TV games they have for offer (lots of Jakks and Radica, nothing DTV yet for obvious reasons). They use a flat screen monitor to demo the TV games on, and the brand of the monitor was Mermaid [something]..
Anders Carlsson

[82] : 30. May 2005 09:15   
Years ago, not sure anymore, there was a brand of TV/monitor in the UK called Wanker.

[83] : 31. May 2005 13:59   
;) .. Thanks Derek - makes me proud that you like it. Wrote the theme of that tune on the way to work in .. eh.. 89, I guess it was. I was still in the 9th grade and working at some shitty factory to have a little extra doe to spend. :) Cheers!

[84] : 31. May 2005 20:33   
Is it possible to include ?rok party in the Party scope? It will take place at 2005.Aug.5-7.

[85] : 31. May 2005 22:16   
.. because i would face the wrath ov thee evil beta-newsmeister in no time, i’ll post something more or less offtopic here instead >> partypics from some parties i attended from 2003-now are up at (it’s partly c64-related, so it might have a chance to stay here without getting deleted =)

[86] : 31. May 2005 22:18   
and there’s obviously a bug in the posting system too

[87] : 31. May 2005 22:18   
and now it’s gone. hello?

[88] : 31. May 2005 22:20   
Added ?rok party to the partyscope.

[89] : 31. May 2005 22:25   
Moved Coflict party announcement to related news. Dalezy btw. yesterday your comment will disappear, as new month will be launched. Repost it again, then, or something.


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