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The C64 Banner Exchange SID Compo #5 (27) end of phase I. SID COMPO No.5 (1)The SID Compo No.V. October 8. 2005?? November 13. 2005 23:59. (Deadline extended) Tunes will be published on-fly and anonymously, no covers or remixes of existing tunes are allowed. Don?t forget to submit your Nickname, Realname, Country, Music name, version of SID chip (OLD/NEW), Duration of the tune (in minutes ;-),and your author comments. Send your tunes to
You can check previous SID compos here: SID compo #4 | SID compo #3 | SID compo #2 | SID compo #1

Get OGG versions of curent SID Compo 5?entries (real C64 sound) here. Maintained by Alih.

[1] : 11. Oct 2005 01:54   
When I was persuading myself not to go to bed and prepare the promised basic starter page for the compo... release the tune and stuff. I still didn?t check what have arrived. I just saw the name and I was sure in 3 things. 1. Richard won?t be first to submit the rushed tune this time. 2. The tune won?t suck because of authors well earned reputation. 3. I will go to sleep immediately after I?ll put this stuff online. But noooh... 1. the tune wasn?t rushed.. 2. tune sucked... me into the melody and rythm and I couldn?t stop listening. 3. I?m writing this highly subjective comment and still didn?t get to that bed.. hrmpfz... so let?s finish this. Enjoy 5th SID compo. If this is the first tune, it raised my expectatations quite high..

[2] : 11. Oct 2005 01:55   
...and use latest Sidplay2/w to listen to the sidtunes, available here:

[3] : 11. Oct 2005 02:34   
I won’t have time to set up my c64 until tomorrow night, but I’m happy to do recordings from real c64 again like the ones I did in the goattracker compo (especially since I think that people should listen on to real sid music on real sid etc etc, you know :-p). What I lack this time, however, is somewhere to place the oggs - I’ve been asked not to host such things on my webspace anymore :(. So if anyone can help out here, I’d be appriciative.

[4] : 11. Oct 2005 08:09   
rndl: i’ve already switched to the sidplay2w for winamp. it sounds more or less like vice or new goat so i guess it’s more advisable to use this player instead ;) not to say that real c-64 is the most advisable :D

[5] : 11. Oct 2005 13:20   
!spotlight is what this event needs! @jamma: the difference between sidplay2/w, and sidplay2 winamp plugin you mention, is little. To me it doesn’t matter much which one people will use, the important thing is to prevent them from using older tools and giving random votes to the tunes not supported there.

[6] : 11. Oct 2005 15:42   
Interesting info at ;-) Winners of previous SID compos: 2001 - Fanta, 2002 - Dane, 2003 - Cadaver i Jammer, 2004 - Drax, 2005 - ? Nice idea.

[7] : 11. Oct 2005 16:06   
[6] you got mail at csdb

[8] : 11. Oct 2005 16:52   
alih: what do you think about putting the oggs at
kanye west

[9] : 11. Oct 2005 17:29   
alih, every scener who gets approved gets ftp-space, so you could use that service.

[10] : 11. Oct 2005 18:48   
newest sidplay2/w - still "icking" :)

[11] : 11. Oct 2005 18:59   
2005 - Jammer, 2006 - Dane, 2007 - Fanta
Space Cowboy

[12] : 11. Oct 2005 19:53   
[2] : 11. Oct 2005 01:55 ...and use latest Sidplay2/w to listen to the sidtunes, available here: Hmm, I think the best way to listen a SID tune on PC is to use Vice + interpolation/resample ON. ;-)

[13] : 11. Oct 2005 20:01

[14] : 11. Oct 2005 22:00

[15] : 12. Oct 2005 09:48   
i guess this sc5 should be in the spotlight ;)

[16] : 12. Oct 2005 11:18   
[15] hrmpfz!

[17] : 12. Oct 2005 13:58   
Flags in both entries are not set (I don’t know which sidmodel I should listen on), and their playtimes remain a mystery. Care to fix it?

[18] : 12. Oct 2005 14:44   
i miss a rule for polly tracker tunes here. will our beloved analogue SID competition be spamed with digitized beeps and blops!? personally i think we have/had the polly tracker combo for that kind of "art". also i think even sid+digi shouldn’t be allowed to make it a fair competition.
Space Cowboy

[19] : 12. Oct 2005 17:10   
[17] The first one is new sid. The second one doesn’t matter according to my tests.I reinstalled system so all the soft for tweaking is not set up yet. I’ll fix it. [18] Waves plus digy should be okay. SID duzz + samples is quite okay IMO. I don’t think that listeners experience matters that much. Sample-only tunes only shouldn’t compete I don’t expect anybody will try to submit such entry, but I’ll add it into the rules.

[20] : 12. Oct 2005 17:11   
whoops I mean.. "differs" instead of "matters"

[21] : 13. Oct 2005 13:08   
Speaking of WinAmp plugins - you listen to 6581 tunes with reSid - your problem - everyone else uses the most accurate solution for the moment - LittleSid v2

[22] : 13. Oct 2005 20:18   
LittleSid v2 - most accurate? Tsssssssssss. :) Im not sure if I have a wrong version of this, but I wasn’t happy at all with that plugin

[23] : 13. Oct 2005 23:50   
booker, will you compose a (complete) tune too??? :)

[24] : 14. Oct 2005 07:55

[25] : 14. Oct 2005 08:04 This tune didn’t seem to have any filters, so as creamd pointed out, it doens’t seem to matter which c64 it was recorded on - but someone points out to me that this is in fact the incorrect sid, I will re-record it since I just recorded it with the sid that was alrea dy plugged in for the previous track.

[26] : 14. Oct 2005 13:32   
#[24] 1.The tune uses flt. - under 6581emu it just stays with one freq. 2.Under 8580resid you can easily find blips-and-blops + flatish bassdrums (especially at the beggining) where under LittleSid v2-6581 it sounds rather batter. So, reSID fans :) beware coz you’re still far from the original " feelin’ "

[27] : 14. Oct 2005 13:39   
A Life in Hell: fair concept with recordings to .oggs

[28] : 14. Oct 2005 15:35   
whoops.. I just found that reactions somehow doesn’t work in FF.. weir.d

[29] : 14. Oct 2005 15:56   
cramd: works fine wit Mozilla anyway :>

[30] : 14. Oct 2005 19:24   
Oh yeah! 3rd tune is there. Flags corrected in all tunes, sid models and duration added. Enjoy.

[31] : 15. Oct 2005 11:06   
And what I forgot: Little SIDv2 has a LOT problems with a LOT of "more than 1x speed tunes". It even can happen that there are missing voices.............

[32] : 15. Oct 2005 11:08   
Ahh, and there is this stupid pseudo stereo..... how can I play it in mono? :)

[33] : 15. Oct 2005 13:50   
Just don’t use filters and mixed waves if you want to be sure it sounds the same everywhere.

[34] : 15. Oct 2005 14:13

[35] : 15. Oct 2005 14:13   
err... that last url was wrong.

[36] : 15. Oct 2005 16:11   
...and it went down even below the GT2 compo...what’s wrong?

[37] : 15. Oct 2005 16:52   
about 6 web projects I work simultaneously on.. plus regular job I got since 3rd of october ;-))) First I will finish the GT2 compo then put sid compo 2 online. That might be anytime today or tommorow ;-). Anyway going to add msx #4 now

[38] : 15. Oct 2005 17:02   
PMS sounds pretty >> No guessing plz ;-) << I like it very creative :D and PMSish :D Nice progression!

[39] : 15. Oct 2005 17:17   
[38] Psssssshhhht... ;-) (sorry I had to remove your guess, because it was correct ;-))) Anyway I just found out why I like fist entry.. part of it is similar to one of my favourite JT tunes - DEEL3 .

[40] : 15. Oct 2005 19:46   
"Spank" seems to be added twice, does the versions differ? :D
Smarki Smark

[41] : 15. Oct 2005 19:58   
Rather cool entries so far. I’m still wondering if I like "Spank!" or "PMS" more. Keep this level folks (or even better it) and we’re gonna have a party.
Smarki Smark

[42] : 15. Oct 2005 20:14   
[40] One spank is never enough ;-) Gotta correct it.

[43] : 15. Oct 2005 21:30   
Creamd: an index with links to .oggs recorded byh A Life In Hell could be a good idea, first time ever all of audience got chance to listen to the tunes as they sounds with real SID, but I’m affraid noone likes to scroll down ’reactions’ list just to find them. Just a suggestion.

[44] : 15. Oct 2005 21:53   
[43] Sids can be runned on real c64 e.g. when you convert them to executable c64 files (.prg). Every year when voting phase starts I’m making voting pack with C64 executables and also after the compo there is a pack with C64 executables for C64. But back to your suggestion: I think the best way hot to do this is to make a single page with links to ogg files somewhere on the web. If Alih is going to maintain the list I’ll link the page from the compo page. (from the spotlight article and also from the compo article).

[45] : 15. Oct 2005 21:56   
Alih if you want to do an alternative page with ogg versions of the tunes, contact me about this plz.

[46] : 15. Oct 2005 22:02   
nata, your winamp/pc are fucked up, that’s all :)

[47] : 15. Oct 2005 23:14   
I tried that Littlesid and it sucks, listen to HVSC/VARIOUS/M-R/Mixer/Dawn.sid, the lead is nonexistent :( there’s no use in having a player that causes channel dropouts, use reSID in interpolation or resampling mode to have the most accurate emulation.
Uncle John from Jamaica

[48] : 16. Oct 2005 00:23   
And here comes another fat piece. Enjoy entry #5.

[49] : 16. Oct 2005 03:21
pms said 6581 in the sid info, so I recorded it with that. since it has filtering, i would be curious to know if this is the same sid that the author used or not (given that creamd lists it here as 6581/8580).

[50] : 16. Oct 2005 03:38   
[49]Author used 6581.

[51] : 16. Oct 2005 04:35   
For comparison:
I believe that both emulators fail it somewhat on this tune :)

[52] : 16. Oct 2005 10:27   
Kewl.. (The 5th tune that is :) Me like the Polish beatbattle..

[53] : 16. Oct 2005 10:37   
6th tune added. ;-)

[54] : 16. Oct 2005 12:52   
That PMS tune is quite insane...

[55] : 16. Oct 2005 14:32

[56] : 16. Oct 2005 17:39   
Exploring...ogg has to be redone, I hear a crackle every half second
iAN CooG

[57] : 16. Oct 2005 18:49   
Uncle John from Jamaica [47] Gees, dude . That tune has been made using 8580, how do you expect to play $31 wave wiht 6581 ? Get some SID techs learning and come back then ...

[58] : 16. Oct 2005 19:06   
or change that Jamaican stuff to something lighter ;>

[59] : 16. Oct 2005 19:18   
still, multispeed tunes dont work in littlesid.. and I personally dislike the open distorted filters even with lowpass value #$06.. disgusting.. ;)
Sir Snake

[60] : 16. Oct 2005 19:23   
Sir Snake - please give the url for the multispeed tune that you can’t hear. Even 12sp tune by Jeff works fine for me:

[61] : 16. Oct 2005 19:34   
booker, i am terribly sad to tell you that you made a total fool of yourself - the tune was made using 6581 and is clearly intended for the old sid. i appreciate your nonexistent knowledge of SID techs but it wouldnt be a bad idea to check what the "sid model" flag in the given sid states. and if thats too much for you to handle, you could`ve always checked the ogg file ALIH posted above but such a tough task obviously requires an ability to make use of eyes.
Uncle John from Jamaica

[62] : 16. Oct 2005 19:39   
Booker: but nevertheless, it sounds best on real SID, I cannot agree more with you on that. But as far as emulation goes, here this InterPoluterMan, ReSid is my favourite.
Sir Snake

[63] : 16. Oct 2005 19:53   
I’m suffering from PMS, sickness has overcome.. (;P

[64] : 16. Oct 2005 19:58   
One of the entries have the authors real name and group in it. Clear them.

[65] : 16. Oct 2005 19:59   
Uncle John - that Mixer’s tune has a flag for 8580 set. Perchaps you’re messing up themas or I am too stupid to understand your point of view. Let we stay at that second option and your reSID.

[66] : 16. Oct 2005 20:03   
Booker, what are you talking about, man? ;-) Copied’n’pasted from the properties dialog: \VARIOUS\M-R\Mixer\Dawn.sid [snip] SID model: 6581 Confirmed by Mixer himself, by the way.

[67] : 16. Oct 2005 20:09   
Sir Snake: Assata’s Song is also silent on Sidplay1. That’s why it should be made clear which players (Sidplay2w and/or that Winamp plugin Jammer spoke about) are recommended. Moreover, it shows that LittleSID handles the emulation similarly to Sidplay1, and that ain’t good.
Smarki Smark

[68] : 16. Oct 2005 20:11   
Yep, damint, the mess caused my permanent set in sidplay2/w to 8580. Uncle Ben - I’m publictly apologising you giving all honours back - that tune is messing up LittleSid as hell. :) Still for me it has the best emulation for 6581. Just sounds clearier. Not too far to check how first entry from SC5 fucks up newest reSID...

[69] : 16. Oct 2005 20:12   
em Uncle John, that is...

[70] : 16. Oct 2005 21:05   
Wall_of_fire.sid has a big resemblence to /Daglish_Ben/Last_Ninja.sid in the beginning.

[71] : 16. Oct 2005 21:08   
erhh.. subtune #11 of Last Ninja, I meant to say!!

[72] : 16. Oct 2005 23:16   
[64] please e-mail me which one?

[73] : 17. Oct 2005 01:40   
[64] Thanx for help. Corrected. I think I should kick some ass for that. Playing with the same tune 3 times to get rid of all author info is quite anoying.

[74] : 17. Oct 2005 08:04   
(for those who noticed, yes, the ogg i uploaded of exploring new worlds as actually a corrupted file. this has since been re-uploaded. oops...)

[75] : 18. Oct 2005 22:19   
7th piece added. IMO the best tune by this composer in all compos ever held ;-)))

[76] : 19. Oct 2005 03:37

[77] : 19. Oct 2005 11:55   
[75] Is it yours, Roman??? :)
Sir Snake

[78] : 19. Oct 2005 17:39   
Rambones the connection between the Last tune and Wall of Fire is weak imo... Last ninja goes something like a4,g4,f4,d4 and Wall of fire goes something like b3,a#3,g#3,d#3... different kinds of chords... And the tunes have various kind of atmospheres... I am not sure about the notes I mentioned... haven’t checked..

[79] : 19. Oct 2005 18:31   
[77] Nope. And btw. 8th "tune" added.

[80] : 19. Oct 2005 18:54   
[78] Thomas, why bother. Launch that JCH instead and make our jaws drop again. ;)

[81] : 19. Oct 2005 19:03   
whoops.. I have published a credited version of #8, it’s ok now

[82] : 19. Oct 2005 20:20   
erm ... is the 8th entry broken or just ... avantgarde?!

[83] : 19. Oct 2005 20:30   
May be a broken avantgarde.

[84] : 19. Oct 2005 20:31   
[84] Just wait for the finale, when author comments will be released ;-)

[85] : 19. Oct 2005 23:16   
[78]: Does a4 mean sus4 or plain major chord? Does b3 mean minor chord? I’m considering a lot of C#13-5/C..
Anders Carlsson

[86] : 20. Oct 2005 01:52   
gt-randomizer getting back to action again? =)

[87] : 20. Oct 2005 02:25   
[85] he means an octave number I think

[88] : 20. Oct 2005 08:13   

[89] : 20. Oct 2005 10:57   
Anders’ post made me wonder... What’s the most twisted chord you’ve ever used (not just in a sidtune)? C#13-5/C is quite mindboggling - my bandmates were sorta disgusted once with G#m2- (that would be 0137 in editor), even if it sounded right and smooth in a context.

[90] : 20. Oct 2005 13:57   
I suppose the really mysterious harmonies you find are those you seldom put a chord label on. In the concert band, we’re playing a jazzy tune by Ray Charles that has a solo part featuring A13-9. I suppose it contains all seven tones in an A major scale.
Anders Carlsson

[91] : 20. Oct 2005 17:03   
Hey Anders I was referring to plain tones... A a4,g4,f4,d4 would be some kind of Dmsus4 and the other must be something like a g#madd9... your c#13-5/C is quite interesting... in arpeggio values it would be something like o,4,6,a, e, 11, 15 and that would be a chord existing of the notes c#3,f3,g3,b3,d#4, f#4, a#4 and with a c in the bass... that is a weird chord... If I am correct

[92] : 20. Oct 2005 17:17   
That chord must sound like a swampy frogchoir.. :)

[93] : 20. Oct 2005 17:28   
I also wonder, what if you play a 7 tone scale in a melody, why should the accompanying harmony have the same complete scale?

[94] : 20. Oct 2005 17:41   
To be extremely modal?
Bill Evans

[95] : 20. Oct 2005 17:50   
Why think in scales!

[96] : 20. Oct 2005 19:33   
[95] erm.. I dunno. :) But thats a silly answer, thomas, I thought you were smarter than that. :) Or is that just an emotional response?

[97] : 20. Oct 2005 19:41   
[91]: Ah, I thought a4, g4, f4, d4 was the chord progression. Maybe I haven’t listened close enough to the tunes in case. If it is only one chord that sounds similar between two different tunes, it is a bit steep to accuse of copying. :)

[93]: Possibly the soloist is supposed to improvise only on the half tones not within the accompanying harmony? ;-P

Anders Carlsson

[98] : 20. Oct 2005 19:56   
[97] Ah. I can imagine that. Allthough then it wouldn’t be improvising anymore, but playing the inbetween half tones on purpose. But its more interesting than playing the same as the harmonies. Actually I was more thinking of abstracting chords. But after I played that strange chord, if its the notes Drax refers to, my theoretical knowledge fails on that, so I rely on his theoretical wisdom, I can imagine its difficult to abstract that chord to less notes. (well, the b sounds quite disturbing, so maybe thats the note thats most important)

[99] : 20. Oct 2005 20:11   
Guys give me the tunes and they are full of chords. I can’t play them...
Miles Davis

[100] : 20. Oct 2005 20:15   
haha.. right on..

[101] : 20. Oct 2005 20:22   
especially those 8x arpegios are incredibly difficult, even for me..

[102] : 20. Oct 2005 20:57   
Yngwie, your playing is like a poetry of a lonely penis.
Johnny Marr

[103] : 20. Oct 2005 21:08   
:) A room full of mirrors, yeah..
Jimi Hendrix

[104] : 20. Oct 2005 21:19   
9th entry. Oh yeah!

[105] : 20. Oct 2005 21:25   
Hehe... So the composer chose the right one :) To put it short, Nightbird ruuuuuulez!!! And it ain’t 0:40, fortunately.

[106] : 20. Oct 2005 21:28   
9th tune rocks... a lot better than your last years entry.

[107] : 20. Oct 2005 21:42   
[105] corrected.

[108] : 21. Oct 2005 03:13   
(oggs updated)

[109] : 21. Oct 2005 04:30   
Another kickass tune added. ;-) Author reccomeds to play it loud.

[110] : 21. Oct 2005 11:25   
you know what, you know where. i love this track loud... though my family are less enamoured by that :)

[111] : 21. Oct 2005 11:59   
you know what, i am calling long distance on a public saxophone and feel like a got-got ran over over by captain coconut and his dog named rover.

[112] : 21. Oct 2005 12:12   
neat tunes so far. nightbird and pms rock :D

[113] : 21. Oct 2005 12:28   
[109]Psst, 10th Tune’s length is 06:07 :)

[114] : 21. Oct 2005 14:16   
[113] Thnx. ;-)

[115] : 21. Oct 2005 18:33   
ALIH, wsup with ? cheers.

[116] : 21. Oct 2005 19:12   
Add _8580 to the filename and there you have it.
smokin’ joe frazier

[117] : 21. Oct 2005 20:28   
a#, a ,f, d, giiieeeeee great 10th tune, like it alot:)

[118] : 21. Oct 2005 22:38   
Thanks GH, I appreciate it... main chord is d/f/g/a/a# indeed. Never think in scales, though, then again, don’t have much control either - it’s always the tune deciding when it’s finished.

[119] : 21. Oct 2005 23:58   
*no guessing plz*

[120] : 22. Oct 2005 15:34   
I recognize which composer done tune #7. Really cool stuff! No names will be mentioned though ;)

[121] : 22. Oct 2005 20:55   
A Life in Hell, please reupload the ogg of Interstellarian Love, it misses 21 seconds, instead it has 2:10 minutes of silence.

[122] : 23. Oct 2005 04:46   
[121] re-recorded. i dunno what happened there.. the funny thing is i listened through the first few minutes of it to make sure it\’s okay, but not the last few months. i am therefore teh morons :). In all seriousness, if it wasn\’t for the note that it\’s 4:40 long, I wouldn\’t have any idea where this tune in fact starts and ends - not to say that I don\’t like the track, because I actually do like a lot of it - just that it seems to have a lot of reptition within it, you know.

[123] : 23. Oct 2005 15:49   
Hm, rules say that no covers of existing _tunes_ are allowed, but what about covers of real songs? :)

[124] : 23. Oct 2005 16:11   
[123] You know the routine... but ok, I’ll improve the wording.

[125] : 23. Oct 2005 16:33   
I believe a "real world" song also is a tune. Sometimes those songs are played out of tune however. It is particulary common on televised talent compos like Idol.
Anders Carlsson

[126] : 23. Oct 2005 17:31   
[125] SID Idol, with your mean & nasty host Simon Cream-owell ;)

[127] : 23. Oct 2005 20:04   
[125] What? Polish TV talent competitions are in fact far too perfection-oriented for my taste. Apparently they don’t make it like that in Sweden?

[128] : 23. Oct 2005 20:27   
[127] Maybe he meant the preselection contests ;-)

[129] : 23. Oct 2005 23:24   

Unfortunately, even in the final rounds, far too many of the contestants hit wrong notes. I can’t sing at all, so I shouldn’t complain, but sometimes my ears shrivel at a note too low or high. Preselection is a different matter. However I’d like to see someone on the audition choose to sing Commando, tune 2 with own words or maybe a piece from The Last Ninja. Far more obscure events have taken place in front of the jury.

Anders Carlsson

[130] : 23. Oct 2005 23:46   

One for the UK viewers… Shoot me baby…one..more­..clicks fingers..time


[131] : 24. Oct 2005 12:01   

Assats Song is really cool! The best SID so far in my mind. Nice Chillout/Drumnbass stuff


[132] : 24. Oct 2005 13:38   

some of the usual suspects are still missing in this compo :(


[133] : 24. Oct 2005 14:30   

[132] still 2 weeks to go, don’t be afraid ;-)


[134] : 25. Oct 2005 21:42   

c’mon, ya lazy bastards, we need more entries :)


[135] : 25. Oct 2005 22:30   

No ideas, no time, no inspiration, no bravery, no peanuts, no beer. No. Maybe.

[136] : 26. Oct 2005 02:35   

Don’t be impatient.


[137] : 26. Oct 2005 05:19   

I want more DataTunes! .. ;)


[138] : 26. Oct 2005 08:44   

beep, beep, blip, clong, swoosh….


[139] : 26. Oct 2005 08:50   

I’ve got 2 more tunes in my mailbox since yesterday midnight. I’ll put them up when I get back home. (about 17–18 o’clock)


[140] : 26. Oct 2005 13:23   

how are those datatunes being done anyway? i tried to randomly hex-edit one of my own .sid files in vain hope something noisy will come out of the crippled file. needless to say that i miserably failed and sidplay refused to play the tune altogether.


[141] : 26. Oct 2005 13:26   

[140] don’t you find it sounds like a speeded up tune?

[142] : 26. Oct 2005 13:30   

it requires skills. you won’t understand.


[143] : 26. Oct 2005 19:57   

Oh yeah.. I got home a bit later than expected but the tunes are there now. Enjoy.


[144] : 26. Oct 2005 21:15   

both well add to the overall variety of the material submitted – a medieval *HRMPFZ* tune and an electronic looney tune. nice


[145] : 26. Oct 2005 21:22   

tune #12 is called Valley of Dreams, not Walley of Dreams


[146] : 26. Oct 2005 21:23   

#11 of course.


[147] : 26. Oct 2005 21:47   

[145–146] ahhhh… I’m sorry ;-) [144] Yeah ;-)))


[148] : 26. Oct 2005 23:07   

Valley of Dreams certainly sounds *HRMPFZ*… Well, done…


[149] : 26. Oct 2005 23:35   

Nah, you won’t fool me… ;-)

[150] : 26. Oct 2005 23:51   

Walley of dreams sounds like a good tune as well!


[151] : 26. Oct 2005 23:52   

Nah, you won’t fool me… ;-)

[152] : 26. Oct 2005 23:56   

[148] I don’t think it was an intention.

When I was starting these compos I didn’t expect that it will motivate so many great and well known musicians (like for example you ;-), and even more, I didn’t expect that there will be (any) „sid composing newcomer“ capable to produce something better than below average.

SidCompo is brining some surprises (and even mysteries ;) here and there every year and I’m really enjoying this as the compo submission phase goes. Everytime, some unexpected submission hits my inbox it’s like finding four-leaf clover or.. I don’t know… like in old times.. getting a sending in mailbox.


[153] : 27. Oct 2005 00:04   

Wow, can’t believe this is not *HRMPFZ*, but if you say so… :-)

[154] : 27. Oct 2005 00:46   

Anyways, who cares who did it. The tunes are to be anonymous… I thought that was the whole idea about this compo… But this is an excellent piece for a newbie…


[155] : 27. Oct 2005 01:10   

[156] I think so too. Hat off!


[156] : 27. Oct 2005 01:24   

[157] Erased few posts. I officially close this debate now. Any new posts about whether it is Drax or not may be erased…


[157] : 27. Oct 2005 01:27   

[154] I second that. Who cares for who did what and whether the certain someone is really a newcomer or not :-) What counts is the outcome.


[158] : 27. Oct 2005 07:54   

Actually it might be a good idea to edit post #152, so that it doesn’t tell anything about the tune being one of his first ones… You may delete this post after reading, CreaMD ;)


[159] : 27. Oct 2005 09:21   

[158] That were author’s words. It will be published in the finale. The debate wasn’t about whther it is „beginner“ or „master“ but about the author. I still have sort of suspicion about it, but until anyone proves different, it’s not HRMPFZ ;-)))


[160] : 27. Oct 2005 10:14   

(song #11 and #12 added to the ogg site)

[161] : 27. Oct 2005 10:24   

[159] Still, exposing that info takes some of the anonymity out of the competition, and might theoretically affect the votes…


[162] : 27. Oct 2005 11:02   

[161] This compo is as anonymous as it can be. I try to censor any „guessing attempts“, but as far as details about the tunes are concerned I’m revealing some info intentionally. It’s just a part my evil plan to take over the world, I would say. ;-)))


[163] : 27. Oct 2005 11:08   

[161] Anyway, it’s quite hard to decide what is acceptable and what not. If I should have been strict I would have to deny every tune with distinctive style and sound. Many of the listeners could recognise authors of half of the tunes in this compo just after first 10–15 secs.


[164] : 27. Oct 2005 13:44   

Yeah, tune 1 is clearly HRMPFZT, tune 2 sounds faintly like HRMPFZT (but it could also be HRMPFZT).
Tune 4 virtually cries „I’m a HRMPFZT-tune!“, but I’m sure you already know this.
Assatas Song is not quite as recognizble as HRMPFZT’s earlier tunes, but after a minute it gets clear.
The Superstring tune, oh boy, we all know this was done by HRMPFZT, especially the heavy use of HRMPFZT on channel 3 and the distinct sound of HRMPFZT in channel one really make this an easy guess.

Hope I didn’t spoil too much of the fun now, have a nice day everybody.

[165] : 27. Oct 2005 14:33   

I didn’t know you made a tune Steppe ? :-)

[166] : 27. Oct 2005 14:43   

[169] : Hmm.. ok, so a right bracket followed by colon probably is consumed by the TEXY syntax and the whole message is lost?

Anders Carlsson

[167] : 27. Oct 2005 14:44   

It’s TEXY formatter automatically formatting postings. I will add a checkbox for those who want to format their messages on their own. Can you please send e-mail with your message ?


[168] : 27. Oct 2005 14:45   

Spank!: heavy usage of combined waveforms points at HRMPFZT. If you look at the player used, you will be 100% sure it’s HRMPFZT

sracz nie gracz

[169] : 27. Oct 2005 14:46   

[168] Are you sure? Send me an E-mail with your guess ;-)


[170] : 27. Oct 2005 15:58   

Fascinating censorship technology you got there! ;-)

[171] : 27. Oct 2005 16:01   

[167] Oh well, I can live without the trailing colon, like the rest of you do.

[161] What I intended to write before, was that if the voting is inflicted on whether it is a newcomer or an established musician – no matter how good it sounds – it is a sign that the compo and possibly the whole scene is in risk of inbreeding and narcissism. For all it matters, CreaMD could randomly make a couple of false claims to confuse the voting audience, and see if affects the results. ;-B

Anders Carlsson

[172] : 27. Oct 2005 16:24   

[171] ;-)) I never did and never tried to do this kind of manipulation so why should I start now ;-). Believe it or not, I?m really not sure (yet) about the author of that tune. And even when I do learn, later, I wouldn?t reveal it. I don?t want to talk about details of my ?investigation?. All I can say is that I?m struggling to get the necessary info which you will learn when the compo ends.


[173] : 27. Oct 2005 16:26   

[171] What is a trailing colon?


[174] : 27. Oct 2005 16:28   



[175] : 27. Oct 2005 16:29   



[176] : 27. Oct 2005 16:29   



[177] : 27. Oct 2005 16:52   

Why are you doing an investigation in the first place?


[178] : 27. Oct 2005 17:14   

Perhaps he thinks „Valley“ is too good for a newcomer and wants to be sure it’s not a 1) stolen tune 2) some well-known musician in disguise etc.


[179] : 27. Oct 2005 17:20   

Well, knowledge about the composer shouldn’t affect the judging of the tune – but an interesting point is made… Perhaps it kinda affects our judgment… Perhaps expectations play a role in our judgment…


[180] : 27. Oct 2005 17:28   

Exposing that the tune is one of his first, will nevertheless make me (unconsciously) give a musician more credit if it sounds good…


[181] : 27. Oct 2005 17:48   

Hey, I was just kidding, wasn’t meant to criticise you ironically. I didn’t want to start the guessing game, but merely picked up the ball that I thought Drax put into play. ;-) And to clear it up, I wrote all those HRMPFTZs myself, it wasn’t Creamd who edited my messages.


[182] : 27. Oct 2005 18:05   

[178] 2) is correct. Also, I would like to avoid situations like SymMekka 2001 compo when excess relesed 3 tunes in the compo, and rumours said that they were composed by the same composer.


[183] : 27. Oct 2005 18:05   

what ball?


[184] : 27. Oct 2005 18:07   

[180] Same here, and especially when it’s love on first hearing. ;-) I hope it’s author won’t mind my extreme curiosity, but I wan’t to be sure (or at least get a feeling ;-) that I’m not being fooled here.


[185] : 27. Oct 2005 18:08   

Okay and how about stopping this debate now? Say your last words and get back to something important. Now! ;-)


[186] : 27. Oct 2005 18:27   

This has been an interesting discussion… I think I have learned something of it. Expectation and knowledge affect our perception and judgement – I guess that is not new – but now it’s clear. At least to me.


[187] : 27. Oct 2005 18:44   

[186] Expectation, knowledge + experience ;-)


[188] : 27. Oct 2005 18:50   

Yes :)


[189] : 27. Oct 2005 22:28   

hehe… what would happen if CreaMD would allow names and switches them?


[190] : 27. Oct 2005 22:36   

[189] Randall would complaint if I had put his name beeside some hartkor data tune ;-))


[191] : 28. Oct 2005 01:34   

[186] Welcome to the club, DRAX :). Knowledge influencing judgment is quite logical, but the expectation part is a bit more interesting. Basically, your expectation spontaneously fills in the blanks, becomes knowledge, then influences judgment as such. At least, that’s how I’ve come to think of it. By the way, every year, I tell myself to create a tune from which noone will recognise me. I never came around to doing it (strong will weak flesh blabla), although now I am tempted to go for a completely unexpected style next year.


[192] : 28. Oct 2005 05:34   

data data data! :D


[193] : 28. Oct 2005 14:26   

[190] complaining, yeah that’s my thing. :) however, i’d like to know a definition of „data tune“ first. which one is more data, „poetryofalone­lyturd“ or „dATA dISCO“?


[194] : 28. Oct 2005 15:29   

I wouldn’t mind if Ed joined the compo. I owe him… Once I accidentaly didn’t put his tune into Forever compo. Blamage ;-(. I invited him to SID compo but it seems, he doesn’t check too often.


[195] : 28. Oct 2005 18:40   

Another tune added. Enjoy.


[196] : 28. Oct 2005 18:53   

i truly haven’t expected him to enter the compo (thought he’s inactive), nice surprise :)


[197] : 28. Oct 2005 21:50   

A weird question… Have you ever tried doing a tune while being quite drunk… I am trying to do a tune right now having consumed too much red wine :D… Quite improvisational :D


[198] : 28. Oct 2005 22:08   

Would a tune composed in a drunken state sound more or less DRAX-ish than usually? :-)

Anders Carlsson

[199] : 28. Oct 2005 22:10   

Furthermore, can one be so drunk that you submit a tune under a different name, and later can’t remember that you sent something?

Anders Carlsson

[200] : 28. Oct 2005 22:10   

I think it would still sound draxish… but definately less inhibited… It is actually quite funny making music this way… I guess I can’t avoid sounding draxish that’s a part of my personality… drunk or not. ;)… You should try it Anders.


[201] : 28. Oct 2005 22:13   

heheh… about forgetting submitting a tune would be kinda weird… For my instance… it would mean composing a tune in a drunk state… handling Winvice and finding the packer… finding the file… sending a mail to the right address… that is difficult even for me right now :D


[202] : 28. Oct 2005 22:14   

[197] I tried when I was younger.. but couldn’t achieve anything acceptable.. I have usually ended in something cycling over and over or cacophony ;-))


[203] : 28. Oct 2005 22:18   

[201] ehheheh ;-) and now that explains why some forums are full of silly flames.. people in intoxicated state can (and usually have a big urge to) use forums and send buttons.. ;-)


[204] : 28. Oct 2005 22:20   

hehehe… but this tune is actually turning out better than expected… Maybe I should submit it…nah… fooled you… But alcohol actually loosen up for the ideas a bit… not much but… alot :D


[205] : 28. Oct 2005 22:22   

Hehehe… you have used the send botton more than I have does that mean that you are more drunk that me :D


[206] : 28. Oct 2005 22:26   

[197] The weed/hashish/al­cohol with SID case had been well studied since years. We can use the expression „tube linking“: in altered state, you waste lotta time in front of your C64, but if your mind has success in „linking the right tube“, then your composing session starts to flow quickly and higher in quality.

Dr. Alec LeSid, University of Lyon, France

[207] : 28. Oct 2005 22:30   

The doctor has spoken… Wonder if there is a proportionality between flow and amount of liters of alcohol…


[208] : 28. Oct 2005 22:36   

[207] We can say there’s a limit breaking level of alcohol. After you had drunk that quantity, and found the tube linking after a non-constant warm-up time, the limit will be broken, and you’ll enter the alterated SIDtrance state.

Dr. Alec LeSid, University of Lyon, France

[209] : 28. Oct 2005 22:40   

Hehe… what about other variables influence on the flow… such as sex and the cows flying around in the air due to the intake of suspect substances?


[210] : 28. Oct 2005 22:45   

The good old Csikszentmihalyi knew what flow was all about namely a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter, totally unaware of your surroundings but enjoying the task and having fun while doing so. Where people are highly motivated or intrinsically motivated… Motivated = being drunk = having a urge for something ;)


[211] : 28. Oct 2005 22:47   

There certainly has been composed some really nice tunes for this compo, and it’s funny to see all the speculation, about who did what ;) I guess it’s normal for human beings to search for some kind of relation between current perception and past experiences – meaning what you hear, now and what it reminds you of…


[212] : 28. Oct 2005 22:50   

That is totally right LeDoux… that is the search for meaning… meaning = connection… coherence…


[213] : 28. Oct 2005 22:54   

Since Cheek-sent-me-high is the one who conceptualized the flow construct he should know what it’s about :P – still, I think the word „flow“ itself describes the state even better than the formal definition – Fuck motivation!


[214] : 28. Oct 2005 23:02   

Well, I guess flow existed long before him… but you’re right about that… But many theories about the creative process has described prcoesses which sound much like flow… and flow is also a process in a creative process…


[215] : 29. Oct 2005 05:05   

(oggs updated in a totally predictable way)

[216] : 29. Oct 2005 11:04   

I go for random luck and intuitive soul. This creative-intelligence-maharishi-babbling is making me itch.

Sir Snake

[217] : 29. Oct 2005 13:55   

Another beat in the list. Enjoy!


[218] : 29. Oct 2005 14:54   

wow .. someone really liked jeff there. nice job with goat.


[219] : 29. Oct 2005 14:55   

too bad that it resembles ’hard track’ by jeff too much.


[220] : 29. Oct 2005 15:26   

Sounds are !truly fantastic! (even if not very original), but the composition sucks. Superstring does much better dance-job despite having much less impressive instruments set.

10 times a day man

[221] : 29. Oct 2005 15:38   

The new tune has some pretty nice sounds.


[222] : 30. Oct 2005 01:46   

A tune is the sum of its sounds and composition, I guess, although the latter is more important by far. Still, I think the sound set in Superstring is pretty good – twas an experiment to have filters alternate between bass and melody, and just let it keep going with the same drive until running out of sequences, sort of a stream of consciousness, sequence-wise. And although the percussion makes one suspect otherwise, the tune was inspired by tracked classics from the Elwoods and Purples of this world, not really dance, more a space-move-beat-grind kind of thing.


[223] : 30. Oct 2005 11:17   

[222] don?t be so touchy? those sound?s are excellent. IMO every sound has it?s purpose. Even the simpliest one. The sounds in the tune #14 are polished, but picking random tune from SID compo and comparing it with e.g. this is IMO pretty naive, as well as effort to prove that any of the tunes ever released has the ?best sounds?. ;-)


[224] : 30. Oct 2005 13:33   

CreamD, that’s my point exactly, but 10 times a day man did pick Superstring and evaluated its sounds as a „much less impressive instruments set“. Personally, I disagree there, the set is good for what it was meant to do. There was quite a bit of finetuning involved. And yeah, you can’t really compare instruments – they each serve their purpose.


[225] : 30. Oct 2005 16:21   

Superstring instruments are very siddish, whereas Future instruments imitate more complex analogue synths and beatmachines (which is more difficult to achieve). That’s what I meant. However that’s not what counts – there were some excellent tunes in the compo last year, done with far below average sounds. So what? I still gave them 9s.

20 times a day man

[226] : 30. Oct 2005 16:54   

[225] If you started with „I’ve got impression that…“ or that stuff, I wouldn’t complaint, but using term „siddish“ and saying that the #14 „imitate more complex analogue synths and beat machines (which is more difficult to achieve)“. That’s quite annoying to read… no „sound imitation“ (as you say) is difficult to achieve on SID, it’s difficult to make good music with just sounds in the mind.


[227] : 30. Oct 2005 22:55   

Another tune added! ;-)))


[228] : 31. Oct 2005 03:15   

[228] And another brutal beat added. Enjoy! It’s actually quite listeneable on NEW sid too. A bit stronger even.


[229] : 31. Oct 2005 05:12   

more oggs. watch out for error 23, btw, which is another one which suffers from emulation pretty badly in a few places – unexpectedly, honestly.

[230] : 31. Oct 2005 09:20   

wow.. error 23 sounds very cool.. !


[231] : 31. Oct 2005 11:44   

error 23 underwent the treatment of 4 different packers, none of them really worked the way i wanted. i hope the actual ’core’ of the tune is halfway recognizable.

32 rorre

[232] : 31. Oct 2005 13:11   

’Error 23’ is wicked!


[233] : 31. Oct 2005 13:15   

[226] „no ?sound imitation? (as you say) is difficult to achieve on SID, it?s difficult to make good music with just sounds in the mind“ – no and yes (in my opinion ;>). Any ’real music’ sound imitation is quite hard to achieve on SID. The SID has its distinct sound (which is beautiful, but sort of over-used throughout the 23 years) and to cross its limits in order to squeeze out something new, and not often heard in sidmusic, is an achievement in itself I think. Speech, scratches, moog basses and leads, organ, guitar, slapbass – it’s rare to stumble upon something like that in a sidtune, and why? Also, the typical SID sound can be pushed further by exploring ’strange’ filter settings, sync & ringmod possibilities etc. I hope there are heaps of new sounds to invent, and I consider it fascinating. But that’s just an arrangement issue. If the music is weak, a marvellous soundprogramming won’t make it significantly better. I completely agree with Creamd here.

0 times a day man

[234] : 31. Oct 2005 13:18   

alih, the correct link for „Water is Fun“ ogg file is: http://dspaudi­…fun_85­80.ogg


[235] : 31. Oct 2005 13:22   

[234] thanks for the heads up… i erally should not update html on no sleep. At least I didn’t wipe out the go(v) page this time…

[236] : 31. Oct 2005 13:40   

wow, another delivery of cool music – the level of the compo is hiiiigh, despite many excellent musicians not submitting their entries yet, what are you guys waiting for? ;)


[237] : 31. Oct 2005 19:31   

the deadline ? ;)


[238] : 31. Oct 2005 23:13   

[225][233] Well, perhaps the SID is kind of weird in that you get these… well, how shall I put it, SIDdish sounds out of them? No matter what sound set you create on the SID, they will always be SIDdish. Frankly, if one is bored with SIDdish instruments and wants something a bit more fresh, why not try out something like a SoundBlaster, a Korg, a guitar or a clarinet? I hear those are quite good in SoundBlasterish, Korgish, guitarish and clarinettish.

What I’m trying to say is that I like the SID’s distinct sound, which is why I’m still composing on it. Even the more „advanced sounds“ as is being put forward here are fun to listen to because you can recognise the base waveforms, filters and pulses they’re composed of and can estimate at what speed they’re being played.

But what is also is being said is something along the lines of „these ’advanced’ real music imitations are so cool, they’re better than the old sounds since those are so boring now, so ’done’. Also, the advanced sounds require so much work to create, they must be superior to the old sounds by default“. And that I cannot agree with. You still need to program those SIDdish sounds, you still need to tweak them so that they sound well together, as a set. Volume, pulse, filter, everything… you still need to put work and thought into them. Composers such as Hubbard, Galway, etc. only had ’primitive’ instruments at their disposal, but they still had to work hard to make them sound well together, so well that today, people can still enjoy listening to them.

I choose and tweaked the sounds for Superstring as they are now because they felt appropriate for the kind of tune I wanted to create, because I liked them. If one has a classical composition with violins in mind, does one actually choose violins in the end, or instead go for electric guitars because they’re „more advanced“? In his latest CD, Moby began singing and using electric guitars for his compositions. I guess someone should point out to him that he is now using low-par instruments and that he should resume synthesizer duty as soon as possible. Because, well, singing and electric guitars have been done to death by now.

That’s my stance: instruments cannot be compared, they each have their use as an appropriate choice for the tune the composer has in one’s mind and they each require an effort to create if one aims for a well-tuned sound set.

But I admit that one is easily tempted by the new. It’s fun to make new sounds, to catalogue them for later tunes you have in mind. So this is an interesting discussion, and certainly something which made me think about instruments and composition – thanks for bringing it up, ?0 a day man, and thanks CreamD for his two cents.


[239] : 01. Nov 2005 02:35   

Longest post ever?


[240] : 01. Nov 2005 12:55   

A competition and nothing to win? :-P


[241] : 01. Nov 2005 14:24   

[240] Prizes are usually given as share from some profit (e.g. entrance fee), or sponsorship. In some situations prizes are given to motivate people to join the compo. In this one, the fame and strong competition is the most important factor.

Paradoxically, even when you will win nothing else than fame it’s still interesting to join. You can compete with the best musicians in C64 scene, even with the most famous ones. Legends and Elite, someone could say ;-). You will be proabably beaten by someone like ((Drax (2004), Jammer (2003), Dane (2002), Fanta (2001)), but look... Jammer (2003)... That one is quite new in the club ;-)).

I’m not boasting that much if I say that is the best C64 music compo around and that seems like a quite good motivation to join it. ;-)).

Finally, doesn’t produce any profit, but rather vice versa, so don’t tell me that I should pay to anyone for having him in the compo ;-)). Isn’t it enough that I invest my time to organising it? I love C64 music, so it's nice to do something like this once in a year, but believe me. It's not just collecting of music and putting them on the net. It's also editing of entries, sorting them according to sid version, making final packs with sids and executables (all of them zipped in order to get all entries on 2 disk sides), testing. This done twice. Once for voting phase and once for release. Then also vote counting, producing of final results with comments, voters comments. And so on.


[242] : 01. Nov 2005 14:47   

A bit more detailed info:
2001 (Goat Tracker): Fanta, Cadaver, NO-XS. (9 entries)
2002 : Dane, Vip, DaFunk (30 entries)
2003 : Jammer, Dane, Abaddon (42 entries)
2004 : Drax, Fanta, Dane (32 entries)

I’m quite curious how many entries will turn this year. Who else will join the compo? Will there be any more suprises like that one with *hrmpfz* ? Usually this compo turns to analog overdose ;-). According to quality of the entries, this is a very good year. I’m already quite pleased.


[243] : 01. Nov 2005 15:23   

[242] Actually, there were two rankings in 2003. Jammer has won the jury voting and Cadaver the audience voting.


[244] : 01. Nov 2005 15:32   

[243] Ah yeah.. here goes… 2003: (Audience ranking) Cadaver, Smalltown Boy, Dane


[245] : 01. Nov 2005 22:48   

Water is fun indeed.. blop~ (:P

[246] : 02. Nov 2005 11:16   

numerations wet


[247] : 02. Nov 2005 15:07   

+1 tune received.Will be added in the evening.


[248] : 02. Nov 2005 20:43   

17th entry added. Enjoy.


[249] : 02. Nov 2005 21:03   

sir snake is cool


[250] : 02. Nov 2005 21:24   

no dot after dr unless you’re american ;)


[251] : 02. Nov 2005 23:09   

I’m still frozen.. damn fine tune.. rare these get my best points sofar :)

[252] : 03. Nov 2005 00:30   

That new tune reminds me of something… Can’t really put a finger on it… nice


[253] : 03. Nov 2005 08:37   

FYI, mr Creamd, the tune is called „in deep freeze“, though the filename’s a bit misleading.

dr. bob

[254] : 03. Nov 2005 09:18   

[253] Thanx corrected.


[255] : 03. Nov 2005 10:41   

Water Is Fun is one of my favs already.


[256] : 03. Nov 2005 11:45   

„Error23“ is really cool!! To me it sounds inspired by MG’s Terra Cresta. „In Deep Freeze“ reminds me a little bit of the old Upfront-Demo „Freezer“ (coincidental similarity?)


[257] : 03. Nov 2005 14:55   

to me it sounds inspired by $randomc64tune. seriously, am i the only one who can’t see/hear a connection between both tunes? :D


[258] : 03. Nov 2005 18:21   

Happy beerday Creamd! :D


[259] : 03. Nov 2005 20:46   

Whooooa wot are ya doing pipul. Another coolish tune!!! ;-)[258] Yoo thanx GRG, and thanx for watching ;-). Can I have birthday wish? ;-))))


[260] : 03. Nov 2005 23:30   

anagrams! and happy birthday creamd.


[261] : 03. Nov 2005 23:51   

[260] Thanx.


[262] : 04. Nov 2005 10:37   


[263] : 04. Nov 2005 13:11   

Aha, CreamD, busted: you organise the SID compo at this time of year so that people notice your birthday and wish you all the best?! ;) Happy birthday, man :)


[264] : 04. Nov 2005 13:44   

[263] ;-) And potentially also send some nice tunes ;-)) Actually it developed like this in past. First this compo was 2 weeks. Then it was extended to 4 weeks so that collision came later ;-)


[265] : 04. Nov 2005 15:27   

I heard the base line in D:/downloads/sid­compo5/interste­llarian_love.sid somewhere before.. confess your sins!

[266] : 04. Nov 2005 18:41   

i watched my sister taking off her knickers once


[267] : 05. Nov 2005 16:49   

dazzy levtovski – cool tune. m/


[268] : 05. Nov 2005 16:49   

oh. damn slashes.


[269] : 05. Nov 2005 23:34   

rambones, as long as you haven’t any evidences… :)


[270] : 06. Nov 2005 14:09   

CreamD, extend the deadline! I want to hand my song in 13/11 when I get back :(

some idiot

[271] : 06. Nov 2005 14:33   

;-)) Contact me by E-mail. Is anyone else here who needs a bit more time contact me. But anyway, I thought 4 weeks should be enough for everyone. Too long internet based compos sucks. ;-) Life is short.


[272] : 06. Nov 2005 15:48   

Compo rules on demand, the new frontier.

[273] : 06. Nov 2005 16:23   

[272]Learn more about history of music compos and try to sign next time or I’ll have to call you „some italian anonym guest“… ;-)


[274] : 06. Nov 2005 18:27   

Ops sorry, yeah I forgot to sign my msg. Seeya l8er.

President Silvio Berlusconi

[275] : 06. Nov 2005 20:44   

[274] Okay then Mr.President. Get on the spacetrain & ?? pericoloso sporgersi?? the tune I just have added is going to be one hell of a space trip ;-))


[276] : 06. Nov 2005 21:13   

[275] Indeed, this tune is better than a truckload of psilocybes.

Timothy Leary

[277] : 06. Nov 2005 21:33   

Ok I was asked to extend the compo deadline until next Sunday. 13th Nov 23:55. And more than probably, I?m going to do it. In this compo tunes are published on fly.. so that means 5 more days of (maybe) interesting surprises. ;-) The sidcompo compo deadline was always flexible. So this won?t be first time. What do you say? (and ain?t I afraid to know? ;-)


[278] : 06. Nov 2005 21:51   

[277] The higher number of entries, the maximum in SIDorgasm, you’re right. Though this, a 5 days extension would be a dangerous record, and I guess you should negotiate for a less duttile deadline.

Andromeda Railways

[279] : 06. Nov 2005 21:54   

next time just do a 2 weeks deadline and surprise the people with an extension of another 2 weeks. ;)


[280] : 06. Nov 2005 22:38   

[279] Aha I didn’t get it right first time (so I’ve erased my comment ;-). I think I once did this.. had it 2 weeks and then extended to another 2. But Since then I thought 4 weeks should be okay forever. Seems like you are right. I should get back to 2 weeks ;-)


[281] : 07. Nov 2005 00:20   

Oho, CreaMD, you’d just changed the deadline as requested, seems that you opposed so much resistance to this debated request… ;)

Andromeda Railways

[282] : 07. Nov 2005 00:39   

[281] Not possible. The request sounded please extend it until 13th, so there was nothing to talk about. Also, 13th is sunday. So someone can still use one more weekend if necessary.


[283] : 07. Nov 2005 02:51   

Did I tell you that since a long long time I?m not feeling like a slave of my hobby and I’m having a really good time organising something around C64?? ;)))

Another kewl tune added. Enjoy!


[284] : 07. Nov 2005 09:28   

[283]…and this time Konami will ask for the Castlevania rights, I think.

Andromeda Railways

[285] : 07. Nov 2005 09:43   

CreaMD, you’re doing a great job!!! Everytime!!!


[286] : 07. Nov 2005 09:53   

[285] I wish it was true.. ;-))


[287] : 07. Nov 2005 13:15   

(more oggs, less filling!)

[288] : 09. Nov 2005 09:25   

one more tune received, will be added in the evening.


[289] : 09. Nov 2005 14:37   

i’m still hoping for 4–5 more people from the last compo to take part too :)


[290] : 09. Nov 2005 14:43   

[289] I know about 2… as for the rest we’ll see.


[291] : 09. Nov 2005 18:20   

Wow,many cool tunes. I like very much the tune „Interstellarion Love“. Good job to all composers, except this joke? 47seconds tune…


[292] : 10. Nov 2005 09:34   

That last tune.. No net at home right now (there was blackout at village where I live right now, and I couldn’t restart the server I’ve got on the roof). I’ll work on it when I get back home after about 17:00. Stay tuned and gimme some time to recover the connection… I don’t have sound here at work so I won’t release antyhing here coz I can’t check if it actually plays something ;)


[293] : 10. Nov 2005 09:37   

Just checked emails.. Another tune received, btw.


[294] : 11. Nov 2005 09:14   

Netwerk at home still down.. ;-/


[295] : 11. Nov 2005 13:45   

Da Internetz iz boycotting da compo.

Andromeda Railways

[296] : 11. Nov 2005 13:45   

Da Internetz iz boycotting da compo.

Andromeda Railways

[297] : 11. Nov 2005 15:13   

I think it would be a good idea to extend the compo for some more days, to give the other tune a chance to be judged…


[298] : 11. Nov 2005 15:23   

[297] The tunes will be judged in voting phase.


[299] : 11. Nov 2005 15:24   

…in the submission phase they are released because they are enjoyed ;-)


[300] : 11. Nov 2005 18:40   

ok net works..


[301] : 11. Nov 2005 23:47   

2 fresh tunes added. Enjoy.


[302] : 12. Nov 2005 00:34   

sorry, but zion is t3h suxx.


[303] : 12. Nov 2005 01:00   

(oggs updated)

[304] : 12. Nov 2005 13:56   

Did Jim Andron enter the compo? :)

Anders Carlsson

[305] : 12. Nov 2005 18:20   

@hal. I disagree! Poetry of a Lonely Mind – is the WORST!


[306] : 12. Nov 2005 22:12   

I can somehow understand Poetry of a Lonely Mind – it depicts what happens when the mind is lonely and unhappy – a cry for attention – but noone responds – so the mind is empty and nothing remains. Some kind of thought experiment, where you have to understand the tune and fill in the blanks yourself. But maybe I’m looking too far. We’ll have to wait for the author’s notes to understand what PoaLM is all about.


[307] : 13. Nov 2005 00:50   

i can not understand poetry of a mind, though i’m on a regular noise/darkambient diet. however, i think this one is just strange for something that’s being done on the sid. fair enough to compete with that though; may your future poetries be longer than just 40 seconds. =)

[308] : 13. Nov 2005 02:08   

Another kewl tune added. Enjoy.


[309] : 13. Nov 2005 10:53   

Will be there a voting sheet? Something like this: tune 1 [name] [x points] – [comment] tune 2 [name] [x points] – [comment]

… and a file that contains all SIDs.


[310] : 13. Nov 2005 11:16   

[309] Eeeeh Nata, probably will not, ’cause usually this compo tries to give you some free obstacles, all the ppl involved stay yp during the whole night, thinking:„Which kind of difficulties I can create free, in order to make the voters’life much difficult?“. :D

Andromeda Railways

[311] : 13. Nov 2005 11:35   

Can we vote for this years songtitles too?? because at least the songtitles rock da house!

sir snake

[312] : 13. Nov 2005 12:12   



[313] : 13. Nov 2005 12:16   

[309] The voting system will be (probably) the same as last 4 years. But [310] is right, I spent last tens of hours subcosciously thinking how to organise this year’s voting and get more votes. I’ve found one useful innovation. (voteform with all entries directly on the main page ;-).


[314] : 13. Nov 2005 12:29   

11 hours to go and so far my tune is 1.54.

Some idiot

[315] : 13. Nov 2005 14:01   

[314] Good old deadline stress ;-)))


[316] : 13. Nov 2005 17:19   

[314] 1:54 of a single continuos C-5, or 1:54 of continuosly changing, compulsive, highquality music? You know, music can’t be bought in relation with its weight, like meat at supermarket… :)

Andromeda Railways

[317] : 13. Nov 2005 18:05   

Another tune added. One more promised and that should be all..


[318] : 13. Nov 2005 18:17   

„Bombs Over Dresden“ is in memory of the bombardment on 13.2./14.2.1945 in Dresden. Listen carefully and catch some moods how people could have felt beeing part of a senseless war. Hear air raid, bombers, screaming people and finally… sadness.

Romans big admirer (this is not true but at least it makes him happy ;-)

[319] : 13. Nov 2005 18:18   

#25 tune added. This one came quite unexpectedly ;-). Let’s see what next 4 hours will bring ;-)


[320] : 13. Nov 2005 19:13   

[318]Oh my birthday is on the 13.2… and NO not 1945 lmao


[321] : 13. Nov 2005 19:15   

[318] The painfully famous „firestorm“… :(

Andromeda Railways

[322] : 13. Nov 2005 19:33   

all that jch-(ab)using makes me happy.


[323] : 13. Nov 2005 19:53   

CreaMD, correct the little typo in #25 when you’ve spare time.

Andromeda Railways

[324] : 13. Nov 2005 20:05   

[323] ok.


[325] : 13. Nov 2005 23:08   

One final(?) entry sent.

Some idiot

[326] : 14. Nov 2005 00:02   

Now the deadline is over! Lets vote now! ;-)


[327] : 14. Nov 2005 00:09   

we still have to wait for the overseas entries, sigh, they’re always behind, the silly americans..

sir snake

[328] : 14. Nov 2005 09:01   

2 more entries received. Will be added in the evening and voting phase will start. (connection crashed on 23:00 let’s hope it will work when I get home)


[329] : 14. Nov 2005 13:43   

hrm, i updated the oggs earlier today. A lot of nice tunes this year.

[330] : 14. Nov 2005 16:57   

Bombs over Dresden is very Jarre’sque, cool!

[331] : 14. Nov 2005 18:23   

Yes, Bombs over Dresden is a good tune, but Jarre came not into my mind.


[332] : 14. Nov 2005 18:25   

I like your tune, A. Typical you with some really nice sounds… No doubt about who made the last one :D


[333] : 14. Nov 2005 18:52   

Good job by A indeed. Even though he ripped off one of my song titles. ;)

Some idiot

[334] : 14. Nov 2005 19:24   

;-)))))))) Okay I’m at home.


[335] : 14. Nov 2005 19:25   

Let’s check the mailbox


[336] : 14. Nov 2005 20:49   

CreamD wins the official Slow Internet Connection-Award 2005.

It’s either that or he’s got lots of pr0n spam from ez-lady


[337] : 14. Nov 2005 20:51   

[336] My connection is okay.. when is it okay. ;-) The slowness is usally caused by various off-scene factors


[338] : 14. Nov 2005 20:53   

Slow or not, you organize good compos :)


[339] : 14. Nov 2005 21:29   

Last 2 tunes added. Now wait for the preparation of voting packs. Voting starts tommorow. Now enjoy the last submitted pieces and prepare for the massive votang phaaaz yo! ;-)))


[340] : 14. Nov 2005 21:30   

[338] But sometimes the finalising phase sucks ;-)) It’s fun when it’s running, but the compo endings are usually quite melacholic ;-)


[341] : 14. Nov 2005 21:33   

No problem, extend the deadline a few months and allow for multiple entries. :D

Jealous and clueless

[342] : 14. Nov 2005 21:37   

Hey Roman, to me your SIDCOMPOs are the kickoff for the anual advent season. So on the one side it’s truly melancholic that it’s supposed to end. On the other side you can look forward to xmas…


[343] : 14. Nov 2005 21:42   

[341] ;-)))) yeah that thing I plan for years (exactly about 5–6 already ;-)) at that time I didn’t have enough web programming experience and no own hosting.. now I could do it.. it’s called The SidParade Top Ten Weekly or something like that ;-)) I can dig up the old design somewhere if you want to see ;-)) The idea is to have regular sid hitparade (like the radio ones). Maybe we could make some coop with the internet radio.. how is it called? slayradio?


[344] : 14. Nov 2005 21:43   

OMG I read „anal advert season“, and my mind wandered in paths of imaginific perdition, until I read the correct word :

Andromeda Railways

[345] : 14. Nov 2005 21:44   

[342] ah yeah Xmas reminds me of Pater-Pi’s Xmas compo..


[346] : 14. Nov 2005 21:46   

[344] ;-)


[347] : 14. Nov 2005 21:48   

Pick It Up is a great tune. I like it a lot.

Greetz from atari8 scene.


[348] : 14. Nov 2005 21:49   

Pick It Up is a great tune, i like it a lot. Greetz from atari8 scene.

[349] : 14. Nov 2005 21:53   

I’ve listenned to more than half of the OGGs and I have to say I’m somewhat disappointed. Most of these tunes lack direction, a lot of them have random „chord progressions“ (if you can call them that). I’m sure a few are even out of tune. I keep asking myself „what was this composer thinking?“

Was I wrong to expect „Supremacy“ or „Commando“ quality tunes? It’s 2005 after all.

[350] : 14. Nov 2005 22:03   

I miss Mitch. Madonna and A-teens have taken his place.


[351] : 14. Nov 2005 22:13   

[349] Still I enjoyed this years tunes the most. Maybe because of so good start. Maybe because of a really nice surprise cause by excellent piece done by (ahem) ?newcomer?. Yes, there was no ?Supremacy? released but this year few tunes almost reached the level where I would ?unbiasedly? nominate them for first place without voting ;-))). Also 1?2 composers made much better tunes than I would expect from them (at least since I remembered their old pieces.) All in all, quite decent compo. And I would like to add, that I wouldn?t expect an epic masterpiece of gigantic proportions released in the music compo, although e.g. Trainline Andromeda is pretty close ;-)))


[352] : 14. Nov 2005 22:13   

I miss Scortia and Deek. Overhyped deaf people have taken their places.

Some idiot

[353] : 14. Nov 2005 22:26   

[352] If I had to name all the inactive musicians that I miss, it would ba veeeeeeeeeeee­eeeeeeeeery long list… although I’m sure sooner or later some of them pop up from nowhere to release tune or two. The SID composing experience is IMO unforgetable… ;-)


[354] : 14. Nov 2005 22:26   

No Fred Gray, Frank Endler, Tim Follin, Bjerregaard this year..Not even a decent ATOO tune. This compo sucks big time. :) Still, compliments to all participantyhoses for entering the raging hamsters pit. Ressssssssssspect.

Sir Snake

[355] : 14. Nov 2005 22:27   

[349] Good point from you. In my mind, a tune can gain score due to several reasons, from sounds quality to melody buildup. Yep, you’re right, a large number of entries show great playing „bricks“ of music into too much uniform „walls“ of music. It happens. But I like many of them, much much more than mine. @CreaMD: did you think about a rule for voters who had taken part in the compo?

Andromeda Railways

[356] : 14. Nov 2005 22:37   

[355] The same as always. You can vote for your tune (anyone (humble and sane) can give fair judgement of his own tune). The best practice is either to give middle score → 5 or any fair judgement. I don’t want to spend much time explaining why I think it’s better that not voting. So take it as fact. I consider it better than not voting for yourself.


[357] : 14. Nov 2005 22:38   

I think I’ll pick it up… ’No guessing, plz’ has once again saved my day!!


[358] : 14. Nov 2005 22:43   

[341] I meant I had that plan already for 5–6 years. Maybe I’ll realise it together with other nice idea planned with Top Secret… maybe..


[359] : 14. Nov 2005 22:48   

haha. i thought #23 was actually done by the author who just delivered #27; that’s quite a surprise. guessing kinda ends for me there.


[360] : 14. Nov 2005 22:50   

[359] ;-)))))


[361] : 15. Nov 2005 00:06   

To the complainers out there: then… perhaps it’s a good idea to joy us with your undoubtedly epic and far better structured compositions? If there isn’t Supremacy or Commando present, then why not make one yourself? Less complaining, more composing, more SIDgasms, no?


[362] : 15. Nov 2005 00:13   

[361] Andromeda Railways did his own. No complaining here, as written before. :D

Andromeda Railways

[363] : 15. Nov 2005 00:19   

Well said Mister Superstring. It’s easy for some to flame away, I guess. I’ll just be quiet about the bits and pieces I don’t like in this compo and save it for (hopefully) constructive comments during voting.

Some idiot

[364] : 15. Nov 2005 00:19   

I know, that’s why I – albeit implicitly – directed the post to those who didn’t put anything together.


[365] : 15. Nov 2005 00:24   

Some idiot, that’s better. Targeted constructive criticism is better received than some general statement which could be directed towards any of the tunes in this competition.


[366] : 15. Nov 2005 00:35   

[363] Yeah that’s the spirit. :-)


[367] : 15. Nov 2005 00:35   

Grr, stupid refresh… I apologise for the unintentional double post. Hmm, might as well jot something down. In defence of the „building block“ musicians (I’m a part of them), most editors only have a limited amount of sequences to work from (with limited size), so to make a long tune, you have to introduce some form of repetitive structure in it (melody, chorus, baseline, etc). But I hear this is done in most forms of digital or digitally mastered music, too. Analog music has the virtue of never being identical, although often similar patterns are used to create the illusion of a building block.


[368] : 15. Nov 2005 00:51   

I actually like the „building block“-method. It’s fun to compose something with reoccuring themes and reuse the same passages but vary chord structure etc.

Some idiot

[369] : 15. Nov 2005 08:33   

[368] Yep, that’s what makes music enjoyable for most of the people out there who aren’t composers. One like to recognize some similar structure again and again in a tune, just arranged in different ways. The red-line complex.


[370] : 15. Nov 2005 13:05   

I would say it again: I like both pattern repeating stuff and solo champion tunes. In facts, hope in no flame involving the two parties.

Andromeda Railways

[371] : 15. Nov 2005 13:11   

I can’t do solos. Everytime I try to compose next Supremacy, the result comes out rather like In Deep Freeze.

White Rabbit

[372] : 15. Nov 2005 14:08   

I leave solos to Drax. Despite the occasional fluke my solos are still generally crappy.


[373] : 15. Nov 2005 15:32   

[372] Mhm… This anonymous compo thingy has one big flaw.. a lot of weird nicks in the discussion.


[374] : 15. Nov 2005 15:36   

No idea what you’re on about :)


[375] : 15. Nov 2005 15:44   

[373] After the compo’s closing ceremony, a special HTML macro will translate all the respective IPs into real names :D

Andromeda Railways

[376] : 15. Nov 2005 15:49   

„Some idiot“ isn’t that anonymous.

chor wujow

[377] : 15. Nov 2005 16:09   

’It?s either that or he?s got lots of pr0n spam from ez-lady’ -

mr. bredband, excuse me? =)

[378] : 15. Nov 2005 17:21   

With a nickname like that… :)

Some jealous idiot

[379] : 15. Nov 2005 22:04   

I hope that i dont miss the voteing phase. :-o


[380] : 16. Nov 2005 08:09   

(oggs updated two days late, but now complete :-p)

[381] : 16. Nov 2005 08:55   

[380] Alih, thanx for help. Btw. do you think if we launch the voting and have .sid (+ D64 pack with files) + .oggs linked. Are you sure your provider won’t go mad if there will be a bit heavier traffic because of that? in that case, we should find one more alternative hosting place to distribute the load. Is there anyone who could donate the band(ogg)width?


[382] : 16. Nov 2005 14:21   

You could put the whole archive (split if need be) on free storage sites, e.g. or something. Just a thought.

Coito Ergo Sum

[383] : 17. Nov 2005 09:11   

[384] : 17. Nov 2005 09:12   

uhm, where did my comment go? :-p

[385] : 17. Nov 2005 09:15   

as I was saying, while my host has claimed that there is no big problem, they do have a habit of claiming that, then complaining bitterly when the gigs of downloads come :). I’m chasing up one other offer that was recieved to host, to spread the load, but if you know of some other host there is an archive of all of the oggs at http://dspaudi­…po5_og­

[386] : 17. Nov 2005 10:03   

I think we might get alternative d/l place at (according to offer by Andromeda Railways ;)


[387] : 17. Nov 2005 11:19   

How about this:­

[388] : 17. Nov 2005 13:13   

[387] Steppe could it be possible to have it unpacked so I could link to single files please? I need link to at least one alternative location (except of Alih’s place) so people can e.g. enjoy the ogg tunes at their work while voting ;-) Alih’s btw. again big thanx for this extremely cool idea. Not all ppl are so hartkor to have both 6581 and 8580.. ;-)


[389] : 17. Nov 2005 15:20   

[390] : 17. Nov 2005 15:25   

[389] I see.. only two there probly you are just uploadin’ kewl.


[391] : 17. Nov 2005 15:25   

3.. .. yeah.


[392] : 17. Nov 2005 15:46   

Check your sgnauxbox, KuriamuDee.

President Silvio Mafioloni

[393] : 17. Nov 2005 15:59   

Yeah, almost done. 18 minutes left, it says. :-)

[394] : 17. Nov 2005 16:33   

[392] Have you read my answer dear president?


[395] : 17. Nov 2005 17:23   

[394] I read your _very.first_ answer only, I’m still waiting for the _second_.

President Silvio Mandoloni

[396] : 17. Nov 2005 18:27   

…and still waiting…

President Silvio Pastaroni

[397] : 17. Nov 2005 18:36   

That #27 certainly sounds *hrmpfz* :D…


[398] : 17. Nov 2005 18:51   

[396] I wrote about possibility to have the tunes unzipped at and I didn’t receive any confirmation e-mail etc. Did it end it spam? I don’t know. Could you please resend it or paste the link to the files here?

[397] Sorry I had to censor your post ;-)


[399] : 17. Nov 2005 18:53   

This anonymous shit never really works for me… Next year I’ll get my baby brother to do the tune instead!

Some idiot

[400] : 17. Nov 2005 18:59   

[398] Ok, mail resent rite now. Poor DRAX, he only talked about NATIONS :D

President Silvio Fuckuroni

[401] : 17. Nov 2005 20:19   

CreaMD, gimme a sign of life!

President Silvio Silvioloni

[402] : 17. Nov 2005 20:27   

hmmm seems like thunderbird auto-get-emails didn’t work or something.. I’ve just tried refresh by hand.. and voila.. the mail is there.


[403] : 17. Nov 2005 21:11   

[402]…and…? Do you think it’s going to be something good and fattible?

President Presidio Presidoni (PPP for ya, duuuude!)

[404] : 17. Nov 2005 21:48   

[404] This years voting phase will be in spotlight.. I think that doesn’t need much explaining ;-)))


[405] : 17. Nov 2005 21:53   

[404] I’ll get it as a „thanx“ :D I’ll wait for the voting phase. Oh, stop talking to yourself, Mr.[404]! ;)

President Silvio SIDwinner 8x Funkysolo Selfrepeating Berlusconi

[406] : 17. Nov 2005 22:01   

[406] Thanx you very much!


[407] : 18. Nov 2005 03:05   

[408] : 18. Nov 2005 10:33   

music is also avaiable here (OGG): http://www.ry­­­ogg/


[409] : 18. Nov 2005 13:28   

and here (ogg): http://www.ry­­­ogg/

ja rozrzucam gnoj. i ty rozrzucasz gnoj.

[410] : 18. Nov 2005 13:36   

[411] : 18. Nov 2005 13:52   

I’m not really sure if you’re aware of a brand new mirror of the ogg files, which I’ve just stumbled on. In case you’re not acquainted with it, here’s the address: http://www.ry­­­ogg/


[412] : 18. Nov 2005 14:53   

@CreaMD: I changed and „normalized“ .sid and .ogg files names on

Andromeda Railways

[413] : 18. Nov 2005 15:55   

wot a sarcasm , ppl ;-) accidentally haven’t seen #407 when I was writing #408 on school , excuse me for spamming :)


[414] : 18. Nov 2005 17:11   

When we f-i-n-a-l-l-y- can VOTE??? :-P :-)

Umberto Bossi ;-)

[415] : 18. Nov 2005 22:46   

I?am sure that i miss the voting phase… : P


[416] : 19. Nov 2005 13:26   

Roman, are you working on your IT solution for the votingsystem, like last year? Because I think it’s quicker to hand out .txt votesheets and poke the votes yourself. Most competitors had to do the same to create the tunes.

Sir Snake

[417] : 19. Nov 2005 19:27   

You mean that most songs were composed as text files and then poked by hand into memory? Oldskool indeed!

Anders Carlsson

[418] : 19. Nov 2005 19:38   

I’m working on that.


[419] : 19. Nov 2005 23:40   

Why bother to use trackers/editors? I simply poke my tunes in Basic.

He who

[420] : 20. Nov 2005 00:23   

If one was quick enough, you probably could connect a 9V (or 12V) battery to the SID chip and toggle the lines on and off by hand? :)

Anders Carlsson

[421] : 20. Nov 2005 04:48   

Okay.. voting launched.Please report any problem asap.


[422] : 20. Nov 2005 08:29   

btw, creamd, are you aware that... (I know ;-(, but some ppl are so incosiderate (including myself) ;-) (CreaMD)

[423] : 20. Nov 2005 12:04   

SID COMPO 5 Voting started… 9 is best and 1 is worst, right?


[424] : 20. Nov 2005 12:10   

(423): I sure hope so, since that’s how I voted!!

[425] : 20. Nov 2005 13:56   

Fixed the problem with posting here in the reactions.. sorry for troubles.


[426] : 20. Nov 2005 14:39   

Fixed the dir contents of SID COMPO 5 voting disk (d64) so everyone know what is old sid and what is new sid.


[427] : 20. Nov 2005 14:54   

I only clicked on the reactions and… lo and behold: „Your vote is registered. Thank you for your voting. Vote again?“ What vote?


[428] : 20. Nov 2005 14:58   

The same for me. I won’t care, anyway, and you’ll get my votes in the next dozen minutes ;)

Andromeda Railways

[429] : 20. Nov 2005 15:20   

argh.. that’s disabling of voting stuff in reactions.. as it collided with reactions form .. sorry gotta fix it.


[430] : 20. Nov 2005 15:20   

Some great SIDs in the compo! 8D Thanx to all who contributed and the organisers ofcoz.


[431] : 20. Nov 2005 15:26   

[427] fixed.


[432] : 20. Nov 2005 16:03   

Our company had sent votes. Thanks to all for this great compo.

Andromeda Railways

[433] : 20. Nov 2005 16:32   

Good entries this year. I like the diversity in entries.


[434] : 20. Nov 2005 16:54   

my voting-result looked strange. but 9 is best and 1 is worst, right? =)


[435] : 20. Nov 2005 17:22   



[436] : 20. Nov 2005 17:34   

All the ppl employed into our company would send a message to a great dude: happy birthday DRAX!!

Andromeda Railways

[437] : 20. Nov 2005 17:34   

Seems like 20 valid votesheets already received. Starts nicely. I hope you guys (and galz) will break record this year ;-)


[438] : 20. Nov 2005 22:48   

27… anyway some comments are quite nice to read.


[439] : 21. Nov 2005 04:05   

29 votesheets.


[440] : 21. Nov 2005 10:02   

how many votesheets did you receive last year, Roman?


[441] : 21. Nov 2005 10:11   

Offtopic: Roman, have you received my email about DMC 5?


[442] : 21. Nov 2005 11:30   

uhm. the votesheet’s back on the frontpage, thanks to cookies. .. ...


[443] : 21. Nov 2005 11:34   

[440] When I was emptying the database table there was 80. But I remember less. Wasn’t the number written somewhere int the SC4 final-news-entry?


[444] : 21. Nov 2005 11:37   

OT: [441] Yes I did, but I wrote similar answer to the CSDB thread. Maybe it was about filters but it was answering your question. Somehow it should work like this: Start one note with some sound which sets the puls.. then use another sound which doesn’t set it. But question is if it won’t reset the pulse when you set new sounds. I have to test it on your own. I don’t have DMC5.0 nearby. Also try to experiment.


[445] : 21. Nov 2005 11:38   

[442] yeah yeah.. it’s not perfect solution. You have to have cookies enabled in order to have it working properly.


[446] : 21. Nov 2005 19:25   

Many thanx for interesting comments to the tunes everybody. Keep’em coming. 34 votesheets meanwhile.


[447] : 21. Nov 2005 19:30   

It’s your favourite phase of the compo, collecting votes & comments, rite? I wish I was you now ;)

Weapon of Self Destruction

[448] : 21. Nov 2005 19:43   

Thanks :D Andromeda


[449] : 21. Nov 2005 20:07   

[447] ;-) Collecting is nice. Compiling and all that stuff is boring. Annoying is results compiling, credited files editing, batch PRG-ing and batch EXOMIZING. Testing… Worst part is working with SC under WIN-XP (it often freezes) so I try to get to some WIN98 or DOS enviro to work with it. Also preparing of final page with all coments etc. is quite boring.


[450] : 21. Nov 2005 20:08   

and yeah reading comments is nice.. sometimes I feel like reacting on them here.. like that Drax’s one with DEEL3.. I’ve got the same impression about the „rastertime eater“.


[451] : 21. Nov 2005 20:25   

[449] Results compiling might be annoying, but think of how the results are awaited for. And don’t slow down keeping that in mind please :D

Weapon of Self Destruction

[452] : 21. Nov 2005 20:54   

Maybe it would be good to have an actual C64 menu to come with this? Most tunes are too good to just be a PRG on a D64. They surely deserve some extra style! But it would be a little more work.. ;) And why Exomize it all? Must be plenty of room on the disk?


[453] : 21. Nov 2005 22:32   

[452] After exomizing it got from 156 to 121kb.. the menu would be nice. In past I tried some solutios but it was too much work. In First compo (GT1) Cadaver made musicpack as it all was the same format, but with huge diversity in music formats it would be harder to get some pack working. Still if anyone is interested I’m open to help. ;-)


[454] : 21. Nov 2005 22:47   

Won?t mind to help next time,great SIDs!! Shouldn?t be too hard when everybody locates their entries to e.g. $1000. ;)


[455] : 22. Nov 2005 00:32   

38 votesheets..


[456] : 22. Nov 2005 02:27   

[454] First I read it as you would help putting together a music pack if you get $1000. :)

Anders Carlsson

[457] : 22. Nov 2005 23:40   

42 votesheets..


[458] : 23. Nov 2005 20:47   

whoops catastrophe.. I just deletyed table with sidcompo votes.. ;-(


[459] : 23. Nov 2005 21:01   

I will need to recreate it from logs. I hope to get them tommorow. 48 votes meanwhile… let’s pray it will be ok


[460] : 23. Nov 2005 21:30   

OMG can’t believe it, are you jokein’?

Andromeda Railways

[461] : 23. Nov 2005 21:59   

[460] nope I was just preparing Forever7 visitors list and truncating the table and instead of visitors list I pressed truncate on votes ;-)


[462] : 23. Nov 2005 22:14   

Hm.. seems like I’m heading to international blamage.. if the dude at mysql hosting doesn’t do backups.. and if the dudes at hosting doesn’t do mysql connect logs.. hmmm…


[463] : 23. Nov 2005 22:20   

This sounds like fun :D Grats whoever made Poetry of a Lonely Mind on #1 !!!

Some idiot

[464] : 23. Nov 2005 22:44   

heh, saved my votes so can re-submit them ;)


[465] : 23. Nov 2005 23:38   

and I haven’t even voted yet, may I add – fortunately? :D


[466] : 23. Nov 2005 23:47   

[465] lucky you… anyway admin of mysql server (I just found that my hosting quitted coop with him but the mysql server is his) keeps ignoring me.. I’ll try to make important phonecalls tommorow in the morning, if it won’t get solved I will have to apologise and restart the woting… mestuupid.. ;-/


[467] : 23. Nov 2005 23:49   

[465] I will add a line sending copy of votesheet to my email.. so this situation won’t repeat in future.


[468] : 23. Nov 2005 23:49   

but that won’t save me from blamage.. hrmpfz..


[469] : 23. Nov 2005 23:53   

Fortunately, the SID compo doesn’t use televoting or something else that costs money and then the votes would be wiped away.

Anders Carlsson

[470] : 24. Nov 2005 00:13   

[469] If I imagine that average voting and writing of comments is about 30 minutes, and there was 48 votes.. I wiped 1 day with one click. Support will ask money for recovery and I’ll pay them if there will be chance to get the data back (especially because of the comments), but I’m afraid and sure that form posts aren’t logged in apache log, and php to database connects aren’t logged in any log, so only chance is if that mysql hosting has backups, but I don’t expect to have luck.


[471] : 24. Nov 2005 08:53   

phew, fortunately, i haven’t submited my votesheet yet :D


[472] : 24. Nov 2005 09:12   

Hosting said they have daily db-backup. I’ll get it for about EUR 5. Let’s see if it saves <strike>us</strike> me.. ;-)


[473] : 24. Nov 2005 10:01   

Voting again, woohoo..


[474] : 24. Nov 2005 14:05   

Thank god I didn’t write comments this time… ;-) But I can resubmit my votes, should still have them in my mail.

[475] : 24. Nov 2005 14:23   

hold on, wait until there’s no hope left for getting the data back, won’t ye…

Richard III

[476] : 24. Nov 2005 14:35   

i still have them in my mail as well, and what’s written there scares me (looks like a random set of numbers to me, not what i actually voted)


[477] : 24. Nov 2005 14:37   

Table restored. If you were voting yesterday (23 november) please contact me. That should be about 3–4 people. Their votes are lost.


[478] : 24. Nov 2005 14:40   

total votes 42… (as on 22. nov) so everyone who voted after 22.nov please contact me

[479] : 24. Nov 2005 19:16   

45 votes


[480] : 24. Nov 2005 19:24   

How many recovered from 23/11?

Andromeda Railways

[481] : 24. Nov 2005 20:45   

[480] Don’t know. At least one of them.


[482] : 25. Nov 2005 11:01   


I voted on 20. November (Sunday) – do I have to vote once again?


[483] : 25. Nov 2005 11:41   

[482] no, only those 3(?) ppl who voted on 23.nov. (one already resent votes in e-mail). PPL voting on 23. nov (or having doubts) contact me by E-mail.

46 votesheets meanwhile..

[484] : 25. Nov 2005 12:23   

Glad to hear everything is sorted. Good job CreamD.


[485] : 25. Nov 2005 14:58   

Next year, I will most surely participate with a tune aptly named „I had tried to sound like Tel but it didn’t turn out well“. Next year, I said.


[486] : 25. Nov 2005 15:18   

[485] Ok, we will make true our hidden dream: a sid tune named „Smells like teen…nitus“.

Andromeda Railways

[487] : 25. Nov 2005 20:23   

Good to read my votes aren?t lost.. I owe you E0,125. ;)


[488] : 25. Nov 2005 20:53   

[487] VAT excluded. ;-)


[489] : 25. Nov 2005 21:06   

Where is the ?Donate? button? ;)


[490] : 26. Nov 2005 23:17   

48 votesheets.


[491] : 27. Nov 2005 00:09   

One 9, two 8s, two 7s. Not exactly the level of harshness I would expect from myself. I blame it on the fact that I’m extremely tired. I’ll re-check my votes tomorrow.

King of the Mountain

[492] : 27. Nov 2005 00:40   

I?ve given four 9s,the quality in this competition is superb! I?d have a hard time to pronounce 1 song to be the winner.. Great music,composers!! Keep ?em coming! 8)


[493] : 27. Nov 2005 12:57   

[491+492] Agreed, high quality and I gave two 9s..


[494] : 27. Nov 2005 17:39   

agreed, high quality. I gave lower scores that you guys did, but that doesn’t mean anything else than that i interpreted the scale differently from you. (9 would be utterly surprising and amazing)

i gave no 9’s, one 8, a couple of 7,…, lots of 4’s,…, two or three 1’s.

It was kind of hard to vote, coz most tunes had really good parts, but then other parts (or some details) that lowered their score. Some tracks had passages that was allmost to a 9, but then had other passages that made them drop a lot of points.


[495] : 27. Nov 2005 18:08   

I voted a few 9s, a few 8s, a few 7s, a few 6es, a few 5s, one 2 and one 1.. Hah!


[496] : 27. Nov 2005 18:32   

50 votesheets.


[497] : 28. Nov 2005 07:43   

if i will vote, i won’t give 9s or 8s. come on, the quality isn’t superb. no killer tunes here and points for an average tune should be still 5, not 7. atleast for me…

Space Cowboy

[498] : 28. Nov 2005 08:53   

52 votesheets. 3 days to the end of voting phase.


[499] : 28. Nov 2005 13:33   

[497] Give us some examples of ’killer tunes’ please.

[500] : 28. Nov 2005 14:11   

IMO „Let me eat the rastertime“ is a true partikiller (as I call such tunes internally).


[501] : 28. Nov 2005 19:45   

According to Space Cowboy it isn’t a killer tune either – he hasn’t given out any 9s or 8s. Imho this years compo entries are brilliant. So… just wondering which tunes do deserve 9 or 8 then. Again, would you mind to give some examples, Space Cowboy? Pls no „Commando Highscore“ or „Thing on a Spring“…

[502] : 28. Nov 2005 20:07   

Yeehaaah, u said it SpaceFly!! I always give extra points for effort. Hence the 2 for one tune and the 1 for my own tune…


[503] : 29. Nov 2005 01:52   

ok ok! if i am a friendly man, i give 2 or 3 8s. or 4. but definitely no 9! examples: laxity – alibi, scortia – jump up, jeff – analogue, pri – multirock, steel – compotune, fanta – come to daddy, msk – land of illusion, drax – end sequence, jch – batman, reyn – x98 tune (awful sounds but an incredible composition). that’s only my opinion (and taste) so don’t care too much. ;)

Space Cowboy

[504] : 29. Nov 2005 02:11   

I’m not going to vote since that’s low-resolution statistical politics. I will boost the average, though.


[505] : 29. Nov 2005 10:45   

[503] and how about Fanta – Space Cowboy? ;-)


[506] : 29. Nov 2005 10:49   

[504] aha when I checked the votes I realised what did you mean…


[507] : 29. Nov 2005 12:55   

[503] Stop living in the past, Jon.


[508] : 29. Nov 2005 13:00   

[503] you forgot to mention randall – robot rock, jammer – billie jean, vip – africa shox, etc


[509] : 29. Nov 2005 14:15   

robot rock is by agemixer.


[510] : 29. Nov 2005 15:35   

Well, it’s really a tough comparison you’re trying to make. Some of those tunes you mentioned would score 10 or 11 in my book, so the 2 9s (I think) in this compo are well justified. ;-)

[511] : 29. Nov 2005 16:18   

[503][509]I can’t recall doing Africa Shox, and I don’t see a Billie Jean in Jammer’s playlist (he might have done a cover, dunno). I don’t think we should take the references too seriously…

_V_ (once Vip)

[512] : 29. Nov 2005 16:22   

[506]To be honest, I wanted to give 2 tunes a 1, but changed my mind in the end. When you’re not voting, you’re not voting.


[513] : 29. Nov 2005 17:05   

I have given my points regarding ONLY this compo. This isn?t a „best song ever“-list right? The 4×9-points I gave to songs that didn?t bore me after listening to it for an hour. Those are simply great songs! 8)


[514] : 29. Nov 2005 18:32   

[510] should I add bigger scale?? ;-)) [506] yes.. I would very probably not count such votesheet. [513] yeah there was such song (and I think maybe 1–2 more) to which I could listen to for tens of minutes in a loop.


[515] : 29. Nov 2005 19:08   

56 votes…


[516] : 29. Nov 2005 20:27   

I made up my own scale for this compo: 9 – a tune I hum all week long, 8 – a tune which makes me envious it’s not mine, 7 – a tune I nod my head to, 6 – a tune I highly appreciate, but it lacks a little ’something’, 5 – a tune I like to listen to but then it flows away, 4 – a tune that doesn’t move me but I appreciate the effort, 3 – a tune that doesn’t move me at all and seems pretty pointless (no highlights, no nothing), 2 – a tune that occassionally causes me pain, 1 – a tune that constantly makes my ears bleed. Not very objective, but to hell with that. :)

Coito Ergo Sum

[517] : 29. Nov 2005 21:28   

Objective voting isn’t possible anyway.. Someone pretending to be objective has a screw loose.


[518] : 30. Nov 2005 17:50   

6’9’, 6’8’, 6’7’, 2’6’, 3’5’, 1’4’, 1’3’, 1’2’, 1*’1’ – something wrong with my taste?? :D


[519] : 30. Nov 2005 19:06   

[518] You were always very generous with your votes, Kamil.

garcia lorca is dead and gone

[520] : 01. Dec 2005 11:32   

jammer, yeah, definitely. ^^


[521] : 01. Dec 2005 19:58   

owk.. the results will be released on weeken.. (I’m busy with ArcGIS rite now… .. and voting is still enabled.. 65 votes.. quite okay althoug I hoped to get over 100 ;-) seems like this frontpage votesheet didn’t get any more attention that the „subpage“ one.. probably I should make voting less complicated…but then.. this is a good filter to get decent result from intelligent people.. so.. okay.. that was just a sort of stream of consciousness or something like that.. you know..


[522] : 02. Dec 2005 09:56   

The biggest hurdle still is finding 2–3 free hours in one piece to cast a balanced vote, I think. I’m also back to ArcGIS, my dear companion in pain… ;-)

[523] : 02. Dec 2005 12:51   

[521] Im not intelligent (but you did get decent votes from me though:)


[524] : 02. Dec 2005 15:21   

The whole Employees ZeroGHockey Club from our Company sends this message: „happy birthday Steppe!“.

Andromeda Railways

[525] : 02. Dec 2005 17:10   

Giwe me fast this fu***g resultates! I wroted my tune for all year and i must know fast which place I got this compo! I thing I got almost 1st or 2nd place because my tune is so original! And you all hadan’t ever wrottinged so grejt tune like mine song!

And of corsed emulatores suxxes!


[526] : 02. Dec 2005 17:46   

For…for the whole year? OMG, really? :O


[527] : 02. Dec 2005 17:47   

i may be wrong, but there is no m***ock tune in this year’s compo i suppose?


[528] : 02. Dec 2005 18:15   

Happy birthday Steppe!

[529] : 02. Dec 2005 19:09   

[527] no wonder – m***ock doesn’t write tunes, he writes zax.

cycle exact

[530] : 02. Dec 2005 19:21   

give murdock a break, bastards :D


[531] : 02. Dec 2005 19:29   

[532] : 02. Dec 2005 19:55   

But I agree, enough of that.


[533] : 02. Dec 2005 20:25   

Thanks for the birthday greets, everybody! :-) Looking forward to getting the results.

[534] : 02. Dec 2005 21:28   

Stop laugh at me!!! Because I’m veary good scener! I’m still making musix and you don’t! I wroted music collection in BASIC – who of you did so great thing? Who made so many gropus as I did? Who wrote ’Ah-nyeshkah’ article? Nobody – only I did!

Emulatorz suxxes! Windows suxx! Only BASIC v2.0 kixx!


[535] : 02. Dec 2005 21:44   

man, cut it out.

a steaming pile of shit

[536] : 03. Dec 2005 10:44   

na pewno sidziu wypil sobie i znowu cwaniakuje :D (sidder got drunk again and plays a hero for sure)


[537] : 03. Dec 2005 12:41   

[533] If I didn’t say that already happy birthday to you Steppe. [536] Yeah it seems like that ;-))


[538] : 03. Dec 2005 15:32   

happy belated bday steppe. =)

32 rorre

[539] : 03. Dec 2005 15:52   

nah.. last 15 comments made me think that there is no reason for looking just here for another time. waiting for results though :)


[540] : 03. Dec 2005 17:26   

[539] yeah I was also quite puzzled..


[541] : 03. Dec 2005 21:12   

Hello Houston this is flight 3723 speaking­.…shit, couldn’t made my vote.

Again awesome competition with load of great tunes. Especially when the audience has a chance for the true SID experience – this should be obvious for evey upcoming online C64 music compos. However, musicans should preciselly give chip revison, or record their tunes by own, if possible. Respect to all competitors, looking forward to hear more from you, especially the legends that back like Laxity and A-MAN, nothing from Jeroen since X’04 I’ve heard…


[542] : 04. Dec 2005 05:31   

(541): However, musicans should preciselly give chip revison, or record their tunes by own, if possible.

actually, the one hting I’d like to see people specify, is if they used goattracker in the emu – so those can be recorded in emu instead of from hardware. Yes, I hate emulated sid, but I think that’d be fair to those who choose to use that as their composing environment.

[543] : 04. Dec 2005 11:06   

why, both groups (real C64 and emulator users) should have the right to be provided with both outputs. i was utterly amazed to learn that my entry done with gt, and not tweaked on c64, sounds in fact better on a real sid. in some cases, there might be the opposite.

a death in vegas

[544] : 04. Dec 2005 12:35   

[542] I don’t agree with this idea. GoatTracker is a C64 music editor. The music it produces should run on C64. No exceptions.


[545] : 04. Dec 2005 12:47   

[542] There’s HardSID, CatWeasel and PC64 options. And now you have V2.xx tweak utility. So at least it’s not like there isn’t options for verifying your tune…


[546] : 04. Dec 2005 12:52   

Why not create 1 tune for all SID revisions? And dont complain if it sounds slightly different than intended…


[547] : 04. Dec 2005 14:05   

ALiH, I don’t like the idea – it’s the C64 the entries are meant to be heard on, and i hardly care if they were done on a real C64, GoatTracker, or a toaster. In fact GoatTracker allows to choose between 2 emulation modes – fast sampling and interpolation, and there’s quite a difference between them so you’d need more information than just the fact a tune was composed on GT to record the intended sound. And what if some buttmunch comes up with a tune that he insists to be played on CCS64 – please dont make us listen to those farts! Another thing is, the SID emulation changes and improves constantly and efforts are continually made to get it sound like a real thing – what’s considered a standard in todays emulation may become obsolote tomorrow, therefore it cannot be used as a reference here! period.

real goat

[548] : 04. Dec 2005 14:50   

Hein is right. Though I’m too lazy to check all sorts of emulation modes so most of my stuff sounds crap on other people’s computers. That’s not a bug – it’s a feature.


[549] : 04. Dec 2005 15:05   

So, how’s the vote couting going :-) ?


[550] : 04. Dec 2005 17:10   

So, how’s the vote couting going :-) ?


[551] : 04. Dec 2005 17:22   

„…and on…and on…and on…“ :D


[552] : 04. Dec 2005 17:34   

hey how is the voting going on? ;)


[553] : 04. Dec 2005 17:35   

counting i mean .. argh =)


[554] : 04. Dec 2005 19:11   

I’m sure can’t sleep this evening :P


[555] : 04. Dec 2005 19:12   

I simply stick with my new SID (which was in my first and still benchmark c64-II ;) and hope to get a good result on that chip. Afterwards, I check the tune out on old SID (have a breadcase c64 as well) and on Sidplay 2. Usually, the filter cutoffs on old SID reduce the dynamics of the tunes, so I made a few filterless or mono-filter experiments to get nice results on both. Don’t care as much about the Sidplay 2 output – the new SID config is fairly accurate although some filter shenanigans may arise. Why yes, they’re „features“ :).


[556] : 04. Dec 2005 19:21   

C?mon Roman,give some results. I used to count ?150 votesheets (with 10 topix,manually) in a day. ;P Just curious who the composers are.. ;)


[557] : 04. Dec 2005 19:57   

you know the routine guys… try around midnight ;-)


[558] : 04. Dec 2005 20:03   

I used to count votes in Florida….

Some idiot

[559] : 04. Dec 2005 20:15   

Hmmmm.. interesting results… ;-))))


[560] : 04. Dec 2005 20:17   

[558] I mean.. in Sidcompo of course..


[561] : 04. Dec 2005 20:55   

grrr… wanna have! :D


[562] : 04. Dec 2005 20:55   

grrr… wanna have! :D


[563] : 04. Dec 2005 20:57   

Oh well, at this point I think we can do guessing openly, and scream" X composed yz.sid, I know it!!".


[564] : 04. Dec 2005 21:12   

All I can say now is, that we have 2 first places and that I?m not going to make it easier for you guys and spare myself of obligatory (manipulative) voting. ;-). I have different favourites this year than those in top 3 but atleast all of them (except of 1) got into top 10.


[565] : 04. Dec 2005 21:13   

But still those in top 3 are pretty cool tunes. I believe nobody (except maybe of datatune lovers) will be disappointed of the final rank.


[566] : 04. Dec 2005 21:30   

Was it Intensity who composed Interstellarian Love? This was one of my favourite tunes in this year’s compo, and had I found time to vote, it would’ve got the highest score from me. Thumbs up!


[567] : 04. Dec 2005 21:35   

[566] I thought it too, „Interstellarian Love“ got the only 9 I’d given. I’m still singing it when I walk around.


[568] : 04. Dec 2005 21:53   

eh eh, why don’t you wait a bit instead of taking practice in spilling the beans?? ;)


[569] : 04. Dec 2005 21:58   

[568] Well, because that’s so fun, and „being fun“ should be the main target of a compo. Simple, no?


[570] : 04. Dec 2005 22:03   

if you say so ;)i always exchange my guesses and comments with randal. i guess the author by style, he goes further and checks the players and so on :D


[571] : 04. Dec 2005 22:04   

[570] Wow, you two are a recognize warmachine! :O


[572] : 04. Dec 2005 22:04   

[570] Guess who won.. ;-)


[573] : 04. Dec 2005 22:08   

[572] Oh well, I wish „Interstellarian Love“, but I’m quite sure that a tune under 4× and with no supahbass funkystyle and uuuaaaouaaaao $43/$41 fx rarely will win :D. Also, scene friends are important too.


[574] : 04. Dec 2005 22:15   

roman, maybe you’ll tell us ;)


[575] : 04. Dec 2005 22:58   

i hope so too ;)


[576] : 04. Dec 2005 23:04   

Wow,still no results? Off to „interview with Lestat“.. Back in 2 hours or so.. ;)


[577] : 04. Dec 2005 23:13   

Have to get up early in the morning!!! No results, no sleep!! Looks like Pocketcoffee until noon….


[578] : 04. Dec 2005 23:35   

[577] I’m not going to sleep either.. instead of working on a quite complicated online furniture shop engine I’m compiling all the stuff generated around this compo…


[579] : 04. Dec 2005 23:36   

But at least I the list of authors and credits is finished now.. problem is .. that you aren’t going to see it before I compile all the credited sids and stuff ;-)))

CreaM De Sade...

[580] : 04. Dec 2005 23:41   

but the results are up before the majority of us heads off to sleep, right? =)


[581] : 04. Dec 2005 23:42   

[578] Good to see that your decision engine for assigning priorities yet works fine.


[582] : 04. Dec 2005 23:53   

There is plenty of interesting stuff to read from the people who voted and I don’t want to just spit the results out without the comments attached.


[583] : 05. Dec 2005 00:01   

Apropos CreaMD, how many votes in the end?


[584] : 05. Dec 2005 00:05   

Cut CreamD some slack, let him compile the stuff, get some good night’s sleep and enjoy the results in the morning. They won’t run away, at least I hope they don’t…


[585] : 05. Dec 2005 00:07   

[584] thanks, as said hours ago, there’s much more fun in this chitchatting way. :)


[586] : 05. Dec 2005 00:20   

well… i think i am very tired morning… but .. the results are too interesting to go sleeping :D


[587] : 05. Dec 2005 00:21   

well my english grammar/word-processor already fucked up ;)


[588] : 05. Dec 2005 00:30   

for anyone interested. the credited sid-songs are now up at the same positions.. so if you are curious you can check them while I put up the rest… ;-)

[586]btw I get up at 8:00 and it’s a briefing planned on 9:00 at my job.. so it’s gonna be pretty traditional blue monday…


[589] : 05. Dec 2005 00:30   

whooops.. not yet ;-)


[590] : 05. Dec 2005 00:36   

Cut CreamD some slack, let him compile the stuff, get some good night’s sleep and enjoy the results in the morning. They won’t run away, at least I hope they don’t…


[591] : 05. Dec 2005 00:39   

the files are up now.. now just to generate the user comments and I’ll put it up. (d64 pack with releases will be sid2prg-ed exomized and added sometimes later this week)


[592] : 05. Dec 2005 00:45   

yehaaaa… praise CreaMD! :D


[593] : 05. Dec 2005 00:46   

while we are at it… that I have knot in my suprestring passage after 4:00 roxxxxxxorz!


[594] : 05. Dec 2005 00:57   

@CreaMD: Interstellarian Love .sid links seems to be broken after the „renewal“.


[595] : 05. Dec 2005 01:15   

oh well .. i have to stand up in 5hours .. zzzzzzZZZZz…


[596] : 05. Dec 2005 01:19   

i get up at 5 a.m. :/


[597] : 05. Dec 2005 01:24   

if you will get up…hehe thats the question ;)


[598] : 05. Dec 2005 01:33   

I am running out of beers here.. ;)


[599] : 05. Dec 2005 01:35   

[598] me too :) When oh when… ? :)

[600] : 05. Dec 2005 01:41   

in about 10–15 min.. hopefully! ;-)


[601] : 05. Dec 2005 01:52   

Roling another smoke,savouring my beer.. ;)


[602] : 05. Dec 2005 02:10   

and how does it look like?


[603] : 05. Dec 2005 02:16   

it’s coming! network crashed for 15 min .. murphy’s law..


[604] : 05. Dec 2005 02:17   

Outta schnapzzzzz.zzz­..zz…z…..


[605] : 05. Dec 2005 02:17   

[606] : 05. Dec 2005 02:24   

Uff this was hectic.. and now let’s get back to work..


[607] : 05. Dec 2005 02:44   

hate to complain, but where are the voters’ comments about „error23“? :)


[608] : 05. Dec 2005 03:03   

Sorry. Updated.


[609] : 05. Dec 2005 03:38   

Congratulations to all the SIDcomposers! I’d really appreciated any single tune! Special greetings to the winners, very personal congrats to Intensity for his fantastic dreamtune. The final result are weird: undoubtly factual, with few incredible warpholes that swapped a lower score tune with an higher one, IMHO.

Some short messages will follow. @Turtle: ok, I’m very very interested in knowing who would have influenced my tune. :D @Dalezy: great tune dude! D’ya know that your .sid contains some ghost sounds after 6:19, 9:16 and so on? ;) @Freedom: bel battesimo del fuoco, una partenza col botto direi! Ma complimentoni, direi! ;) @Nata: OMG you and Ice00 spotted me, argh! @CreaMD: what can I say, you’re a resource, man! No single votesheet’s table this year?


[610] : 05. Dec 2005 03:48   

[609] I don’t know what do you exactly mean. If you mean single 9 and the rest 1.. there was no such votesheets. Only one was 2 nines and rest 1, but that didn’t influence the top results so I left it in the count.


[611] : 05. Dec 2005 05:46   

[609] I voted a single 9 and all the rest 2… does that count?

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to creamd for once again running a great compo!

[612] : 05. Dec 2005 05:59   

thanks to organiser, votefillers and competitors, i don’t remember myself giving so many 9s ever :D


[613] : 05. Dec 2005 09:26   

Thx to all composers and voters who made this year’s compo hq fun!! I’m very pleased with the constructive comments and hope to be able to compete in all forthcoming online competitions, too. @CreaMD: Ride on!! Great work!! Mission accomplished!! @Luca: Although your question was a more rhetorical one, Daglish & Whittaker could have been some of your mentors ;-)


[614] : 05. Dec 2005 10:05   

Congrats to Randall/Fanta again. You did it again, dudes. Keep it up. Also well done to other participants..


[615] : 05. Dec 2005 11:29   

[609] yeah, i left those in for people like me who just have sidplay running and don’t notice that a tune has stopped after a while .. it’s a nice reminder to switch to another tune, isn’t it. =)

[616] : 05. Dec 2005 11:42   

ah well .. i hoped anyone would understand the ’core part’ of my tune :/ guess i have strange ears

[617] : 05. Dec 2005 12:26   

[613] @Turtle: omg, you shot absolutely out of target :D But would be a big honour for me if you’d heard something Whittaker-ish. Hey nice tune yours, did I say? [610] @CreaMD:sorry, it was very late and my mind went out ;) No, I was referring to a table with all the votes from any voter, as in past years.


[618] : 05. Dec 2005 12:45   

[613] Aha.. that was Jury Votes table.. all the participating musicians were forced to form a jury to judge themselves. Results were quite interesting.


[619] : 05. Dec 2005 14:59   

Hm. Out of my personal faves, just Dresden Bombs and Dreams Valley got theirs. The rest ended up being ranked too low IMO: error23, Nightbird, PMS and particularly that awesome tune by Turtle. Loads of good music this year, as usual. Thanks to everybody who participated and voted. Also to Trompkins and his pet ant for the comment of the year. :D


[620] : 05. Dec 2005 16:15   

[619] Yeah yeah style of Trompkins comments was exactly fitting my taste ;-))))


[621] : 05. Dec 2005 17:04   

Pointwise, a lot of the entries are very close to eachother, which should give some indication of the relative quality level of the compo. In my view, everyone is a deserved winner this year. Many thanks to the other composers for their respective SIDgasms! By the way, I had no idea there are so many Italian composers around =]. Was really surprised! I guess Belgium should unite with Holland just to stand a chance against the competition ;). Go go Benelux! =D


[622] : 05. Dec 2005 17:42   

[621] Italian composers too didn’t get an idea of each other, Vincent! We discovered it rite now! :D


[623] : 05. Dec 2005 18:51   

i was really impressed by the distortion in asterion’s music. this effect made the percussion section almost digi-like :D


[624] : 05. Dec 2005 18:54   

randall >> my 9s were placed at the top of ranking ;)


[625] : 05. Dec 2005 20:29   

Luca, your tune was great. I love this one (and I don’t care about your crap instruments ;) ).


[626] : 05. Dec 2005 20:31   

crap instruments? man, what are you talking about?? ;)


[627] : 05. Dec 2005 20:33   

and i love nightbird. place#13 is unbelievable low. composition wise (maybe not sound wise) it surely tops the top3.

nightbird Lover

[628] : 05. Dec 2005 20:36   

[625] Oh thanks Lover, I appreciated you’d given attention to my attempt of using crap instruments. Next compo I’ll try to make them play much more crappier than before. :?


[629] : 05. Dec 2005 21:46   

Well, for me it was a stressful but nice Sidcompo this year. Congratulations to the winners and thanks for some ideas for future releases.


[630] : 05. Dec 2005 22:54   

’i wanted to create something new but it sounds like sid’ ending up on #16 seems just wrong. :/

[631] : 05. Dec 2005 23:05   

[619] Well, thank you!! Reading the pccs (post compo comments) is always very relaxing.

Here are just some final statements from my point of view to close the case and look forward to SID Compo #6 in 2006 (after germany has won the football championships). O.k. it’s ridiculous but seriously:

1. As I recall the last compo’s comments right, this year the overall mood of the posters was more friendly.
2. The guessing phase was missing for a little bit.
3. The quality of most of the entries was really awesome (SID will survive).
4. The results reflect the majorities opinion which obviously isn’t always someone’s own view, but it’s representative and democratic.
5. Finally, no one else can organize such an online event better than CreaMD (what about an entry by yourself next year, Roman?).

So, after all, thank you for the great pre-x-mas fun!! Head on for your usual C64 business!!



[632] : 05. Dec 2005 23:48   

Hello People! Thanks to all voters for Interstellarian Love. Nice to see that some people considered it as the best tune. Jammer and Randall really kicked the azzez this time :D ! Also VERY much greetings to Asterion who really showed how cool medieval music can sound like on the C64.

Coffee and Cigarettes to all of ya! :D


[633] : 06. Dec 2005 01:11   

solar incatations rules! I wouldn’t chance the voting system to get more people to vote. this way you really need to listen to all of the songs and that’s the way it should be to vote properly. thumbs up to all the musicians and creamd for orgaizing yet another great compo, with heaps of outstanding tunes, again yea!


[634] : 06. Dec 2005 11:44   

It?s terribly raining I have a terrible headache,s so all those nice words are making this day a bit more bearable. Thanx everybody.


[635] : 06. Dec 2005 11:47   

[619][5] If everything goes all right I’ll try to make some tune for Forever7 (17–19.march.2oo6)


[636] : 06. Dec 2005 12:11   

Congratulations Randall, old nigga and Fanta, old ruler! You two gotta win every compo out there, ey? ;-)
Thumbs up to all the other competitors, you made the 3 hour voting evening very enjoyable for me.
Thanks Creamd for an (almost) perfect organisation! :-)

[637] : 06. Dec 2005 12:16   

[636] grrrrrr ;-)


[638] : 06. Dec 2005 23:14   

btw. sorry for not adding sidpack and executables pack. I didn’t have time for that. I’ll try to fix this until end of the week. Thanx for patience.


[639] : 06. Dec 2005 23:30   

btw. I’ve just found out that I’m replaying error 23 in my head.. that must mean it roxxors too.. hmmm… especially that robotic voice rythm break…


[640] : 08. Dec 2005 21:15   

Thanx again for great tunes!! 8D


[641] : 09. Dec 2005 10:19   

Good tunes in the compo. I’m specially impressed by the sounds many make today. Now they only need to learn composition… hehe, kidding of course :).. Some truly good stuff among those tunes!..


[642] : 11. Dec 2005 19:56   

I found Transylvanian Whipping really great, but pick it up is just a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I wonder what would have people said 20 years ago if they’ve heard it.


[643] : 12. Dec 2005 10:00   

Thanks, that’s a nice compliment.


[644] : 13. Dec 2005 23:53   

Just talked to Drax. As he kindly noticed „Lemmie eat the raster time“ is using exactly the beggining theme from „Deel_3“ by Jeroen Tel (http://exoti­…n/De­el_3.sid) but it is played in the middle of „Eater“. Well, time goes by, my first ripping attempt (wich was a big-time of The Party 1994) when I just begun my scene-life surelly has broke Zyron’s heart. Will this one break yours, was it indended ?? You must decide by your own. I can’t tell it was/it wasn’t – that won’t change anything.

[645] : 14. Dec 2005 00:31   

[644] I know about that since the very beginnig.. and I was listening to both tunes in cycles practically all the time during the compo, and well.. I think it’s not a cover or remix, but more a rip out of motive somewhere in the middle of the tune. If you won maybe it would be worth to start witch-hunt.. but as you ended in lower positions I think most people will be able to tolearte this. Any opinions?


[646] : 14. Dec 2005 02:22   

i personally don’t care

p. diddy

[647] : 14. Dec 2005 05:38   

hang him :D


[648] : 14. Dec 2005 14:52   

[645] Mh, it resembles so much my 2-years-ago Salamander2 case, and, though all the properly motivated protest, my tune had been accepted in his 16th rank position. Most of all, Booker’s tune rocks, I like it so much, and that’s all. :D


[649] : 14. Dec 2005 15:19   

Well… similar arguments can be made for Transylvanian Whipping, which borrows heavily from a popular Castlevania theme. Calling it a pastiche doesn’t help – that way, I could create a pastiche of a U2 tune next year. The thing is, noone made a huge fuss about this or Lemme Eat the Rastertime – they were both available to vote for. What is done, is done. However, if someone detects something like this in the future, I can only advise him or her to speak up in time. CreamD is not a music encyclopedia (or is he? =), so he doesn’t know all the tunes ever made – we need to help out. By the way, this reminds me of the whole Madonna/Frozen case here in Belgium… over here, we aren’t allowed to play Frozen anymore because the court ruled that a few measures were plagiarised from a Belgian composer’s 80’s r­ock tune. And they say Belgium is a boring place =D.


[650] : 14. Dec 2005 15:24   

[649] Puffff, the same happened here in Italy with a Michael Jackson’s song. Well, notes are 7 only…


[651] : 14. Dec 2005 23:21   

I don’t care either, although I was burned last year for using parts of a riff of U2’s Discotheque in Step Aside…

…still blowing my wounds…

just kidding ;-)

But if they wouldn’t play me on air anymore because of this, I would go berzerk…



[652] : 15. Dec 2005 10:49   

_V_ I’m still unable to determine which tune I ripped most (suggestions include Vampire Killer, Bloody Tears, Beginning from CV3) I think the effect is partially psychological and based on the rhythm & expectations of what Castlevania music should sound like :)

[653] : 15. Dec 2005 12:05   

[652] Yep, you’re right. When I heard your yune, the first flash in my mind was that you cloned very well the traditional 8bit instruments in Castlevania, and I liked the citation.


[654] : 09. Jan 2006 21:56   

I just want to say thanx for so many really f***king good tunes. Keep it real mates….


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